Chapter 639: Is The Princess Truly The First Genius Of The Royal Family?

“Enter the Burning Immortal Formation?” Xu Bai looked at his fellow disciples.

“How is the information recorded?”

“I know you have doubts, so I brought all the information to check if there are any issues,” said a senior in a blue robe.

She took out some jade slips and bamboo scrolls.

Xu Bai received them one by one and inspected them. The more he read, the more his brows furrowed.

The records explained how to control the Burning Immortal Formation and how to mitigate the dangers that came with activating it. Everything involved risk, but if done properly, it would grant complete control of the formation.

Furthermore, some books contained detailed examples. Both successful and failed attempts. The records were exceptionally detailed and left no room for doubt.

Even he had to admit that he couldn’t find any issues with the information.

“How about it, Senior Brother?” MO Chuan asked. “It’s very detailed and objective,” Xu Bai said. “Can we give it a try?” a senior asked.

“Logically, we can give it a try.” Xu Bai nodded.

“Logically?” The senior in the blue robe was puzzled.

Xu Bai put away the materials and looked at them with a smile. “Don’t rush it, Seniors. You can continue exploring that place for now. If there’s nothing new to gain there, then we can try the Burning Immortal Formation.”

“But once we master the Burning Immortal Formation, our progress will be much quicker,” said the senior brother.

Xu Bai shook his head. “Let’s explore that place first. We’ll put the Burning Immortal Formation aside for now.”


“But…” The blue-robed senior didn’t understand why this junior was hesitant.

“Seniors, there’s no need to rush. Sometimes, jumping to conclusions too quickly isn’t safe. Continue to explore, and you will find out more. We can make a decision later,” Xu Bai said.

“But what if we miss the opportunity? Wouldn’t that be a shame?” said the senior brother.

Xu Bai pointed to the sky, where a figure sat cross-legged and resonated with the stars and the universe.

“As long as Junior Sister Chu doesn’t encounter any accidents, we will have made significant gains. Not to mention that after the Yin-Yang Formation is activated, there will be much more to explore. Let’s set the Burning Immortal Formation aside for now, alright?” Xu Bai looked at them with a smile.

After some hesitation, they all nodded.

If it were someone else, they might not have agreed, but this was Xu Bai.

He was young, yet he not only surpassed them in cultivation but also had a broader perspective. Since he suggested it, they would wait a little longer and collect more information.

In the south, in a city near the frontline, Princess Bi Zhu sat in front of an artificial mountain with her brows furrowed in concentration.

“What are you thinking about, Princess?” Qiao Yi walked in.

“Aren’t you going to rest, Auntie Qiao?” Bi Zhu asked with a smile.

Qiao Yi shook her head. “This isn’t a safe place. I must guard you against any potential threats.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be looking for Yin Zichen? We’ve got some information, but trouble has arrived too.” Bi Zhu sighed. “There’s news that he joined the Mountain Sea Sword Sect. It seems he has a remarkable talent.” “The Mountain Sea Sword Sect in the north?” Qiao Yi was surprised.

“Yes. That’s the one,” said Bi Zhu. “Auntie Qiao, please tell me the truth. Do you have any grudges against him? Why are you so insistent on finding him? If you want to kill him, it should be relatively easy. All you need is something he carries with him and some relevant information, and it won’t be long before he dies. If you had a drop of his blood, it would be even better.”

Qiao Yi looked incredulous. ‘Is the princess joking again?


She had followed her all this way but had never seen her in action. She hadn’t witnessed the brilliance of the one true genius of the royal family.

However, her information was usually accurate. She didn’t know where Bi Zhu got her information.

She was worried that the princess was deceiving her, so she accompanied her to this dangerous place. She couldn’t let her guard down.

“We aren’t enemies. He helped me escape from the Heavenly Spirit Tribe. After that, I heard he fell out with the tribe as well. When you asked me if I had any unfinished business, he came to my mind.”

Bi Zhu hesitated. “Are you saying we should save him?”

“Save him?” Qiao Yi was puzzled. “Didn’t you say he joined the Mountain Sea Sword Sect?”

“Yes.” Bi Zhu shrugged. “However, recently I heard he defected from the Mountain Sea Sword Sect and fled to the south. Do you wonder why he escaped to the south instead of somewhere else? I’ve been considering leaving the South lately.”

“Defected?” Qiao Yi found it hard to believe. Why would he do something like that?

“Princess, why do you want to leave the southern region? You are part of the southern royal family, and there are people who can protect you here.”

“You don’t know how dangerous the South has become.” Bi Zhu sighed.historical

Ever since Jing appeared, all sorts of dangers have arisen. I wonder who attracted whom. Did the dangers attract Jing, or did Jing bring the dangers?

“Forget it. Let’s go and investigate the presence of the Mountain Sea Sword Sect. If someone has entered the South, we might find out. However, we need to find someone first.” Bi Zhu got up.

Since she had promised to help Qiao Yi, she couldn’t abandon the task halfway.

“Who do you want to find, Princess?” Qiao Yi asked.

“Someone who can see through the secrets of heaven. I haven’t sought him out in a long time,” said Bi Zhu with a smile.


Qiao Yi was speechless.

Overseas, in the Heavenly Tower, Mr. Tao arrived at a courtyard at sunrise.

Zhu Shen was the first to visit him.

“Mr. Tao, are you looking for me?” he asked.

“Yes. There’s something I want to remind you of,” Mr. Tao said as he sat on a pavilion.

“Please, go ahead,” Zhu Shen said attentively.

“Is there anyone from the Heavenly Tower on Chaos Stone Island?” Mr. Tao asked.

“Yes.” Zhu Shen nodded.

“Do you know who they belong to?” Mr. Tao asked.

“They come from various places, but their identities can be investigated,” Zhu Shen said.

“Good. I want you to go there. The moment the ship arrives, gather all the people from the Heavenly Tower and take them to a safe place. Also, take this with you.” Mr. Tao placed a palm-sized jade scroll on the table. “Find someone who can resonate with this and take them to safety.”

Zhu Shen looked at the scroll in shock. It was Mr. Tao’s token. The only people who could resonate with it were those who held Mr. Tao’s trust. Zhu Shen knew that this mission was a very important one, so he didn’t hesitate.

“Mr. Tao, wait for good news,” he said as he took the token and bowed respectfully.

“No need to worry too much. If you can’t obtain it, it won’t be an issue.” Mr. Tao smiled.

Zhu Shen didn’t respond, but he was determined to give it his all.

Mr. Tao also understood his thoughts. With the token in hand, he wasn’t worried about anything.

“By the way, how’s the situation at the Abyssal Sea?” Mr. Tao asked.

“All the major forces are converging there. Some people have descended into the Abyssal Sea, but none have returned yet. The resonance with the Ancestral Dragon’s Heart is also much more apparent than before,” Zhu Shen said.

“Is that so?” Mr. Tao stood up. “The place there is nice. I plan to go and take a look.”

“Mr. Tao, are you going to compete for Ancestral Dragon’s Heart?” Zhu Shen was surprised.

“You’re thinking too much,” Mr. Tao said. “I just want to go and see. Staying in the room for too long makes you forget what it’s like outside..”