Chapter 1  : The Descent of the Heavenly Path List

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“Human child, how dare you to trespass my Stone Devil Mountain? Are you lost?”

The infamous stone demon’s voice was like a bell that shook Li Yu to the point his eardrums hurt.

He could not help but dig his ear with his fingers.

The stone demon in front of him was more than three meters tall.

Its skin was rock-like, seeming like it was wearing heavy iron armor.


With the scarlet copper hammer in hand, the ground trembled as he moved.

It was the demon that terrorized the Grand Xia Dynasty, Shi Potian!

Rumor has it that it was once a huge divine stone that suppressed evil and baleful influences.

However, as it absorbed the essence of the sun and moon and the baleful miasma over the years, it cultivated into a spiritual being and transformed into a powerful monster.

Its cultivation was rather advanced, incomparably powerful while possessing an almost imperishable body.

Even the most powerful sect in the Grand Xia Dynasty, the Jade Pure Dao Sect, could not do anything to it.


They had sent experts to subdue it multiple times, but they all returned in defeat.



The lesser demons in the surroundings roared with laughter as well.

As if they were looking at a fool, they looked at the elegant, handsome, sixteen or seventeen-year-old Li Yu.

Not even the old Daoist priest of the Jade Pure Dao Sect dared to come alone.

A brat like him who was still wet behind the ears actually dared to come over and seek death.

They could already imagine the scene of Li Yu being smashed into minced meat by Shi Potian.

Li Yu did not speak. He brushed off the dust on his robe and silently pulled out the sword behind him.

The surrounding lesser demons laughed even louder, and they even cried out in excitement.

“You’re courting death!” Seeing Li Yu unsheathe his sword, Shi Potian stomped his foot, causing the earth to tremble.

The surrounding lesser demons nearly fell to the ground.

However, Li Yu was as steady as an old dog.

He did not say a word as he slashed out with his sword!

There were no spectacular sword gleams or fancy special effects.

It was an ordinary strike.

Swoosh! The air seemed torn apart.

The stone demon froze.

Then, like a fragile clay sculpture, it shattered into pieces with a bang!


The laughter of the lesser demons stopped abruptly.

They witnessed everything in shock.

It was as if they had seen a ghost!

The terrifying Shi Potian with extraordinary strength was actually… insta-killed by this young Daoist’s sword in one strike.

If they had not seen it with their own eyes, they would never believe it.

This… this young Daoist was too terrifying.


All the lesser demons were terrified to the point their souls left their bodies, and they immediately fled in all directions like frightened birds, causing blades, spears, halberds, axes, and hooks to fall to the ground.

Li Yu could not be bothered with those monsters and silently walked forward.

He bent down and picked up the stone demon’s Scarlet Copper Hammer.

This hammer was the real purpose of his trip!

“Ding… successful collection of the Scarlet Copper Hammer!”

The system’s voice sounded.

Li Yu was calm.

He casually kept the hammer in the storage space of the system.

This system had accompanied him through his transmigration.

He could not really put a finger on what this system was. It was a little difficult to explain.

Simply put, it could allow him to fight monsters and level up like a game character.

However, a mission panel suddenly appeared a few days ago.

It began to release system missions to obtain experience points after completing them.

If he failed, he would lose ten times the experience points.

His main task was to develop his sect into the number one sect in the Great Xia Dynasty.

Of course, in order to achieve this purpose, many small missions were required.

For example, he could take in various geniuses, collect various divine weapons, cultivation techniques, natural oddities, and so on, all to strengthen his sect.

“Strange, why haven’t my experience points increased at all after killing this stone demon?”

Li Yu was puzzled as he looked at the experience bar in front of him that looked like a progress bar.

The data displayed was: “You are still 13.1415926… away from becoming invincible.”

Logically speaking, there should be changes after he killed this powerful stone demon…

Right at this moment, the Stone Devil Mountain beneath Li Yu’s feet suddenly trembled violently, and it was as if the mountain was collapsing.

A roar that seemed to come from Nine Nether resounded.

“So this stone mountain is its true form!” Li Yu murmured in his heart, but he remained expressionless.

The next second.

The stone mountain beneath his feet rose and transformed into a huge stone monster.

Terrifying demonic power began to spread, making the world seem discolored.

Li Yu frowned slightly. He stomped his feet and leaped into the air before he slashed down with his sword.


