Chapter 914: The Unexpected Life Heart

“Can’t you catch it?” Lu Zhou asked again.

“It’s too fast.” Yan Zhenluo’s expression was solemn at this moment. “I might have to go back on my words this time.”

Lu Zhou noticed Yan Zhenluo’s speed was on par with Yi Yao’s speed. The palm strike earlier was clearly meant to strike Di Jiang down to the stone forest. He did not expect Di Jiang’s reaction and speed to be so exaggerated.

“Let me try.” Lu Zhou flashed into the air. With his grand technique, he appeared above Di Jiang and pressed his hand down.

Blue light flashed in the sky in just an instant.


Abandon Wisdom.

‘Let’s see how you dodge this,’ Lu Zhou thought to himself. With the unique supreme mystic power, the Abandon Wisdom automatically locked onto its target.

Yan Zhenluo was shocked upon seeing this. Scenes of Lu Zhou and Yi Yao’s fight appeared in his mind again. He really admired that blue energy. He had enough reasons to suspect Lu Zhou was from the blue lotus domain. However, this was just his personal conjecture. In fact, he had never heard or read about the blue lotus domain.

Meanwhile, as though it could sense the incoming danger, Di Jiang flapped four of its wings at once and flew out of the forest. It disappeared like a puff of smoke in just a blink of an eye.

“So fast?”

The blue palm seal flew over, drawing a curve in the air.


However, Di Jiang managed to avoid the Abandon Wisdom.

Soon enough, Abandon Wisdom disappeared into thin air.

Lu Zhou frowned slightly. It seemed like the supreme mystic power was not without limits.

“I’ll chase after it.” Yan Zhenluo chased after Di Jiang on the ground. With his grand technique, he appeared in front of Di Jiang in a flash. He manifested his avatar before one of his Birth Chart shot out a net-like light toward Di Jiang.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

With great agility and speed, Di Jiang avoided the net-like attack from Yan Zhenluo. In the end, it had no choice but to turn around.

As it happened, Lu Zhou was standing at the back, He looked at Yan Zhenluo’s astrolabe. It was a Thousand Realms Whirling avatar with six Birth Charts on the astrolabe.

It was clear that Yan Zhenluo had mastered the combat techniques of the Thousand Realms Whirling to perfection. Although he only manifested his avatar for a moment, it could be seen his control of his astrolabe had reached perfection.

Yan Zhenluo called out, “Brother Lu, chase it to the forest.”

Lu Zhou nodded. He joined his palms together before he began to make hand gestures. He did not know why, but he had never been so enthusiastic as he was today when fighting the enemy. After a moment, he spread his arms.

Hundreds of thousands of energy swords filled the sky in just a beginning, blocking the front like an impenetrable wall.

Yan Zhenluo said, “I truly admire you, Brother Lu!” He followed Lu Zhou and manifested countless energy swords as well even though their numbers were not as numerous as Lu Zhou’s energy swords. Nevertheless, both of them worked together rather well to block Di Jiang.

Di Jiang seemed to panic at this moment. It quickly turned around and flew in the area where nothing stood in its way to the forest. Although it was fast, it seemed to be flying blind at this moment. It kept circling and flying back and forth. It seemed like its IQ was not very high.

“There’s hope,” Yan Zhenluo said. He had always fought alone, therefore, his tactics were all solitary tactics. He had forgotten about Lu Zhou. With two Thousand Realms Whirling avatars, it would be slightly embarrassing if they still could not capture Di Jiang.

The two rode the energy swords that filled the sky and flew toward the forest; one on the left and one on the right. Both of them did not bother conserving their Primal Qi at all. They flashed forward, forcing Di Jiang to fly down.


It was only natural that two Thousand Realms Whirling experts fighting a Birth Chart Beast would cause a huge commotion.

The cultivators in the distance looked up in the sky. Those with low cultivation bases could only see Lu Zhou and Yan Zhenluo as two specks of dots and the flashes of light in the sky.

Someone sighed. “I haven’t been sleeping well recently. Am I getting old? I feel like I’m seeing things...”


Fortunately, the commotion only lasted for a short moment.

Driven to a corner by two Thousand Realms Whirling experts, Di Jiang had no choice but to return to the forest. Then, he flew back and forth on the treetops.

“Beast, let’s see where you can fly off.” Lu Zhou stopped in midair. He raised his right hand, and a dark round stone appeared in his hand. Soon enough, it transformed into a bow.


An energy arrow appeared on Unnamed that had transformed into a bow.

Yan Zhenluo said in surprise, “Fusion?”

