Chapter 2: I want your blood  

Rumor had it that Yan Huan married into a rich and powerful family. Yes, she did marry into such a family, the Lu Family of the Sea City, a family whose history spanned hundreds of years. She used her connections, her method, her money accumulated through years to help Lu Qin, who was at the bottom of the circle, reach the top. She made him a new star. And she also played the entire Lu Family with her consummate acting.

But once Lu Qin got everything from the Lu Family, standing at the top of the world, he saw Yan Huan as a stumbling block on his way.

Lu Qin hooked up with the Lady Su, Su Muran1. The shameless couple made no secret of their adultery.

The door opened again. Yan Huan opened her eyes, but they were hurt by the light from the doorway. She closed them instinctively, and when she opened them again, the man was already standing in front of her.

Look who this is. Who else can it be? Yan Huan chuckled. Isn’t this Lu Qin, the Best Actor who just won the international gold medals she saw in the TV broadcast?

“Why are you here, instead of joining Ms. Best Actress in public displays of affection?”


Lu Qin grabbed Yan Huan’s bony arm tightly and brusquely, grim-faced.

In the hospital, Huan Yan was pinned on an operating table by several doctors.

“Lu Qin, what are doing?” She tried to get up but those doctors held her tightly.

Lu Qin came towards her, then bent down in front of her. His big-knuckled hand lightly skimmed her face before resting onto her belly. She used to be infatuated with his hands, and it was the owner of those hands that had sent her to hell. His fingers were cold, and his voice even more so.

“What am I doing? You will know soon. Remember, do not struggle, or you may lose the fetus in your uterus.”

Yan Huan shivered suddenly. She was not what he meant. What did he want? What is he going to do to her baby?


She felt a pang in the back of her hand; a needle had been stuck into her vein. While doctor made her lie on her side, a sudden epiphany hit her.

With all her strength she pulled the needle out, regardless of the blood oozing from her vessels.

However, along with the movement she felt a sharp pain in her belly. She gripped her clothes tightly, cold sweat oozing from her forehead.

“My baby...” her red lips quivered as she tasted salty in her mouth, hard to tell whether it was sweat or tears.

Her lower abdomen was still cramping, fitfully. In tearing pain she gritted her teeth so hard that she bit into her lips.

A fetus of only six months old, only six months. There was no chance for it to survive if to be taken out this early.

“Mr. Lu, should we continue?” a doctor asked carefully. “Should we keep the fetus or continue?”

“Continue, do a C-section.” Lu Qin stood aside indifferently, mouthing the cold words as he fluttered his thin lips.

The word, “C-section,” made Yan Huan’s eyes widen in shock. She couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t bear it. Even a vicious tiger would not eat its cubs–how could any human be able to hurt his own child.

She curled into herself from the pain. With another sharp sting on her back, it seemed that she was injected with anesthetics, which did not at all help to ease the pain.

“Lu Qin!” she suddenly widened her eyes and stared in a way that resembled one dying with an everlasting grievance.

“Why do you want my baby? Tell me, why?” she struggled with the little strength left in her but could barely move her lower body as the anesthetics began to kick in.

Lu Qin came closer and pressed his thin lips to her ear.

“Yan Huan, let me tell you what I want. What I want is not the fetus, but the umbilical cord blood. You are of the same blood type as Muran, you happen to be of a rare blood group. I can’t hurt Lu Yi, but you...”

He lowered his head, watching the doctor cut open Yan Huan’s skin with a scalpel.

Yan Huan’s muscles started to cramp all of a sudden, sounds of various machinery going off around her.