Chapter 1  : The Wife Who Deliver Herself Up

At three in the morning, everything was silent.

In the empty alley, there was a sudden gasp. Feng Qing was wearing a tattered white dress and running barefoot. With every step she took, there was a stabbing pain in her feet and blood was seeping out. However, Feng Qing could not care about that at this moment. Not far behind her, there was an even more hurried sound of running, accompanied by unbearable curses.

"Quick, catch that girl!"

"How dare she hit the old master? Capture her and kill her! How dare she!"

"Blind can still run so fast!"



Feng Qing’s sweat drenched her long hair, and her appearance was in a sorry state. When she heard the voice behind her getting closer and closer, her entire body couldn’t help but tremble. The stabbing pain at her feet reminded her that she really couldn’t hold on any longer.

She could not be caught! She would die if she were caught! Who could save her!

Feng Qing wiped her face carelessly. She could not see anything with her empty eyes, but she remembered that as long as she kept running along the painted path under her feet, she could run into the city and she would be saved.

Perhaps Feng Qing’s prayer had really worked. She vaguely saw a hazy light ahead and heard the low sound of a car engine. Immediately after, the car came to a screeching halt. Feng Qing crashed into the car and fell to the ground.

Fortunately, the car was not traveling at a fast speed and Feng Qing was not injured. At that moment, she couldn’t care less. The sound behind her was getting closer and closer… Her mind was a little muddled from the collision. She touched the car in front of her and felt for a door handle. She pulled open the door, got in, and closed the door with a bang.

She panted heavily. Perhaps it was because the car’s soundproof system was too good that Feng Qing could not hear the sounds of the chase outside. She heaved a sigh of relief.


The driver, who was getting out of the car to check, was confused. He wondered if he was hallucinating.?Did something just go into the sports car? Inside the car, Xie Jiuhan’s right hand was still holding onto his gun. His body was filled with a murderous aura. That was his first reaction after being angered. At that moment, he only wanted to finish off this intruder who suddenly barged in. However, the other party was just a dirty little girl. There seemed to be a faint smell of blood in the air!

Just as Feng Qing sat down and took a few breaths, she felt that this place seemed to be a little cold. She couldn’t see. Under the faint moonlight, behind the car seat, there was a man who was as handsome as he could be, but his expression was cold and fierce, and his face was written with the words "not to be trifled with."

After being in a deadlock with the man for less than two seconds, Feng Qing patted her dirty little hand. She had long sensed someone beside her and followed the sound of breathing. She raised her hand and touched the man’s face. "Sir, I feel that you are a lonely man. Do you want a wife who has come to you?"

"If you don’t say anything, it means you’re admitting it. Congratulations on changing your destiny to be alone for the rest of your life. Now you have a wife."

Xie Jiuhan listened to her soft and crisp voice. His body trembled, and panic flashed across his eyes. However, he quickly composed himself and prepared to say something.

Feng Qing did not hear the man speak and naturally did not know what his expression was. She treated this man as her life-saving straw and hugged his neck. The pain on her feet made her shiver uncontrollably, but she still bit her lips and forced herself to be calm. She said seriously to the man, "I’m your wife now, you have to protect me!"

The driver had just returned to the driver’s seat when he saw what was happening in the backseat. He was so shocked that he felt like he had been struck by lightning. Should he drive this car or not?

At this moment, Xie Jiuhan finally came back to his senses. He slowly grabbed Feng Qing’s neck and pulled her to the side. He revealed a devilish smile. "Okay, don’t regret it!"

Feng Qing, this blind girl with a muddled mind, had no idea what was waiting for her.

"She ran into that car…" At this moment, the pursuers were fast approaching. More than twenty men with clubs surrounded Xie Jiuhan’s car.

Feng Qing tensed up when she heard the voice. The man beside her did not say anything. She only heard the driver get out of the car and close the door. The car was soundproof, so she could only hear the sounds of fighting coming from outside.

A moment later, the driver got into the car again. Outside the car, only painful moans could be heard. The driver started the car and slowly drove away.

Finally freed, Feng Qing heaved a sigh of relief. After her nerves relaxed, she could no longer hold on and fainted.

Xie Jiuhan looked at the little girl who had fallen beside him. His eyes were filled with disgust as he pushed her aside.