Breaking Up

Yu Yan thought that this would tie Jing Shao down for the rest of her life, but she had forgotten that there was no such thing as an impenetrable wall in the world. These things would be made public sooner or later, and it was a coincidence that Jing Shao found out more than ten years later.

When he found out the truth, Jing Shao was even a little glad that he still had the time and energy to salvage it. If it were a few decades later, he might not even be alive. He would never have the chance to clarify these things.

After Jing Shao finished speaking, he exhaled heavily, as if he had unloaded a heavy burden. He felt extremely relaxed. “I’m sorry, Little Lan. I shouldn’t have been impulsive back then. I was wrong to abandon you and the young Jing Chen.”

Yu Yan did not expect Jing Shao to really say all this in front of Qin Lan. Her eyes gradually dimmed and she fell to the ground.


Since Jing Shao had said it, this meant that it was no longer possible between her and Jing Shao. She knew very well about Jing Shao and Qin Lan’s relationship back then, so after she fell in love with Jing Shao, she ignored the world and snatched him away.


She succeeded, but she also failed.

After Jing Chen and Qin Lan heard all of this, they looked incredulous. Qin Lan frowned and asked, “Where’s the evidence? I have to see the evidence before I believe you.”

When she said this, Qin Lan’s voice even trembled.

“It’s in my car. I’ve always brought it with me. I thought that it would be useful one day. Little Lan, wait a moment,” Jing Shao said quickly. Then, he called his assistant and asked him to send it up quickly.

The evidence was quickly sent up. The evidence of the past bedsheets could no longer be tested. Jing Shao had also heard Yu Yan admit it herself. The only paper evidence he had was Yu Yan’s medical report from a while ago. The gynecology and obstetrics section clearly said that she had never been pregnant and might not even have had sex.

Even if it was “possible”, Jing Shao was willing to believe that it was true.


Su Wan and Jing Chen also leaned over to see the report. Seeing this, Yu Yan immediately stood up, snatched it over, and tore it into pieces. Then, she shouted as if she had gone crazy, “Jing Shao, you’re so ruthless! A relationship of more than ten years can’t compare to two to three years between you and Qin Lan! And Qin Lan, you suppressed me in every way. Now, you’re not even letting Jing Shao off!”

Qin Lan turned around and slowly looked at Yu Yan. She frowned, her eyes sharp and angry. She raised her hand and slapped the other side of Yu Yan’s face again. “Shameless thing! You snatched a married man. To think you can say that! Your worldview is really shocking. Just as Jing Shao said, you should kneel in front of my father and reflect on yourself. Kneel for three days and three nights. I’ll get someone to watch over you.”

In the past, Qin Lan could still ignore Yu Yan, nor did she want to care about Jing Shao. It was a pile of trouble. She cared less and was happier. But now that she knew the truth, she really wanted Yu Yan to repent in front of Jing Hai. Unfortunately, Jing Hai had passed away, Yu Yan already had it easy to kneel for three days and three nights.

Yu Yan was finally afraid when she heard the last sentence. For three days and three nights, day and night alternated. There were tombs everywhere here, and her mind would have problems sooner or later. Moreover, after she finished kneeling, her knees would probably be crippled. “Qin Lan, you can’t treat me like this! Brother Shao, help me. I don’t want to stay here…”

Yu Yan crawled to Jing Shao’s side and hugged his leg, begging, but all she received was Jing Shao’s coldness and disgust. “Karma, karma. You’re reaping what you sow. I support Little Lan’s decision. Reflect here!”

With that, Jing Shao kicked Yu Yan away and left without looking back.

Qin Lan could not be bothered to look at Qin Lan. She left two bodyguards guarding her and left the cemetery with Jing Chen and his wife.

Yu Yan collapsed to the ground. She looked up at the two bodyguards and cried bitterly. She had really lost again.

Jing Shao stood by the car and waited for Qin Lan to come out. As soon as he saw Qin Lan, he went forward and followed her closely. “Little Lan, I…”

“Let’s talk when we get home.”

“Alright!” Jing Shao nodded without hesitation and opened the door for Qin Lan. He protected Qin Lan’s head and let her in. He fastened her seatbelt for her meticulously and smiled brightly along the way.

Jing Chen and Su Wan followed behind. Jing Chen looked at the two of them leave and took a deep breath. “I seem to have really wronged him.”

Su Wan chuckled. “You’re a good child if you can change your ways.”

The two of them got into the car and returned home. This time, the atmosphere at home was obviously different.

Jing Shao seemed to be trying to please her. He was busy at home, afraid that he would treat Qin Lan badly. In the eyes of Qin Lan and Jing Chen, it was funny and touching.