It was as if this sword was about to split heaven and earth apart. Space became twisted to the extreme, emitting thunderous booms.

The terrifying might of the sword poured down as the stone demon’s roars stopped.

Its red eyes widened in horror.

Bang bang bang bang bang…

The stone demon that had just transformed collapsed again.

The ground beneath it collapsed as well.

All in a single strike!

Shi Potian—the great demon that struck fear into countless sects and made commoners of Qing Prefecture tremble.

It got utterly obliterated!

A bottomless rift that was a few kilometers long and more than ten meters wide appeared on the ground, like a natural chasm.

Countless lesser demons got pulverized by the strike.

“Sigh, I used too much strength!” Li Yu scratched his head.

At this moment, the experience bar in front of him finally moved.

However, it was still only an increase in value after the decimal point.

At least there was an improvement.

Moreover, it was a small step towards completing the system mission.

After killing this stone demon, Li Yu did not stay longer and flew out of the mountain.

After some time, a group of cultivators in the Jade Pure Dao Sect’s Daoist robes flew over.

Today, they gathered the top experts of their sects to eradicate the demon, Shi Potian, who was wreaking havoc in Qing Prefecture.

However, when they arrived at Stone Devil Mountain, they were stunned by the scene in front of them.

The Stone Devil Mountain had disappeared, and a huge chasm appeared on the ground.

The impact of what they had witnessed was too shocking, and it caused the elders of the Jade Pure Dao Sect to be stunned for a long time.

“Shi Potian has been eliminated?”

“Who can actually have such a divine power?”

Everyone was shocked.

An elder surnamed Hu flashed across and grabbed a lesser demon from the mountain below to question it.

The lesser demon was so frightened that it trembled and spoke incoherently.

However, Elder Hu more or less understood what was going on. Indeed, an expert had helped them eliminate Shi Potian.

Looking at the battlefield in front of him, he was truly shocked.

“Let’s hurry back and report to the sect master!” Elder Hu said as everyone left.

However, not long after everyone from the Jade Pure Dao Sect left, red light seemed to flicker in the gigantic crack.

Following that, torrential Demonic Qi suffused the air. It surged like a black fog in the crack, blotting out the sun. It was as if the mountain forest had turned into the Nine Nether Demon Domain.

Demonic roars and howling ghosts echoed through the mountains, causing one to shudder uncontrollably.

Luo Water Town, which was about 500 kilometers away from Stone Devil Mountain, was a small town under the jurisdiction of the Great Xia Dynasty in Qing Prefecture.

Li Yu’s sect was located west of Luo Water Town, on the Nine-tailed Mountain around 5km away.

A slightly dilapidated Daoist temple with dark green tiles and red walls sat quietly on the mountaintop.

The Daoist temple’s wall was slightly mottled as if it had been neglected for years. Boston ivy was crawling all over the walls.

There were a few words inscribed in a lively style on the signboard at the door that was almost indiscernible—That’s Quite a Large Sect!

Each time he saw those words, Li Yu suspected that his father’s surname was Shen.

That’s right. It was the sect founded by Li Yu’s cheap father.

A sect that was renowned throughout the area.

Under his relentless efforts, the sect successfully developed from the initial ten-odd people to the current three.

Li Yu felt immense pressure to turn such a sect into the number one sect in the Great Xia Dynasty!


As soon as he entered the Daoist temple, Li Yu’s stomach suddenly growled.

“Sigh, I forgot to hunt on the way back!” Li Yu thought.

Just as Li Yu was thinking about what to eat for dinner, something peculiar occurred in the sky above Nan’an City, over 5000 kilometers away.

All of a sudden, rays of golden light shone down, and seven-colored auspicious clouds surfaced in the sky.

Amidst the heavens and the earth, deep voices sounded out. They resembled the whispers of the gods or the echo of nature.

What was going on?

Everyone in Nan’an City looked at the wonder in the sky, shocked.

They had never seen such a miraculous scene in their lives. Some people thought that auspiciousness had descended from the heavens, and they knelt to pray for blessings.

Then, a golden scroll that seemed to fall from the nine heavens rolled out. An awe-inspiring voice of the Great Dao reverberated through the sky. “On the Heaven Dao and Earth roll, there are endless opportunities for anyone who enters the list!”

With the sound of the Great Dao, a ranking appeared on the golden scroll in the sky: the Hidden Dragon List.