Chapter 3  : He’s an Old Beast

Feng Qing could feel Xie Jiuhan’s stiffness. Holding his face, she leaned against his ear and continued, “I’m serious. My good fortune can really affect you. On the day I was born, an old monk said that I was a person blessed by the stars. Whoever stayed by my side for too long would be affected. I’ve been especially lucky since I was young. No matter how bad things are, I can always be saved from death.

“While I’m still young, you can take care of me for a few more years and you’ll know my benefits. This is our secret! We’ll get along harmoniously in the future. I think it’s feasible. What do you think? Jiu, I still like to call you Jiu…

“Jiu, say something.” As Feng Qing was speaking enthusiastically, she suddenly heard Xie Jiuhan’s steady breathing. She was stunned for a moment before a smile appeared on her face.. She waved at Su Yu, who was watching the commotion.

When he saw Feng Qing’s actions, Su Yu went forward and asked in a low voice, “Ninth Master is asleep?”

When Xie Jiuhan was leaning against the sofa earlier on, he was already very tired. Feng Qing was nagging like a chatterbox, and he felt sleepy. He closed his eyes and fell asleep. As for what she said, Xie Jiuhan couldn’t remember.

Seeing that the Ninth Master had actually fallen asleep, Su Yu admired Feng Qing to death.


Xie Jiuhan was extremely irritable. He couldn’t fall asleep at the slightest disturbance. He had been so excited for the past two days that he hadn’t slept for even a minute. He had become even more irritable and bloodthirsty. It was useless to rely on sleeping pills. And this little girl seemed to have magic. She actually made the Ninth Master fall asleep?

Feng Qing wasn’t aware of this. She wanted to get off Xie Jiuhan’s body, but when she moved slightly, Xie Jiuhan subconsciously hugged her. She couldn’t escape from his strong arms. Feng Qing had no choice but to give up. She snuggled into Xie Jiuhan’s arms like a kitten.

When Su Yu and the rest saw this, they gestured with their hands and silently cleaned up the scene. After cleaning up, they left quietly.

An hour later.

Su Yu had just opened the door to the Xie family’s villa when Ji Yunchen rushed in anxiously with his assistant.

“I say, Su Yu, you’re really too much. What are you dawdling for? The Ninth Master hasn’t rested for two days. He didn’t inform me in advance and didn’t take the medicine? You even let him deal with a few useless people himself. With his bloodthirsty nature, it would be strange if he didn’t go crazy!”


Ji Yunchen was Xie Jiuhan’s personal doctor and also one of Xie Jiuhan’s few friends. When he received news that Xie Jiuhan was not sleeping again, he rushed over.

“Mr. Ji, wait a moment, Ninth Master…”

Before Su Yu could finish speaking, he saw Xie Jiuhan appear at the entrance of the hall with a sinister look in his eyes. His collar was unbuttoned, revealing a fair and firm chest. His body seemed to have been out of light for a long time, appearing abnormally white.

“Huh?” Ji Yunchen had a puzzled look on his face as he sized him up. He seemed to be in a good mental state? He didn’t look like a brat who would go crazy without taking medicine!

“Ninth Master, your condition is not bad!” As soon as he finished speaking, Ji Yunchen wanted to tease him a little more when he saw a pair of skinny hands appear on Xie Jiuhan’s waist. He tilted his head and saw a little girl with confused eyes standing behind Xie Jiuhan. She was holding onto his shirt tightly as if Xie Jiuhan could run away.

Ji Yunchen’s gaze swept around again, but it was still sweeping back and forth. “Ninth Master, are you taking Yin to nourish Yang? The young lady doesn’t look very old…”

Ji Yunchen was heartbroken. This fellow was a beast! Why didn’t he realize it before?

“Cut the crap. She’s hurt. You look at her.” Xie Jiuhan’s voice was slightly hoarse and his tone was cold.

When Ji Yunchen heard that someone was injured, he took the first-aid kit back and hurriedly followed him in. However, he did not forget what he was thinking. “Xie Jiuhan, you are definitely a beast. One look at this girl and I can tell that she is underage. Didn’t you say that you couldn’t sleep? Why are you still so sex-starved? You even caused blood and it is still bleeding now? I want to call the police to arrest you!”

Although Ji Yunchen was scolding Xie Jiuhan, he did not delay the work on his hands. He prepared the gloves and medicine box one by one. Then, when he looked at Feng Qing, he immediately changed into what he thought was an amiable expression.

“Little girl, don’t be afraid. I’m a doctor. I’m a kind-hearted doctor. I don’t differentiate between men and women. Be good and pull up your dress. I’ll check it for you right now… Don’t worry, I’m definitely gentler than that old beast…”

Feng Qing was in a daze. She clutched her dress tightly, not knowing what to do. Her dull eyes looked for Xie Jiuhan for help.