Chapter 1781: National League


Before he could finish speaking, Qin Mo had already thrown the rose into the rubbish bin. He walked towards the door.

He moved so quickly Zhao Sanpang didn’t have an opportunity to continue his speech.

His actions were so immediate.

Bo Jiu had one hand in her pocket as she tilted her handsome face slightly in this direction. The smile at the edge of her mouth made her look naughty and handsome, even though her hair was dyed black. “Master Fatty, I know you are jealous of us and want to use this method to affect my relationship with the captain. You should use your time and effort to look for a partner instead. If you do this again, I will use brute force on you.”

Brute... force?


Zhao Sanpang instinctively blocked his stomach when he heard these two words. He looked extremely frightened.

Wait! This wasn’t right! Did Little Spade misunderstand him? He didn’t send this flower!

However, today, this small thing wasn’t important. That was because in an hour, the National League was about to start.

The competition arena was not far from the hotel. The arena was already filled with people.

Surround sound system and screens all over the arena. The torch fire segregated the arena into two sections. The glistering golden trophy was placed right in the middle!

No one else would appear in this battle arena.


The singer of the theme song for the game used his rock music to light up the entire arena!

The audience who came were never here just for a show.

As the players of this game, all of them were waving their arms.

Of course, there were exceptions too.

For instance, Lou Luo and Bo Yin, who was sitting beside her and wearing the black jacket.

The latter didn’t like bright and sunny weather. As for Lou Luo, this was the first time she was watching this kind of competition. The feeling was not bad.

The sound that entered her ears was lively, but it wasn’t irritating.

She just wanted to merge with the audience.

The host had already come out. He was wearing a suit and was holding a microphone. There was a smile on his face. “Everyone, shout and tell me what we want this time?”


The screams of thousands of people caused the entire arena to vibrate violently.

This was a top-class competition. Its significance to esports’ fans was extraordinary!

Stickers of the flags of different countries were pasted on the audiences’ faces.

Below the stage, the participants in the competition were getting ready.

Bo Jiu had the same mentality, but before she handed over her phone, she sent the last message. “I wish mom could only look at me. I feel so sad.”

Lou Luo couldn’t help but smile when she received the message.

Bo Yin saw the message and squinted. However, because of the glaring sunlight, he didn’t want to move.

Lou Luo noticed his absent-mindedness so she tilted her shoulder slightly and allowed him to lean on her. “The match is starting. Watch it properly.”

Bo Yin smelled the tips of her hair and smiled. “Okay.”

No one noticed them, the audience were all looking at the center of the arena.

Especially when the host shouted, “Let’s invite the battle teams to enter the scene.”

Balls of fire lit up on the eight screens around the arena.

Every flame represented a battle team.

When the word ‘China’ was lit up, a huge sound was heard!

Qin Mo walked out from the right side while wearing the black and red team jacket. The red flag was printed on his shoulder so his sleeves had flames printed on them too. You could hear people’s hearts trembling in excitement.

With him as the center, Bo Jiu, Xiao Jing, Lin Feng, Yun Hu, Luoluo, Feng Shang, Coco, Lin Chentao, Yin Wuyao, Zhao Sanpang came.

They were all wearing the same team jacket. The badge representing their country was pinned on their sleeves.

They stood in one row and walked out.

The impact they gave was enough to cause waves to surge!