Chapter 2513  : Chapter 2528: How To Save a child who was raised askew She had forgotten about Zhu Meina.

After she left, Lu Yi shook Yan Huan’s hand again and pulled Yan Huan’s thoughts back to reality.

Yan Huan did not say anything else and followed Lu Yi into his car. Zhu Meina curiously took off the sunglasses on her face.

Then, she pursed her lips.

“All the good men in this world have been picked out by others. Why haven’t I met a good man?”

Lu Yi had already left the SU family. If it was not necessary, Yan Huan really did not want to come to the Su family. She did not want to see anyone from the SU family. She did not want to shed the blood of the Su family, she did not want to think about her relationship with the Su family. She also did not want to breathe the air of the Su family.

“What about her?”


Yan Huan couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief. She took a piece of tissue and wiped her hands. She didn’t know if it was because she slapped Su Muran, but for some reason, she felt that her hands were a little uncomfortable, it was all because of that oily and uncomfortable feeling. When she went home, she had to soak herself in 84 bubbles. If she didn’t soak herself, she might not be able to eat. She didn’t know how many bacteria she was exposed to. It was really disgusting.

“Who are you talking about?”Lu Yi continued to drive. For a moment, he didn’t quite understand what Yan Huan meant.

“Who else could it be?”Yan Huan leaned his back closer. She was really regretting it. How could she have really forgotten about that woman.

“It’s Zhu Meina.”She grabbed her hair, “What should we do? She’s already grown crooked now. It’s probably not an easy thing to straighten her back. Zhu Meina, who was raised by Zhu Xianglan, is now simply big-breasted and brainless. She’s no longer the Zhu Meina who experienced too much in her previous life and was finally enlightened.”

To be honest, the Zhu Meina in her previous life was indeed quite pleasing to the eye in the end. Although she had no children in her entire life, with the Su family’s assets, she was bound to live a rich life, moreover, Xiao Guang also treated Zhu Meina as another mother. In any case, even if Zhu Meina died in the future, he was not afraid that no one would send her to her death.

As for when Zhu Meina died, Yan Huan did not know. Because Zhu Meina died later than him, perhaps she would live to be 70 years old, which meant that she would die ten years later than him. If she lived to be 80 years old, she would die twenty years later than him.


Yan Huan felt that he should have died young in his previous life.

And Zhu Meina, who died decades later than him, had been forgotten by her. Now, she had definitely grown askew.

Lu Yi stretched out his hand and touched Yan Huan’s head, as though he was comforting a disobedient child.

“You can’t forcefully change her life. As long as she stays by Zhu Xianglan’s side, she’s destined to walk this path. It’s impossible for her to be clear-headed if she doesn’t suffer enough.”

Yan Huan seemed to agree with what Lu Yi said. She wasn’t someone who belonged to Zhu Meina, so how could she make Zhu Meina change? Could it be that one day, she was going to fall from the sky and say it in front of Zhu Meina.

I’m going to save you on behalf of the Moon.

She believed that Zhu Meina would definitely scold her until she went crazy. Moreover, she had been raised to be like this. Even if she wanted to save her, it was beyond her ability.

As long as you acted at the right time, it would be fine. Lu Yi parked the car and opened the window, allowing the wind from outside to blow in. At this moment, the wind was slightly cold, but it also seemed to clear one’s mind.

Each person’s path must be taken individually. You can not change too much.

Yan Huan knew that she had actually changed a lot in her life. The biggest change was her mother’s fate. She also had a younger brother who was more foolish. Of course, her life was so complete.

As for Zhu Meina, this child who had been raised crooked, she could slowly change it. In the end, she could change her character in the future. In the Su family’s troublesome place, even if Zhu Meina did not want to live a life with big breasts and no brains.., she had to ask Zhu Xianglan if that woman was willing.

Soon, it would be a big day for the SU family. Such a big day would also cause the SU family to sink into chaos. Then, she would descend from the sky and save Zhu Meina from the fire and water.

When she thought of this, she could not help but laugh out loud. Lu Yi shook his head and continued to drive. The car slowly disappeared at the end of the road in the night.

Everything seemed to be perfect in this life.

There was no illness, no pain, and also no disaster.

After a few years, the Ye family’s airport was successfully built. It was only later that ye Chuji found out that the piece of land at the airport was bought by his nephew, therefore, he forcefully divided 20% of the shares of Lu Yi to them.

Yan Huan’s Linlang also began to earn money. The development of this area had also become the most fertile place in hai city. The location of the building that Qing Lin had chosen back then happened to be at the center. Yi Ling laughed for an unknown amount of time in response to this, she even said that Yan Huan’s eyes were really sharp. Back then, it was a location that was not favored by everyone. However, it was now the center of the new city.

Without mentioning anything else, even Linlang’s building was worth quite a lot.

Of course, the films that Linlang had produced in the past few years were also shocking. A small company that had just been established had become the number one and number two film on the box office sales list.

Yan Huan, on the other hand, became famous smoothly. She had obtained international best actress, domestic best actress, and box office sales. However, she quietly retired when she was at her most popular.

Why did she want to give birth.

During these few years, Yan Huan only thought about her three children. She just didn’t know when they would arrive.

Initially, she had thought that if she didn’t give birth at the age of 28, she would be afraid that she wouldn’t give birth to those three children at other times. However, she didn’t expect that she would accidentally get pregnant.

At the beginning, she couldn’t eat or sleep well because she was worried that it wouldn’t be her three children. What would she do then? Lu Yi didn’t know how to comfort her. He was the same as Yan Huan, he also missed the three children. Although the children had grown up, married, and had their own families, no matter how big the children were, they were still their children.

It was only after a month of worrying and being afraid that they were finally found out.

They were said to be twins.

But Yan Huan and Lu Yi looked at each other. Only they knew that it wasn’t two, but three.

His family’s three children had finally returned.

And in this lifetime, they would never have to endure hardship again. Because their mother had never eaten before, they did not have to be afraid of giving them sufficient nutrition, and they were also not afraid that they would become fat from eating, of course, they did not have to compete for their sister’s nutrition.

Originally, Yan Huan really wanted to know if he was looking for that child, but he insisted on hiding and not coming out. In the end, he checked a few more times. That little girl was indeed quite mischievous, she wanted to play hide-and-seek with her mother, but she refused to come out no matter what.

“Lu Qin has gone in.”Lu Yi helped Yan Huan to sit down and then rubbed her belly. His face was gentle, as long as he ignored the unfeeling coldness in his eyes.