In the Capital’s Tianyue City shopping center.

The Xie Manor’s car was parked in the exclusive parking lot under the shopping center. Feng Qing got out of the car, and the general manager of the shopping center personally welcomed her with a group of elite attendants. When he saw the Prime Minister of the Seven Stars Continent get out of the car, the general manager was so scared that he almost knelt on the ground. However, the people who got out of the car behind were all people of noble status. The general manager and the attendants bowed 90 degrees the entire time. They did not expect that these people were actually all here to accompany Madam Xie to shop.

Feng Qing said, “Daddy, take the elevator with me.”

Originally, she only wanted to come out with Little Wu to relax and buy some things that belonged to girls. However, since they had all followed her, she could only stroll around. Moreover, she had an additional mission, which was to control Di Tianxing at all times to prevent this old fellow from causing trouble for others.

Di Tianxing smiled and said, “Yes, daughter.”

They entered the elevator. The general manager and the attendants were chased away by Feng Qing because she was afraid that Di Tianxing would want to kill them again. It would be troublesome if someone died while shopping.


“Eh, why isn’t there anyone in the shopping center today?” Feng Qing looked out of the glass elevator suspiciously and couldn’t help but mutter.

“Oh, nothing. I got someone to book the entire shopping center in advance. Not only here, but with this place as the center, all the shops and business centers within a five-kilometer radius have been booked. Today, they will only serve Qingqing alone.” Han Jinlu explained with a smile.

Feng Qing : “…”

Han Jintian snorted and said, “Qingqing, go ahead and shop. As long as you like something, just pack it up. Someone will naturally send it to the Xie Manor, and you won’t have to spend a single cent.”

Feng Qing : “???”


The elevator door opened and they walked out. Feng Qing entered a luxury shop. Before she could start looking, a few black cards were already thrown on the cashier, scaring the cashier so much that she fainted.

Di Tianxing glanced at his three sons with the Death Gaze. “Put away your crappy cards. Mine is not an ordinary black card. With this black card, I can obtain the top service of all the businesses in the Capital.”

Han Jintian was unconvinced. “Dad, my black card is from the Capital. There’s no handling fee for the transfer. Hurry up and put away your black card. from the Seven Stars Continent.”

Di Tianxing narrowed his eyes and said, “Han Jintian, do you want to die?”

While the two of them were arguing, Han Jinlu was trying on a man’s sports suit at the side. Han Jinlu stood in front of the full-length mirror and turned around gorgeously, allowing Feng Qing to see him in this suit from all angles. At the same time, Xing Yue walked out of the changing room. He was also wearing brand new clothes, but they were casual clothes.

Feng Qing said, “Attendant, pack these two sets of clothes. Thank you.”


The attendant praised, “These two sets are explosive this year. Madam Xie, you have good taste.”

Seeing this situation, Han Jintian hurriedly pointed at his clothes and said, “Qingqing, look at Second Brother’s clothes. There seems to be a hole.”

Feng Qing: “Then you should choose one too.”

Di Tianxing tore off his clothes and said pitifully, “My good daughter, I don’t have anything to wear recently.”

The two of them walked towards Feng Qing. In order to snatch who would walk up to Feng Qing first, they even fought with each other. Seeing that the old and young were about to fight, Feng Qing said as if she was coaxing a child, “Both of you have to be good. I won’t buy new clothes for the person who fought.”

In the evening, when Feng Qing and the rest came out of the shopping center, the sky was dyed red like a fire. The things they bought would be sent to the Xie Manor. When the elevator door opened, Feng Qing saw a black motorcycle. Feng Qing quickened her pace and walked up. She took the helmet and sat in the backseat. Xie Jiuhan came to pick her up personally, so she naturally had to leave with her husband.

Di Tianxing said coldly, “Dog Xie, come down and let me ride it.”

Xie Jiuhan also said coldly, “No, you can die from anger.”

The black modified motorcycle disappeared in front of everyone with a loud roar, leaving Di Tianxing and his three sons to watch them leave. The four of them scolded Xie Jiuhan in their hearts.

Feng Qing said through the built-in microphone, “Little Jiu Jiu, when we return to the Xie Manor later, my dad and brothers will beat you up.”

Xie Jiuhan replied, “We won’t go to the Xie Manor. I want to bring you out for a honeymoon. We’ll come back after a while.”

Feng Qing whispered, “But Little Seven has already arrived at the Xie Manor.”

Xie Jiuhan said, “I don’t care. I just want some alone time.”

On a beach.

Under the bright sunset, Feng Qing and Xie Jiuhan sat on the beach. The motorcycle stopped not far behind them. The man asked, “Do you regret coming out with me?”

Feng Qing leaned her head gently on the man’s shoulder and said in a sweet voice, “I won’t regret it. I’ll go wherever you go. As long as you’re by my side, it’s the same wherever I go.”