The Finale

Three weeks passed like this. Xia Jing and Chu Lin’s wedding arrived as scheduled. Because Xia Jing asked Su Wan’s two sons to be flower boys, Su Wan’s family went to the backstage of the wedding early and watched as Xia Jing changed her wedding dress and did her makeup. They even dressed the two children differently.

However, the wedding required a boy and a girl to symbolize that they were a golden couple. Good things came in pairs. Looking at the two little fellows, Xia Jing complained to Su Wan, “Wan wan, how good would it have been if you had given birth to different sex twins back then? They would have come in handy when I get married.”

Su Wan chuckled. “It’s good to have two boys. One will be your flower boy and the other will be a ring bearer. Are you going to wait for me to give birth to a daughter before you get married again?”

“That’s so troublesome. Forget it.” Xia Jing suddenly shook her head and reached out to pinch Jing Yu and Jing Hao’s little faces. She smiled and said, “The two of you really inherited your parents’ good genes. You’re handsome and cute. You’ll definitely be handsome at the wedding later.”

“Auntie, I know we’re handsome, but you don’t have to praise us like this. We’ll be proud,” Jing Yu said seriously.

Jing Yu’s words caused laughter. Xia Jing also smiled happily. “Wan wan, your son is too cute and knows how to reason.”


Hao Hao stood beside Jing Yu and said, “Auntie, you just said you wanted a girl, and now you’re praising us. So do you want Brother and me to be flower boys, or do you want us and our sister to be?”

Xia Jing was stunned when she heard this. She did not expect this kid to hold a grudge. She smiled and said, “Your sister hasn’t been born yet. Of course, it has to be you and your Brother!”

They were really two cute children. Xia Jing wondered if she and Chu Lin’s child would be as smart and cute as Jing Yu and Jing Hao when they had children in the future.

After making arrangements for Jing Yu and Jing Hao, Xia Jing pulled Su Wan mysteriously and said, “Wan wan, an old friend will come later. Don’t be too surprised when you meet him!”

“Who is it?” Su Wan asked. She couldn’t remember any old friends, as if a long, long time had passed.

“You’ll know in a while!” Xia Jing smiled mysteriously.


The wedding venue was luxurious, as if all the beauty in the world was gathered at this moment. The wedding march sounded and the door slowly opened. Xia Jing was wearing a white wedding dress. She held the wide skirt in one hand and her father’s arm in the other. There was a blissful smile on her face as she walked towards the tall figure in the middle of the stage.

Jing Yu and another little girl carried a flower basket and followed behind Xia Jing, scattering flowers.

Xia Jing had finally entered a new stage of her life.

“Miss Su, Mr. Jing.”

A male voice came from behind Su Wan.

Jing Chen and Su Wan did not remember who the owner of the voice was. They turned around at the same time.

“Lin Yu?!” Su Wan exclaimed. Could this be the “old friend” Xia Jing had mysteriously mentioned?

Lin Yu had already changed a lot and seemed to have become more mature. There was a graceful woman standing beside him. Su Wan saw their interlocked hands and the ring on their ring fingers and understood.

Su Wan had always known Lin Yu’s feelings for her, but at this moment, she was very happy to see that Lin Yu had found someone who could accompany him for the rest of his life.

“It’s me.” Lin Yu was as gentle as ever. “Long time no see.”

When Jing Chen saw Lin Yu, he was no longer as hostile as before. Perhaps he saw the ring that symbolized marriage like Su Wan, or perhaps it was because so many years had passed and he had let go of the knot in his heart.

“Long time no see,” Jing Chen and Su Wan said at the same time.

Jing Hao gave the ring to the new couple. As the couple said, “I do,” there was enthusiastic applause from the audience.

Su Wan turned to look at Xia Jing on the stage. The bride’s face was already covered in tears of happiness. She could not help but cry tears of joy. Her Xiaxia was finally married. Jing Chen looked at Su Wan and held her hand tightly. He said, “Wan wan, I’ve always been here. We’ll grow old together.”

The lights at the venue intertwined and there was constant jeering below the stage. The newly wedded couple on the stage were kissing. In the noisy surroundings, Jing Chen’s words floated into her ears. Su Wan seemed to hear her heart beating and that “Okay”.