Beg for Death

After tormenting herself for a while, Feng Jianing was so tired that she panted heavily. She was covered in injuries now. Any movement would hurt terribly. Suddenly, Cao Beining’s voice sounded. “Yo, you’re awake?”

Cao Beining’s voice was filled with mockery and sickness, like a malicious ghost looking for someone to kill. Feng Jianing was so scared that all the hair on her body stood on end. She said with a trembling voice, “Bei-Beining…”

She was very puzzled. She did not know why Cao Beining wanted to tie her up. Moreover, didn’t he say that she had STD? Did he tie her up to…

However, what she couldn’t see was that Cao Beining was holding a hollow steel pipe. He sat on the chair and stared intently at Feng Jianing’s face. Feng Jianing asked, “Beining, you’ve already beaten and scolded me. You even exposed me in public. Could it be that you really want to kill me? Why are you still unwilling to let me go? I’m already blind. I thought that child was yours. If I could see, I definitely wouldn’t have brought that child to look for you.”

Feng Jianing’s tone was very guilty. Because she couldn’t see, coupled with the silence in the room, it made a chill run down her spine. Previously, at the wedding banquet, the Cao family didn’t dare to kill her even if they hit her. However, the situation is different now. Although she was blind and had a STD, she still didn’t want to die. She was afraid that Cao Beining would take things too hard and kill her.

Suddenly, Feng Jianing thought of something and hurriedly asked, “Beining, where, where’s my child?!”


Cao Beining remained silent. He only held the steel pipe and stared at her coldly. Feng Jianing lowered her voice and reminded him, “Cao Beining, I’m warning you not to do anything rash. If you’re angry, come at me. Don’t blame it on the child. The child is so young. He’s innocent. Where did you take my child?”

Cao Beining snorted coldly. “Innocent? You’re correct. That child is indeed innocent, but as a mother, you’re not innocent. Feng Jianing, I don’t have a future anymore. Although I’m still alive, my life is over. I’ve become the sinner of the entire Cao family. The Cao family’s bloodline ended with me. Even if I die, I won’t be able to explain it to the ancestors of the Cao family!”

Feng Jianing also shouted, “Cao Beining, don’t blame me for not reminding you. The person who broke your manhood is Feng Qing, not me, Feng Jianing. Even if you want to take revenge, find the right person.”

Cao Beining smiled pervertedly. “Feng Jianing, do you think I’m stupid? You want me to take revenge on Feng Qing? I think you plan to send me to my death, right? Feng Qing is no longer as simple as the madam of the Capital’s Xie family. She’s the sixth princess of the entire Seven Stars Continent. She’s a rich young lady with an exclusive crystal castle and the love of countless people. How do you think I should take revenge on her?!”

Feng Jianing said in a weak voice, “Beining, I heard that Feng Qing seems to have returned to the Capital from the Seven Stars Continent. As long as she keeps living in the Capital, you’ll find an opportunity to take revenge on her sooner or later.”


Cao Beining sneered coldly. “Find an opportunity? Haha, you’re too naive. Not to mention getting close to Feng Qing, as long as I step into the Capital now, I’ll be secretly killed by the Xie family or the Seven Stars Continent. Oh, you’re not naive. I’m the naive one. Until now, you still want to fool me into fighting Feng Qing to the death. And you’re sitting back and reaping the benefits. Feng Jianing, you’re really the most vicious woman!”

Cao Beining’s voice rang out. He had been used by Feng Jianing countless times, and now, he had completely seen through this woman. Feng Jianing hurriedly explained to Cao Beining, “Beining, since you know that you can’t take revenge on Feng Qing, why don’t you let go of your obsession and hatred? Calm down and accept everything calmly. You’re still so young, and the Cao family is so rich. You still have a lot of youth and time to squander. Anyway, everyone will die sooner or later. Why do you have to value these things so much? Why don’t you enjoy life? Beining, please, I beg you, put down all the grudges in the past and let go of me. You can let go of yourself and my innocent son. My son isn’t even a month old. How pitiful would it be if he lost his mother at a young age? Moreover, he can’t live without his mother, he can’t live without my care. Beining, let me go. I’m willing to be your slave in the next life.”

Cao Beining spat coldly. “Shut up. The little bastard you gave birth to isn’t with me. I heard from my mother that after the banquet ended, it was picked up by the cleaner.”