Chapter 1898: The Holy Spirit, Ignited!  

Thus, the Nine Palace Grids took shape, and Qiangu Dieting was facing Harosha, undoubtedly one of the most powerful beings in the enemy camp.

The second grid beside this one contained Dark Blood Demon and Qiangu Dongfeng, then came Ghost Emperor and Yali.

In a one-on-one battle, Yali was undoubtedly at a severe disadvantage; she was a healing system Soul Master who was far more suited to supporting allies while receiving their protection.

Yuanen Zhentian, Yuanen Tiandang, Tong Yu were each facing an abyssal ruler, but their opponents were clearly ranked quite low in the abyssal plane.

Essentially, those three Limit Douluos had been given free passes to victory.

However, the situation was different for A’Ruheng, Lan Muzi, and Wu Zhangkong, who were facing Dark Bell, the Sage Sovereign, and another abyssal sovereign respectively.


Just as Xu Xiaoyan had predicted, there was an absolute nature to these Nine Palace Grids, and they wouldn’t disappear until the battles were over.

Only when there was only combatant left still alive in a grid would the grid be opened up.

In terms of overall power, the human camp undoubtedly held a huge advantage. After all, a lineup containing seven Limit Douluos was nothing to be scoffed at. If this were a nine-on-nine battle with Yali overseeing the entire battlefield, then the human camp would definitely emerge victorious with very limited losses.

However, now that all of the combatants had been split up, everything was completely different. There were still four one-on-one matches where the human camp held the absolute upper hand, but the outcomes of the remaining five matches were far more difficult to predict.At the very least, even if the human camp were to secure the final victory, they would have to suffer more severe losses.

Tang Wulin’s brows furrowed tightly upon seeing this. As expected, the enemy had come prepared.

However, at this point, there was nothing he could do aside from pray that the powerful beings of the human camp would be able to look after themselves.


His gaze was fixed on the grid shared by Yali and Ghost Emperor; that was the match that he was most worried about. Yali was indeed quite powerful, but she wasn’t proficient in direct battle, and she was facing the second most powerful being in the Holy Spirit Cult; this was undoubtedly going to be a very difficult fight.

All of the combatants in this match were seasoned veterans on the battlefield, and after a brief moment of bewilderment, all of them quickly understood what had happened.

Yali faltered slightly upon discovering that her opponent was Ghost Emperor, but she quickly calmed down, and she seemed to have rid herself of her earlier fury and discomposure.

Ghost Emperor sat on his giant skull and looked down at Yali with a sinister smile. “Yun Ming has already perished by my hands, and now, it’s time for me to reunite the two of you.”

Yali appraised him with a calm expression as she slowly raised her staff, and said, “I lost interest in living long ago. If it isn’t for my son’s sake, I would’ve already followed after Brother Ming. Death is not something to be feared for me; I’m more than happy to follow Brother Ming to the afterlife.”

Ghost Emperor faltered slightly upon hearing this. He didn’t anticipate such a soft reply from Yali, and for some reason, this response was striking him with a sense of foreboding.


A hint of fear suddenly welled up in his heart, even though he surely had nothing to fear.

Thinking back to how Guan Yue and Dong Zi’an had sacrificed themselves without any hesitation, he had no doubt that all of these people were ready and willing to sacrifice themselves. He absolutely couldn’t give her the opportunity to do the same thing.

With that in mind, Ghost Emperor laid a hand onto the skull beneath him, and the giant skull immediately opened its cavernous mouth, sending a massive torrent of green flame flooding toward Yali.

Yali raised her staff to conjure up a holy light barrier to protect herself, and the light barrier was immediately illuminated by the eerie green flames.

Meanwhile, Yali’s body began to glow as she closed her eyes and chanted something, completely ignoring the green flames outside the light barrier.

The staff in her hand was ignited, and it began to give off incandescent light that was instantly injected into the light barrier. As a result, the holy light barrier that was on the verge of being overwhelmed by the green flames was quickly stabilized.What was she doing? It was only the beginning of the battle, yet she had already ignited her weapon!

That staff was a part of her four-word battle armor; even if she were to ignite her battle armor piece by piece, her resistance was bound to give out over time.

Despite this, Ghost Emperor didn’t relax in the slightest as he opened his mouth to expel a cloud of blood mist.

Expending his blood essence to enhance an attack would harm the very essence of his being, so under normal circumstances, this definitely wasn’t a measure that he would adopt, but all he wanted to do now was end this battle as quickly as possible to not give Yali any chances.

Following the injection of this cloud of blood mist, the green flames quickly turned a peculiar magenta color, and Yali’s holy light barrier was being rapidly whittled down.

Right at this moment, Yali reopened her eyes, and she turned around so that her back was facing Ghost Emperor as she cast her gaze toward Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin was barely able to control himself, but his aura was being completely repressed by Demon Sovereign, and if he were to intervene, a massive melee would immediately ensue.

As soon as he caught sight of Yali’s expression, his entire body shuddered violently. What he saw was a smile of relief and liberation.

Just as Yali had said, death was not something to fear for her; it was simply a vehicle for her to find her husband.

Ever since Yun Ming’s passing, her soul had already died, and the only person that she was still attached to in this world was Tang Wulin.

“Mother, no!” Tang Wulin yelled.

However, Yali merely shook her head gently, and in the next instant, her body began to glow with scintillating holy light, illuminating the entire grid that she was situated in with blinding white radiance.

She had ignited both her own body and her suit of four-word battle armor, and she was sweeping directly toward Ghost Emperor.

Ghost Emperor was extremely alarmed by this. “Have you gone insane? You’ve even ignited your own soul!”

He had considered what Yali was going to do to take revenge, but never did he think that she would be this decisive. In that instant, her body, soul, and battle armor had all been ignited, and the resulting holy flames were the most potent purifying agent in this world.

Ghost Emperor quickly sank down into the giant skull beneath him as bright flames also erupted out of his body.

Under these circumstances, he couldn’t afford to hold back any longer; only by giving it his all would he have a chance at survival.

He was very confident in his own chances. After all, he was a quasigod, while Yali was still only a demigod.