Even in the Black Tower Council, fusion weapons were incredibly rare; there were only a few of them in the Black Tower Council. In fact, not all Thousand Realms Whirling experts possessed flood-grade weapons, let alone fusion weapons. He really did not expect Lu Zhou to possess a fusion weapon. At the very least, it looked like a fusion weapon.

The energy arrow shot out in the air after Lu Zhou released the bowstring.

Yan Zhenluo expected Lu Zhou to only shoot an arrow. He did not expect Lu Zhou to continue shooting energy arrows one after another.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Lu Zhou manifested five energy arrows altogether, infusing them with sufficient supreme mystic power before shooting them out.

When the first energy arrow was about to land on Di Jiang, it lowered its altitude and avoided the arrow.

The energy arrow drew a huge arc in the air, chasing after Di Jiang.

At this moment, the second energy arrow drew close to Di Jiang.

Alas, Di Jiang avoided the second energy arrow as well.

The two energy arrows drew two huge arcs in the air.

At this moment, the third and the fourth energy arrow arrived.

Di Jiang screeched. It flapped its wings in a frenzy, leaving only afterimages in its wake. It caused the duo’s vision to go blurry.

Lu Zhou and Yan Zhenluo were both cultivators of the Thousand Realms Whirling. Their eyesight was not something ordinary people could compare to. Even at the Thousand Realms Whirling stage, they could only see afterimages of Di Jiang. One could only imagine Di Jiang’s speed. Ordinary people could never hope to see anything.

As the fifth arrow cut through the clouds and the air, it seemed to have predicted Di Jiang’s position.

Coupled with the pressure from the four energy arrows, Di Jiang was left with nowhere to run except to go down.


At this moment, the fifth arrow pierced its wing.

Upon seeing this, Yan Zhenluo flashed and appeared above Di Jiang. He struck with his palm, launching dozens of palm seals.

Alas, even injured, Di Jiang was ridiculously fast. It dodged to the left and to the right before it flew into the forest.

Yan Zhenluo called out as he looked at Lu Zhou meaningfully, “Brother Lu...”


The duo seemed to have a tacit understanding as Lu Zhou landed in the west while Yan Zhenluo landed in the east. Following that, both of them flashed to the center.

The perception of Thousand Realms Whirling cultivators was naturally far above the masses. The wind in the air and the blades of grass were all within their perception.

The duo unleashed their grand techniques and arrived in the forest in just a blink of an eye.

This place was in a different direction from the stone forest. One could imagine if there were only one of them, it would be as difficult as ascending to the heavens just to catch Di Jiang.

“Beast, you won’t be able to escape,” Yan Zhenluo said when Di Jiang landed in the clearing.

In the sky, Di Jiang looked like it was the size of a wild boar; on the ground, it looked like it was the size of a cow.

Di Jiang was different from other Birth Chart Beasts of its size. It was really strange. At this moment, it had tucked all its wings in. Apart from the slight tremors on its body, it was not moving at all.

At this moment, Yan Zhenluo raised his hand.

Talismans appeared in the air immediately.

At this moment, Lu Zhou called out, “Wait.”

“Brother Lu?” Yan Zhenluo was confused. If they did not make a move now, they might not have such a good chance to capture Di Jiang again.

Lu Zhou said, “It seems to have surrendered.”

When Lu Zhou saw Diiiang’s posture, he was also very surprised. This scene reminded him of the time when he caught a rooster on earth. When he was young, he had chased a rooster until it had nowhere to run. When it was cornered, it curled up on the ground with its wings tucked in, covering its body. It indicated that it was afraid and no longer planned to run.

“Are you sure?” Yan Zhenluo was not sure since he had no such experience. In the past, he only collected life hearts by killing the Birth Chart Beasts.

“Dijing is so fast. Is it suitable to be used as a mount?” Lu Zhou asked.

“I’m afraid not. Di Jiang is not suitable to be a mount. It’s too fast. It takes too much energy for cultivators to just stay on its back. Moreover, Di Jiang isn’t capable of acknowledging a master. Once it grows up, it’ll absorb a large amount of evil energy and kill humans. Killing it is the best choice. Don’t show mercy to fierce beasts. Fierce beasts exist to devour humans,” Yan Zhenluo said.

“You have a point.” Lu Zhou nodded. He walked over and stopped when he was ten meters away from Di Jiang. He said with a sigh, “Beast, this is your fate. You can’t blame others.”

Just when Lu Zhou was about to make a move...

Di Jiang raised its head and opened its mouth before a glowing crystal flew out of its mouth.

Lu Zhou waved his hand, and the life heart flew into his hand.

Squawk! Squawk!

Di Jing squawked twice as though it was pleading for its life.

Yan Zhenluo exclaimed in surprise, “This beast actually took the initiative to hand over its life heart! This is really eye-opening! There really are all kinds of wonders in this world!”