“What? You came to the Jing Family yesterday to cry and dirty the floor of my house. Today, you came to the cemetery to cry. Do you want to dirty my father’s path of reincarnation?” Qin Lan’s words were still unforgiving. She did not have a good expression on her face when facing Yu Yan.

Jing Chen and Su Wan followed behind and looked at Jing Shao.

Jing Shao clearly did not expect to meet Qin Lan here today. Surprise and joy flashed across his face. He had originally planned to go to the Jing Family in two days when Qin Lan was in a better mood, but today was good too. He would take this opportunity to make things clear. He did not know if Qin Lan was willing to listen.

At the thought of this, Jing Shao was a little conflicted.


Su Wan slowly moved to Jing Shao’s side and said in a low voice, “Dad, don’t hesitate. Say what you want to say as soon as possible. Otherwise, it would be a pity to miss it.”


With that, Su Wan moved back to Jing Chen’s side and looked at Jing Shao with encouragement.

She believed that Jing Shao would understand.

Hearing Su Wan’s words, Jing Shao’s nervousness eased a lot.

“Qin Lan? Why are you here?” Yu Yan did not expect Qin Lan to appear here. Her eyes widened as she asked in disbelief. Then, she thought of something and turned to look at Jing Shao. “Did you call her over?”

Jing Shao ignored Yu Yan’s words.

Yu Yan thought that he had tacitly agreed and was about to speak when Qin Lan said, “Why can’t I be here? You’re the one who shouldn’t be here, right?! You don’t even know what your man has done, and you still have the cheek to say that you love him? Do we have to inform you when we come to visit our family? Who gave you the cheek?”


Qin Lan did not want to explain. After all, why should she explain it to Yu Yan? Yu Yan was not worthy of knowing.

After being scolded for no reason, Yu Yan’s face flushed red. “Qin Lan! You’re just good at talking. Your man was snatched away by me!”

In the past, Yu Yan was a little aggrieved to be Qin Lan’s assistant. It was an accident that she liked Jing Shao. It had not been easy for her plan to succeed and she had become Jing Shao’s woman. She had endured for so many years just to be the Madam of the Jing Family. Yu Yan felt that snatching Jing Shao away was the thing she was most proud of after staying by Qin Lan’s side for so many years.

“Yu Yan! You’re really unreasonable!” Jing Shao couldn’t stand it anymore and roared with a dark expression, “I haven’t settled the score with you for setting me up back then, but you still have the cheek to say such things!”

“Setting you up? What setting you up?” Qin Lan quickly caught the keyword in Jing Shao’s words and looked at the two of them blankly.

Yu Yan got up from the ground and looked at Qin Lan proudly. “Qin Lan, so what if you’re powerful? You still fell into my hands in the end.”


When Qin Lan heard this, she was so angry that her chest heaved. She looked at Jing Shao meaningfully and seemed to understand something. She turned around and slapped Yu Yan. After she slapped her, her hands were still trembling. “Yu Yan, you’re really cheap. You’ve been a mistress all these years with a clear conscience. You think you have a sense of accomplishment, right? Do you want me to post your ‘great’ deeds online for the entire country to hear?”

Yu Yan’s expression changed drastically when she heard this. She said twistedly, “Qin Lan, how dare you!”

“Why wouldn’t I dare?” Qin Lan shrugged indifferently and turned to look at Jing Shao, ignoring Yu Yan. “Jing Shao, aren’t you going to explain?”

Surprise fell from the sky, making Jing Shao dizzy. He was excited. This meant that Qin Lan was willing to listen to his explanation. He had thought that it would take some effort!

“Little Lan, listen to me tell you slowly.” Jing Shao tried his best to calm down, but the excitement could not be eliminated.

Jing Chen was also abnormally silent today. He stood quietly at the side and listened to Jing Shao. Su Wan knew that Jing Chen had listened to her words yesterday. She was still very happy to see Jing Shao and Qin Lan’s relationship ease.

It turned out that Jing Shao had indeed drunk a lot at that time, but he was already drunk and could not do that kind of thing. It was Yu Yan who took off their clothes and got some blood on the bedsheets, creating the illusion that Jing Shao had tainted her after drinking. Therefore, nothing actually happened that night. Even when Yu Yan got pregnant later, she just wanted the misunderstanding between Jing Shao and Qin Lan to deepen to an irreversible point.