Chapter 1713: Descending at the Scarlet Dojo!

“By the way, Chaos Chiliocosm Sovereign, you have to hurry up and receive the small chiliocosms of Chiliocosm Sovereign Scarlet and Chiliocosm

Sovereign Irised Light. Otherwise, some accident might happen,” Chiliocosm Sovereign Sky Heart hurriedly said.

“Some accident will happen if 1 delay? There’s no hurry. The later, the better. If an accident really happens, it’ll be a good thing. Then, I’ll be justified in attacking the other hegemons! ”

Lin Fengs words stunned Chiliocosm Sovereign Sky Heart. However, he quickly reacted. Indeed, Lin Feng should not be judged by common sense. Even though Chiliocosm Sovereign Sky Heart was also a Four-cataclysm hegemon, he absolutely could not treat other hegemons and Chiliocosm Sovereigns like nothing.

Perhaps this was the difference between him and the Chaos Chiliocosm Sovereign.

Moreover, starting from the Four-cataclysm, Chiliocosm Sovereign Sky Heart already had a vague prediction that the gap between him and Lin Feng would probably increase rapidly. With Lin Fengs strength, if he expanded on a large scale, he would obtain more and more small chiliocosm origin. At that time, he would also harvest more and more small chiliocosm origin.

This was a positive cycle. Lin Feng would also become stronger and stronger. In the end, he would reach a level that even Chiliocosm Sovereign Sky Heart had to look up to.

However, while he could work with Lin Feng once, he could not work with him twice, thrice, or even stay by Lin Fengs side forever. Cultivation ultimately still depended on oneself!

Chiliocosm Sovereign Sky Heart left, while Lin Feng bided his time. However, he got Chiliocosm Sovereign Epoch to send people to keep an eye on the dojos of Chiliocosm Sovereign Scarlet and Chiliocosm Sovereign Irised Light, and waited quietly.

At the same time, he began to inquire about the Imperial Gold Dojo.

Time passed day by day. As the news of Lin Feng killing two Four-cataclysm hegemons spread, Lin Fengs power also became stronger and stronger day by day. He was also at the height of his power among hegemons. No one dared to provoke Lin Feng and the Chaos Dojo anymore.

However, after an entire year, Lin Feng was very disappointed.

“Chiliocosm Sovereign Epoch, is there really no one who has touched the

Scarlet Dojo and the Irised Light Dojo?”

Lin Feng still seemed to be in disbelief.


“Your Majesty the Chiliocosm Sovereign, it’s absolutely true. Indeed, no one has touched the Scarlet Dojo and the Irised Light Dojo. As for the small chiliocosms under the two dojos, this is an absolute secret. Outsiders don’t know at all. Only the people in the dojo know.”

Lin Feng nodded. This was very normal. Which Chiliocosm Sovereign would publicize the small chiliocosms they monopolized? They would all make a fortune in secret and secretly harvest the small chiliocosm origin.

Only a few people at the core in the dojo knew the details of the small chiliocosms.

Lin Feng did not know if he should be happy or disappointed. He had deliberately waited for a full year, just to see which Chiliocosm Sovereign would not be able to resist occupying the Irised Light Dojo and the Scarlet


In the end, no one touched these two dojos.

Even if the Four-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereign did not dare to,

Five-cataclysm or Six-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereigns could not be afraid of Lin Feng, right?

Actually, Lin Feng had been assumptious. Five-cataclysm and Six-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereigns were indeed not afraid of Lin Feng, but they could not do anything to Lin Feng either. The key was that everyone knew Lin Fengs current momentum. It would not be a problem for him to become a Five-cataclysm or Six-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereign at all.

If they offended Lin Feng now, and could not kill Lin Feng and completely eliminate the threat, clashing with Lin Feng would undoubtedly be the most unwise thing.

Lin Feng could kill two Four-cataclysm hegemons by relying on the River of Spacetime now. If they became mortal enemies with Lin Feng for the sake of some small chiliocosms, in the future, when Lin Fengs strength improved greatly, would he be able to kill two Five-cataclysm or even Six-cataclysm hegemons in the future?

No one who could become a Chiliocosm Sovereign was stupid. In particular, those who had become hegemons were incomparably clear-headed. Hence, no one touched the Scarlet Dojo and the Irised Light Dojo for a year.

After all, these two hegemonial Chiliocosm Sovereigns had both been killed by Lin Feng. Naturally, the other Chiliocosm Sovereigns saw them as Lin Fengs rightful possessions.

