Chapter 1477: The end

After she was confirmed to be pregnant, Wen Qiao was treated with respect. Fu Nanli didn’t allow her to do anything, so the fu family mansion sent several servants over to take care of her.

How could Wen Qiao be someone who could stay idle?

After the morning sickness, she couldn’t stand it any longer. She did what she had to do. Fu Nanli’s heart was in a mess, and there was no time for him to feel at ease.

At night, he had a heart-to-heart talk with her.

Wen Qiao raised her brows. I’m a doctor. I know what’s good for the baby. It’s a taboo for pregnant women to stay still all day.

Hence, Wen Qiao did what she had to do. Young master Fu was worried and slacked off at work. Wherever Wen Qiao went, he would follow.


Lu Youyou was overjoyed and said to Wen Qiao, ” “No, your bodyguard’s standards are too high.”

Wen Qiao facepalmed. forget it, just let him be. He’s worried about me if he doesn’t want to listen. He’s just afraid that something will happen to me.

Young master Fu’s work at the airport was temporarily put on hold, and ye minqiu was temporarily in charge of the tianhuan group. He, on the other hand, was focused on being a househusband.

Fu Nanli wasn’t the only one who was nervous. Wen Qiao and her family were also extremely nervous.

Su Yun would go to their mansion from time to time and specially cook for her.

Wen mo and Xiao Junhe would go with Su Yun, and even the big-headed Wen Chi was much more talkative than before.


When Wen Qiao was three months pregnant, she realized that she seemed to be pregnant with twins. She went to the hospital for an ultrasound, and as expected, she had twins.

This time, the security level of the house was raised again.

Wen Qiao looked at the servants laying out anti-slip mats everywhere in the house, and that noble young master Fu was actually starting to help. She instantly looked up at the sky and hoped that these few months would pass quickly.

In the morning, she had a habit of swimming for a while, and Fu Nanli had become her personal tutor.

Wen Qiao swam from one end of the pool to the other, and Fu Nanli followed closely behind her.

Wen Qiao removed her goggles and looked at him. if you continue following me like this, I’ll get tired of you sooner or later.

Fu Nanli’s eyes narrowed. You can try.”

Wen Qiao felt guilty. I’m not a rash person and I’m a doctor myself. I’m already four months pregnant and my pregnancy is stable. You don’t have to do this, right? ”

She had repeated this countless times, but young master Fu would only hear it in one ear and out in the other. He might just give her a few perfunctory words.

The next day, he still did what he had to do.

He didn’t change.

Wen Qiao couldn’t do anything to him.

The pregnancy was chaotic every day, and she finally made it to her expected date.

There was still a month before her due date, and Wen Qiao was already sent to the hospital by Fu Nanli to wait for her to give birth.

my young master, it can’t be. Half of them are only admitted to the hospital because there’s movement in their stomachs.

“I heard that even twins have premature labor,” Fu Chengyuan said, ignoring her.

Wen Qiao looked up at the sky helplessly. Forget it, she had already endured for eight to nine months. A few more days wouldn’t make a difference.

On the day of her final delivery, Wen Qiao was sitting on the bed, with Fu Nanli feeding her breakfast. Suddenly, her expression changed.”Aiya! Yiyi!”

“What’s wrong?”

Wen Qiao gently touched her stomach and said,”Aiya, Yingluo.”

Young master Fu, who thought that he wouldn’t panic after being fully prepared, was still a little helpless.”Are you about to give birth?”

Wen Qiao’s face turned pale, and beads of sweat immediately rolled down her face. “Yes.”

The doctors, who had been waiting for her, immediately pushed her into the operating theater. Fu Nanli followed the disinfection and put on his Surgical Gown, entering the operating theater together. When he entered, Wen Qiao was gritting her teeth and exerting force.

The distinguished young master Fu, like all fathers in the world, was so nervous that he didn’t know what to say.

He took Wen Qiao’s hand and cheered her on, telling her to listen to the doctor’s instructions.

I’m a doctor. I know what to do, ” Wen Qiao said, finding him naggy.

Even if the pregnant woman was a professional, and the hospital had sent the best doctors, the delivery room was still chaotic. After all, they were twins, and young master Fu was watching the whole process, so the doctors didn’t dare to neglect her.

Fortunately, Wen Qiao had been working out regularly and strictly followed the nutritional meals prepared by the nutritionists, so the child was not too big.

Wen Qiao was in pain for three hours before she successfully gave birth to two children.

A boy and a girl.

Even the unyielding Wen Qiao was so exhausted that she couldn’t say a word after giving birth to two children.

