Chapter 2: You Plotted Against Me, So I’m Taking Your Man (II)

The door was kicked down from the outside and a group of people came rushing in. There were police, reporters, and members of the Yan family.

Yan Qingsi’s youngest aunt, Yan Ruke, ran up and gave her a tight slap in the face. “Yan Qingsi, you slut! Don’t you know that he’s my fiancé? Don’t you know that he’s going to be your uncle? How shameless of you to be sleeping with your own uncle?”

Teardrops began rolling out of Yan Ruke’s eyes, staining her beautiful face. She was uncontrollably heartbroken and it elicited the sympathy of others.

Yan Qingsi licked her broken lips and tasted the iron-saltiness of her blood. The reporters were so excited that they looked like people who have injected themselves with chicken blood 1 . She glanced at them, smiled, and leaned over swiftly to plant a kiss on Yue Tingfeng’s neck. Everyone gasped and an unending flurry of camera shutters began clicking away.

Yue Tingfeng was stunned. He knew what Yan Qingsi was up to. He should have pushed her away and slapped her in the face like the vile woman that she was, but he did nothing. Instead, he acted in concert with her, embraced the moment, and hugged her at her waist.

Her waist was so thin as if she it was completely devoid of bones. His brain and his body remembered exactly how she twisted and turned like the alluring woman that she was.


After a long passionate kiss, Yan Qingsi let go of Yue Tingfeng and looked up at Yan Ruke. She remarked, “You’re absolutely right. I’m shameless and I slept with my younger aunt’s man on purpose. What are you going to do about it?”

Everyone else blushed sheepishly...

A mistress who was caught in flagrante delicto should be covering her face in shame and scurry away like a rat, should she not?

That woman, however, was so brazen that she would kiss her uncle-to-be in front of her aunt. There was probably no one else like her under the sun!

At this point, Yan Ruke had forgotten that she was in the midst of crying; all she did was tremble intensely and pointed at Yan Qingsi’s hands.

The police officers eventually took pity on Yan Ruke. They stepped forward and said, “Yan Qingsi, you’re under arrest for suspected money laundering and grievous bodily harm. Please provide your cooperation.”


Yan Qingsi stretched out her hand in full cooperation. It was an oddly beautiful sight to see those cold handcuffs being cuffed on her thin wrists.

She was ushered away by the policemen but just before she walked past Yan Ruke, she stopped, leaned over, and whispered into Yan Ruke’s ear. “I slept with your man because you dared to hatch a plot against me. I’d like to see who’ll win this game.”

Yan Ruke’s face turned pale in the blink of an eye.

The night before, Yan Ruke conspired against Yan Qingsi by slipping the latter a drug. She wanted Yan Qingsi to get addicted to drugs and be used by men on the street. The endgame was for reporters to write up an exposé of Yan Qingsi, something which would spell her end.

For reasons only the Heavens knew, not only did Yan Qingsi not fall into the trap, she even managed to sleep with Yan Ruke’s fiancé.

Yan Ruke tried pulling one over Yan Qingsi but Yan Qingsi turned the tables on her.

Yan Ruke was so irked that she nearly cracked her own teeth by gnashing them...

At the doorway, Yan Qingsi looked at her father, Yan Songnan, as well as her stepmother and half-brother.

They stood there in silence and watched as Yan Qingsi being brought away. The look on their faces suggested that they were taking delight in her misfortune. They were all family but Yan Qingsi was a thorn in the flesh to them and they were more than happy to get rid of her.

Misappropriating company funds and causing bodily harm were the two accusations that her family used to attack her.

A glimmer of maliciousness flashed in Yan Qingsi’s eyes as she remarked to Yan Songnan. “Don’t forget to visit me, Daddy. The thing that you want is with me and if you don’t pay me a visit, I’ll throw it away. By then, I won’t know who will get their hands on it.”