This was unless Lin Feng waited a little longer. However, if he waited any longer, the Supremacies of the two dojos might have to find other avenues. At that time, he would not even be able to find the small chiliocosms.

“Forget it. Chiliocosm Sovereign Epoch, bring people to take over the Scarlet


Dojo and the Irised Light Dojo. I’ll be leaving first.”historical

With that, the power of spacetime on his body flashed, and he disappeared without a trace.

Chiliocosm Sovereign Epoch was elated. He muttered in a low voice, “His Majesty the Chiliocosm Sovereign’s principle of spacetime is becoming more and more profound.”

Even with Chiliocosm Sovereign Epoch’s insight, he could tell that Lin Fengs principle of spacetime was becoming more and more profound. It was enough to show how profound Lin Fengs comprehension of the principle of spacetime was.

In reality, this was still thanks to his spacetime physique.

Ever since Lin Feng became a Four-cataclysm hegemon, and his physique became the spacetime physique, it became easier and easier for him to use the power of spacetime. In the past, when he wanted to warp through spacetime, he could only rely on the River of Spacetime and use it to warp. But now, Lin Feng could easily mobilize the power of spacetime and completely enter spacetime to warp it.

Lin Feng still had to increase his understanding of the power of spacetime and the principle of spacetime. This bit of comprehension was far from what could be considered comprehension of the principle of spacetime. He knew that the principle of spacetime was profound. At least for now, Lin Feng could not slay his past self, or his future self.

He could not even annihilate past enemies. Lin Feng had a vague feeling that this was the essence or true meaning of the principle of spacetime. Comprehending it to this realm was probably far from something he could succeed with his current strength.

It had been an entire year for the Scarlet Dojo. Although the Scarlet Dojo had not reached the extent of rats leaving a sinking ship, it was still on the verge of collapse. Originally, the Scarlet Dojo was the dojo of a hegemonial Chiliocosm Sovereign. There were many Supremacies, and its foundation was profound.

Every hegemonial Chiliocosm Sovereign had a very deep foundation. In fact, the Scarlet Dojo alone monopolized 1,099 small chiliocosms.

This also meant that there were thousands of Supremacies who had descended into the small chiliocosms. Just the number of Three-star

Supremacies alone was two to three thousand.

Such a base number was actually rather terrifying.

Originally, there were two pseudo Chiliocosm Sovereigns in the Scarlet Dojo, enough to manage the matters of the dojo. However, as Chiliocosm Sovereign

Scarlet was killed, the two pseudo Chiliocosm Sovereigns naturally fell as well.


The Scarlet Dojo wound up without a leader.

They originally thought that someone would soon come to occupy the Scarlet Dojo. At that time, Supremacies like them would still be Supremacies. At most, they would just get another Chiliocosm Sovereign.

However, who would have thought that after a year, no faction had come to take over the Scarlet Dojo? This was greatly beyond the expectations of the many Chiliocosm Sovereigns of the Scarlet Dojo.

Hence, many Chiliocosm Sovereigns became a little anxious.

“What should we do now? There are still many Supremacies in the small chiliocosms who have yet to return. Without a Chiliocosm Sovereign, it’s impossible to open the descension passage. Wouldn’t those people all die in the small chiliocosms?”

“My senior brother is still in the small chiliocosm. This won’t do. I have to think of a way.”

“How can no faction be willing to take over the esteemed Scarlet Dojo, the dojo of a hegemonial Chiliocosm Sovereign?”

“Can we only keep waiting like this? When would we wait until?”

“l heard that His Majesty the Chiliocosm Sovereign was killed by the Chaos Chiliocosm Sovereign. Why don’t we go to the Chaos Dojo?”

The Scarlet Dojo was in chaos. Many Supremacies began to think of another way out, and even coveted the treasures of the Scarlet Dojo. However, they were all Supremacies and did not have the guts to act.

However, as time passed, if the Scarlet Dojo continued to be in chaos, that might not be the case.


At this moment, a terrifying pressure instantly enveloped the entire Scarlet Dojo, suffocating all the Supremacies.

Right on the heels of that, a magnificent and loud voice echoed in the dojo.

“l am the Chaos Chiliocosm Sovereign. From today onwards, the Scarlet Dojo belongs to me. It will become the second Chaos Dojo!’

The mighty voice echoed in the Scarlet Dojo. For a moment, all the Supremacies actually did not have any sorrowful expressions. Instead, all of them revealed joyous expressions, appearing rather happy..