Chapter 1  

Heavenly Note Sect.

At the bottom of The Cliff of Broken Hearts.

The river snaked past the mountains and forests. The sun shone brightly on the cold, clear water.


There was a muffled sound coming from a small wooden house at the shore. The house had only two floors. A fence surrounded this small house. Spirit herbs creeped on the fence and gave off a fragrance that wafted in every direction.

On the second floor of this small house, Jiang Ho crashed onto the wall. A beautiful woman, dressed in thin gauze, moved towards him. She pressed a long sword against his neck. The blade sliced through the surface of his skin as blood spilled slowly.


Jiang Hao knew death was just a moment away. This was a disaster!

He had just finished trimming the spiritual herbs and was preparing himself to cultivate when suddenly, a woman, with flushed face and chaotic lifeblood, had descended from the sky.

The woman looked very graceful, but her focus was muddled. She was either poisoned or possessed.

He didn’t want to help but her cultivation was formidable. She had pulled him easily to the second floor, up the stairs, and flung him against the wall. This was the first time he had been manhandled this badly. His senses were pretty good, but it was such a shame he could do nothing but endure this violence.

She was flawlessly beautiful. In fact, she was perfect, especially if the murderous intent in her eyes could be ignored.

It was early in the morning when she regained her consciousness and swung her sword at him. Jiang Hao could see in her cold eyes that she must have remembered everything that had happened last night. She certainly hesitated in killing him.


“Senior, there is some misunderstanding between us.” Jiang Hao really wanted to explain but he didn’t know what kind of misunderstanding was there between them.

“Are you a disciple of the Heavenly Note Sect?” The woman asked coldly.

Jiang Hao, too aware of the sword still at his neck, could only answer in a nervous voice, “Yes.”

“Eat this.” The woman took out a pill and offered it to him. “What is it?” asked Jiang Hao.


Jiang Hao felt a kick to his stomach that caused him so much pain that he doubled over. She pushed the pill into his mouth.

The woman quickly grabbed the falling clothes draped over her body and wrapped herself tightly in them. She was surrounded by a pink mist. A moment later, she disappeared from the window.

“Phew.” Jiang Hao heaved a heavy sigh of relief. He touched his injured neck.

‘The woman’s arrival must have been an accident, but her murderous intent was real, no doubt!’ thought Jiang Hao, as he walked over to the balcony and looked around to make sure she was gone. His heart was still palpitating in fear. ‘She almost killed me. She is ridiculously strong!”

Although she was incredibly beautiful and they had spent a night together, he could not just tell her that what was done was done and she shouldn’t be bothered by it, not when this was the immortal cultivation world, and she could very well kill him in an instant.

Not to mention the Devil Gate. The slightest carelessness could result in a vicious attack.

“It’s better to live in a peaceful world.” Jiang Hao shook his head and sighed.

He had transmigrated for a total of 19 years.

He had had a rough childhood from the time he was born to the time his stepmother had sold him to the Devil Sect. If he hadn’t had the figure and aptitude to meet the criteria for the Devil Sect’s recruitment, he would have been sacrificed as a dead soul.

If he could choose, he would join a famous and orthodox sect. Maybe the Haotian Sect which was the most powerful sect in this world. Unfortunately, he was stuck with the Devil Sect.

Fortunately, after he started to cultivate, some changes appeared in his body. There were some new abilities and changes.

Jiang Hao focused his attention and looked at the panel that appeared before him. No one could see this except him.

[Name: Jiang Hao]

[Age: nineteen]

[Cultivation: level nine of Lifeblood Refinement] [Cultivation Method: Heavenly Sound Hundred Revolutions]

[Supernatural ability: Nine Revolutions Death Substitution (unique) Daily Appraisal (unlocked)]

[Lifeblood: 100/100 (can be cultivated)]

[Cultivation: 100/100 (can be cultivated)]

[Divine Ability: 1/3 (cannot be obtained)]

He let out a long sigh of relief. Lifeblood, cultivation, and divine abilities were accumulated during normal chores. Planting spirit herbs, cleaning demons and beasts could help him increase them. He could wander around and pick up air bubbles to harvest these things. Sometimes he even found magical treasures and cultivation aids.

However, it wasn’t easy to accumulate lifeblood and cultivation to reach a hundred. It had taken him a few years to accumulate it to a hundred for a second time.

The first time it reached hundred, his body became tougher, and his cultivation increased from the third level to the eight level of the Lifeblood Refinement Realm.

Fortunately, he could digest it bit by bit, otherwise it would have been too noticeable. He went from being an outer disciple to an inner disciple because of this.

At the Cliff of Broken Hearts, he guarded the Spirit Herb Garden. It was convenient for him to walk to the sect from this place. Besides, he could raise his cultivation level faster here and didn’t need to pretend to be ordinary like everyone else.

The Devil sect…

If he was careless, he might be killed by his fellow disciples for entertainment. He might lose his innocence too. Yesterday was the proof of that.

Divine abilities were different from lifeblood and cultivation. Lifeblood and cultivation could be achieved when one reached the tenth level, while divine abilities required three fragments to obtain a complete ability.

So far, he had only obtained one divine ability. But he was proud of it. Baby steps were better than nothing at all. Besides, Nine Revolutions Death Substitution was a decent divine ability.

He returned to his room and stared at the sheets that were stained red. He sighed and decided to change the sheets and his clothes. These blood stains had probably saved him from death today.

“I don’t know who she is. I hope she isn’t from the Heavenly Note Sect,” he murmured. “Otherwise, if she is angry enough to kill me, I will be in trouble.”

He was ashamed that he couldn’t protect himself properly. He tidied his bedding and changed into clean clothes. He left his house and headed to the Spirit Herb Garden to tend to the emotion-severing grass.

He would try to break through the Foundation Establishment Stage tonight. His lifeblood and cultivation were already at their hundred, which was different from the conversion rate of ten.

‘I need to go to the library and find out what kind of pill that woman fed me,’ thought Jiang Hao. ‘I must be more vigilant. Her sudden appearance is out of the ordinary.’

The Heavenly Note Sect was among the top sects. It was strange of any other reputable sect going after him, but he had to be on his guard.