Fu Nanli didn’t even spare the child a second glance. His attention was all on Wen Qiao.

“Qiao ‘er, you’ve worked hard.”

Wen Qiao shook his hand back and closed her eyes. “I’ll rest for a while.”

Of course she was touched. Fu Nanli loved her. Even after giving birth to a child, she was still the most important person in his heart.

“Young master, the two children are very healthy. One weighs 2.5 kilograms, and the other weighs 2.5 kilograms,” the chief surgeon said carefully.

“I know.” Young master Fu waved.

The two babies:

Father, can you look at us? It was as if he was not her biological son.

The two children were then carried to the baptism, while Wen Qiao was transferred to the VIP Ward.

Fu Nanli stayed by Wen Qiao’s side the entire time. With a large group of people standing guard outside the delivery room, they could only meet in a hurry and then be left outside the ward.


“Brother-in-law, you’re too overbearing,” Wen Chi said.

Su Yun patted his back. your sister has just given birth. She’s tired. Don’t bother her.

Soon, the two children were carried over. Wen Chi, Wen mo, Xiao Jun, and everyone else surrounded the children and looked at them. Everyone felt that it was very strange. They were so small and so soft, but they were very beautiful when they were born. After all, their parents ‘genes were too strong.

Su Yun and Ji Mingyuan looked at the two little guys in the nurse’s arms with relief.

“So cute, so beautiful.”

“Yes, yes. I’ve never seen such a good-looking child before.”

Su Yun was a little smug. all three of my children were pretty when they were born, especially Qiaoqiao. When she was born, she was as white as snow. She didn’t look like a newborn at all.

Old master Fu and ye minqiu were also there.

The old man’s eyes almost turned red when he saw the two little ones.

“Good, good, good, really good.”

Ye minqiu touched the two children’s little faces, unable to hide her smile.


Fortunately, Wen Qiao, that child, cut off all means of retreat to prove her innocence. She knew that her Nan Li would only acknowledge her in this lifetime.

This girl was a blessed person after all, giving birth to twins in one go. For Nan Li to be able to meet him, his life was worth it.

They didn’t go in to disturb the two. The child was taken in and placed on the small bed at the side.

Wen Qiao slept for a while and when she woke up, it was already dusk. She was awoken by the cries of the child.

When she opened her eyes, she saw young master Fu sitting next to the crib, helpless. “Don’t cry, what if you wake up your mother?”

Wen Qiao facepalmed. they’ve just been born. You’re already lecturing them? ”

Fu Nanli’s attention immediately turned to her. “You’re awake? Are you feeling uncomfortable? Do you want to call the doctor over?”

no, why is the child crying? ”

“I’m not too sure.”

The two children:

With such parents, what was she going to do in the future?

It was only when Su Yun, who was outside, heard the child cry that she came in and said, ” “The children are hungry. Hurry up and feed them.”

The newbie parents were flustered and didn’t know what to do. Wen Qiao was dumbfounded the whole time.

Her adaptation period lasted for six months. It was only after six months that she realized that she was already a mother.

Wen Qiao’s focus had shifted to her family. She had left her work to her subordinates while Lu Youyou took care of many things.

As a result, Dong Yao had come to her a few times to tell her not to squeeze Lu Youyou dry. Lu Youyou had a husband and a family.

Fortunately, Lu Youyou told her not to feel pressured. She said that she enjoyed it and especially enjoyed the pleasure of being a successful career woman.

It was summer when the child was born, and it was already winter.

After Wen Qiao and Fu Nanli settled the two children, they went to bed together.

There were many maternity matrons and nannies at home. Fu Nanli also wanted to let the child sleep in the nursery, but now that Wen Qiao had become a mother, her entire being had become soft and gentle. He was a little reluctant to let her go, saying that he would only let the child be separated when she was three years old.

Young master Fu felt that he had been pampered by the children, and he really didn’t like the two children.

The two six-month-old babies had to endure the cold treatment from their biological father every day.

“It seems to be snowing outside.” Wen Qiao’s eyes shone with excitement.

She pulled Fu Nanli to the balcony, where it was snowing heavily outside.

The child was sleeping quietly in the bedroom. Fu Nanli pulled her into his arms and lowered his head to kiss the top of her head.

“Let’s watch the snow together every year, okay?”

Wen Qiao held his hand tightly. alright. I have something to tell you.


Wen Qiao tiptoed and whispered in his ear, ” I love you, Mr. Fu.

Fu Nanli lowered his head to kiss her. Mrs. Fu. I love you too.