Chapter 2318: Side Story – Wu Xiao Dao Edition (8) Are You Stupid?

Wu Xiao Dao didn’t like strangers following her, so she rejected the guards of the Prince Manor and went out for a walk.

The capital was very big, and Wu Xiao Dao has not finished shopping for so many days. Especially those street stalls and juggling, she was very interested, so she drilled into the crowd over here for a while, watched there for a while, and had lots of fun.

However, she soon discovered that she was being targeted.

At first, she thought it was her own delusion, how could someone be staring at her? But although her spirit power was sealed and her spirit power was weakened, it was not that she couldn’t even sense it. She wondered if the guards of the Prince Manor were secretly protecting her, but the idea was denied the next second.

The guards of the Prince Manor would not make her feel dangerous, and these people obviously exuded murderous intent.

She frowned slightly. Could it be that someone wants to deal with her? It seems that she didn’t offend anyone here?


She doesn’t have spirit power now, nor the internal strength that these people practiced. She doesn’t know how strong the opponent was, so she didn’t dare to meet these people rashly. She thought for a while, then quickly darted into the cloth shop next to her.

Soon, Wu Xiao Dao, dressed in a different outfit, left through the back door, throwing away the person following her after a few turns. She was still a little proud in her heart, but she didn’t expect to be blocked in the alley before she walked a few streets.

Those people were all wearing black robes and masks, and they exuded evil aura.

Such people are not low in strength, nor were they low in battle prowess.

She didn’t know how she offended these people, but she didn’t dare to take it lightly. The other party didn’t say much, just came up and attacked Although she lost her spirit power, her combat experience was still there. Even though she had a powerful opponent, she also killed several people.



The other party didn’t expect that she could kill them without martial arts, so they all rushed over in anger. Wu Xiao Dao thought they were going to chop her up and made the final preparations, but she didn’t expect them to sprinkle some powder in front of her, and then she fell down she felt her body weaken.

Damn it, they actually played the drugging card!

Those people looked so fierce, she thought they were going to kill her, but she didn’t expect to come up with such a move and she was caught by surprise.

“Boss, 30,000 taels of silver are in hand.” The speaker couldn’t hide his joy.

“I don’t know who this girl is, but she is so valuable.” Someone remarked.

“No matter what identity we are, we just need to take it back and return to life.” The man known whom the rest addressed as the boss went up and wrapped Wu Xiao Dao in a blanket. He left with Wu Xiao Dao.

When Fu Ming Shao brought people to the alley, he saw only a few corpses and blood all over the place.

“Your Highness, this may not be Young Miss Wu’s blood.” The guard said when he saw Fu Ming Shao’s face sank.

Before Fu Ming Shao could speak, a little beggar ran over and handed him a letter: “Big Brother, someone asked me to give this to you, saying that you would give me a tael of silver.”

Fu Ming Shao took the letter, the guard gave the little beggar a tael of silver, he turned around and ran out of the alley. The person who followed him came back quickly and said, “Master, no suspicious person was found, the other party is very careful.”

Fu Ming Shao didn’t have any hope for this. The other party would send the letter at this time, indicating that this elaborate scheme had been carefully planned. He opened the letter, and there was only one sentence on it. If he wanted to save Wu Xiao Dao, he was to immediately go to the small woods three miles outside the city within the stipulated time, or else, Wu Xiao Dao would lose her life.

The time the other party gave him was very short, so he rushed over almost immediately and there was no extra time to arrange other things.

“Master, it’s easy to get trapped in the woods, it’s too dangerous to go like this,” the guard said.

Fu Ming Shao also knew the danger, but since the other party would come at him and captured Wu Xiao Dao, he knew that he cared about Wu Xiao Dao’s life.

“I’ll go first and get someone to inform Mu Si.” He got on his horse and rushed out of the city anxiously.

His bodyguards also quickly mounted their horses and followed him, leaving the two to find Mu Si. When Mu Si got the news, Fu Ming Shao had already arrived at the city gate. When he learned that Wu Xiao Dao was caught, he quickly brought people to support him.

When Wu Xiao Dao woke up, she discovered that she was tied to a tree. There were many people around, and more people were hidden in the surrounding trees.

“Woke up so soon.” A man in green robes stretched out his hand and raised her chin, his voice was cold, “As expected, she has a bit of beauty, no wonder she was able to fascinate Fu Ming Shao, who isn’t close to women.”

“You want to use me to deal with Fu Ming Shao?” Wu Xiao Dao immediately understood, she said that she had never offended anyone, so why would anyone catch her? “I’ve only known him for three or four months, and he won’t come her knowing that it’s a trap.”

“Then you don’t know him too well.” The man said, “According to the report from the spies, he rushed out of the city a quarter of an hour ago.”

Wu Xiao Dao was shocked, didn’t that guy know this was a trap?

She struggled for a while, and her body was still a little limp. She tried to mobilize the spirit power in her body, but there was still no response.

Perhaps it was the punishment for going against the heavens. After the lightning tribulation, her spirit power was completely useless. She didn’t panic before, because her mother had such an experience as well. She remembered that Mother said that only when it was time, did her spirit power come back naturally. But now she regretted her impulsive actions before, and just wants to go back, but she didn’t expect to be caught in such a manner.

She didn’t know when she’ll be able to recover her spirit power. She thought to herself, she didn’t want to be too high-profile before, but now she’s afraid she could only call them out.

Just when she was about to call out the contracted beast, there was a hurried sound of hooves from outside the grove, and she didn’t have to think to know that it was Fu Ming Shao who came with someone.

When the people who were guarding here just heard the movement, they all hid in the woods, not planning to face him.

Fu Ming Shao kept running towards the middle of the grove, came to the center, saw Wu Xiao Dao tied to the tree trunk, went straight to untie her.

“You fool, who asked you to come? Don’t you know this is a trap?” Wu Xiao Dao scolded him when she saw him.

This guy doesn’t take his own safety seriously!

“I know.” Fu Ming Shao hugged her weak body, preventing her from falling to the ground after she cam free.

“Even if you know, you’re still here? Are you stupid?”

“You are here.” So I have to come.

When Wu Xiao Dao heard his words, she stopped rubbing his wrists, looked up at him, but fell into a pair of deep eyes.

“I won’t be in danger.” Her scolding voice was much weaker.

“Your power can’t be used anymore.”

“I have other ways to protect myself.”

“I haven’t seen it before, don’t worry. Follow me closely, and I’ll take you out.” Fu Ming Shao put his arms around her waist and held a sword in the other to resist those who came.

There were really too many people on the other side, and dozens of them couldn’t resist the opponent’s wave of hundreds of killers. Even if Fu Ming Shao’s martial arts was powerful, he couldn’t stop the opponent’s battle of numbers. Moreover, he wanted to protect Wu Xiao Dao, hence, he was slashed many times.