Pov Hades:

I was in a VIP room together with Master Zenos' wives, his sisters, his children, and his family.

It seems that there is a VIP room for each Religion and because the master is already a Demigod we were accepted as part of his Religion.

Everyone was watching the preliminaries that started today, the opening speech was brief leaving in a short time to read the rules, among these rules it seems that death during matches is allowed, worrying everyone until Lady Elizabeth told us about the Priests of Life and Death.

Of course, all of this was put aside when the fights started, but we were all focused on a specific arena, especially on one person who overwhelmingly defeated his enemies.

"Lady Elizabeth, could this person be?"(I)

"Who else would it be, besides her? Always doing what she wants..." (Elizabeth)


"Caitlyn you knew...nevermind."(Elizabeth)

"Zzzzzzz... Zzzzzzz..." (Caitlyn)

Miss Caitlyn literally made a bed materialize in the VIP room and has been sleeping since she entered, she doesn't seem to care about the tournament or its participants.action

"Should we tell Master Zenos?"(Haku)

"Just as we realized, he must know."(Cinthia)

"It looks like the second fight will be more difficult."(I)

"I don't think it will be difficult for her."(Diana)


"I wanted to participate too."(Ibuki)

"Best none of us participate, I thought we talked about this before, if we end up fighting in a match against my Father, it would be awkward to give up without a fight and it would be difficult for anyone to fight at full strength."(Vanessa)

Vanessa was right, many from the Dungeon wanted to participate in this Tournament, but everyone understood that we could harm Master Zenos' mission if we did that, which is why her participating attracted so much attention.


Pov Zenos:

"What is she doing there? Especially with that mask?"(I)

"Do you recognize anyone?"(Alan)

"Look carefully, you idiot, a mask isn't enough to hide it."(I)

"..." (Alan)

I was trying to watch some of the more exciting fights from the preliminaries to learn more about my future opponents, we discovered that it was possible to change the screens with our Aura, so Alan and I were watching while making some comments about our future opponents.

At least until I saw a silhouette that stole my gaze instantly, there was no way I could forget those curves, that way of moving without mercy, that manic smile at the first mention of a battle, and those fists, I've lost count of how many times that fist was the last thing I saw before I lost consciousness.

"Is that your sister?"(Alan)

"Yeah, I don't know who she was planning to fool with that mask."(I)

Her red hair was visible, and her way of acting the same as always, even without seeing her face, she has countless features that I can find, it doesn't even look like she's seriously trying to hide her identity, it looks more like she's just joking.

"(Let's leave it aside, the person I'm looking for isn't here with other chosen participants like me, so he must be among the participants in the first round of the preliminaries or he'll be in the audience.)" (I)


I decided to leave my sister aside, she is strong enough to advance in the tournament, so I will focus on finding the person I glimpsed in the shopping district.

Many within the Dungeon have traces of chaos energy, but this is my influence, so it goes unnoticed most of the time, but what I felt that day was different from my energy, it was more wild and aggressive, not to mention the Aura of Chaos. own person who was filled with murderous intent.

"(It's no use, I can't feel his Aura from here and I don't remember much about his characteristics to recognize him.)" (I)

No matter how much I looked, I couldn't find anything about him, Natasha has managed to get through her fights easily, someone like her is too strong to be in these preliminaries or that's what I would have said if I hadn't seen two Demigods fighting using their Divine Incarnations.

If this is the type of fight that will take place here, then my sister has a better chance of winning than me, I have never managed to defeat her, so I know her monstrous strength.


After the competition, I waited outside for Natasha only to be greeted with a punch and lots of complaining from her.

According to my sister, she wanted to have fun and wouldn't accept just me fighting, so she wanted to participate and said she would make sure to kick my ass if we ever met in combat.

With this type of conversation, I went to sleep with a headache because I had another opponent to worry about.

The next day we returned to the world arena, this time I didn't go to any special room, I was guided straight to the arena along with all the other tournament participants.

Yesterday the thousands of arenas where the qualifiers took place were made up of separate parts of the large arena where I am now, today the arena was whole again and with no traces of any of yesterday's battles.

This time I didn't see the Hero of the God of Justice anywhere, but I was next to my sister, she was wearing the mask once again and seemed to be enjoying herself, so I stopped talking about it.

In a short time, the stands were filled with people, but I wasn't paying attention to them but rather to a strange presence that I felt from afar, soon the Tournament organizer appeared again, taking a high position while his voice spread throughout the arena using his Aura. just like you did yesterday.

"[Ladies and Gentlemen, I welcome you to the second stage of the qualifiers!]" (Malakoi)As he was speaking the walls and stands were going higher until they were out of sight leaving only the arena here as hundreds of magic circles appeared in an area shining brightly.

"[The first thing you should know about this stage will be different from the previous one, there will be no combat between the participants!]" (Malakoi)


"[The second stage will be a hunt worth points, the hunting ground will be the entire world arena!]" (Malakoi)

"[Participants will have to hunt the creatures for 2 days and 2 nights before returning to that location where the points will be counted.]" (Malakoi)

"[Each creature defeated will earn points depending on its strength, but you will not know the value for each hunt until the end of this stage.]" (Malakoi)

"[I don't know if I was clear enough before, but only creatures hunted by you alone are worth points, and defeating other competitors is not worth any points.]" (Malakoi)

The rules were made to avoid fights between participants, they also don't seem to want us to form groups to hunt, they also didn't say how they were going to count the points, but they certainly have the means to observe us.

"[All participants around me can choose any magic circle on that side, as soon as they enter they will be teleported to a random place in the World Arena!]" (Malakoi)

"[Is everyone ready!?]" (Malakoi)

"[Let the contest begin!!]" (Malakoi)

I didn't waste time, I ran away as soon as I heard the buzzing, I wasn't going to lose mine for no reason and there was no point hunting with my sister, it would be more of a hindrance to each other's performance, better to work alone this time.

I jumped into the first magic circle I saw and felt space fold around me.


When I opened my eyes I was on a beach facing the ocean, it was a beautiful view and suddenly I saw a creature coming towards me.

I tried to throw a punch, but his claw was very hard and, as if he didn't care, he continued attacking without rest.

The creature looked like a deformed person, its arms were longer and its mouth was full of teeth, I recognized the Creature of the Abyss, its appearance may be different, but I remember that these things can change their bodies depending on what they eat.

I tried using many combat techniques while testing their sockets, but the more time passes, I can feel these things' way of fighting changing.

I couldn't understand these creatures.

"Let's get this over with, come on you..." (I)

This thing doesn't wash away from attacking, I don't know where its point is, but I know that weapons imbued with the power of death are its only weakness as far as I know.

Therefore I channeled the power of death into my blood before forcing it out of my body where I crystallized the blood into the shape of a sword.

With the sword in hand, I started cutting the limbs of the Creature of the Abyss, it didn't create or try to escape, its Aura was completely unmistakable, denying the surroundings with hatred.

I didn't have time to waste and because of that, if I cut off my head at once, I couldn't let any of those things live, I never told about those damn things.

"First this tournament involving Gods and now a stage like this has to deal with these creatures."(I)

Now I'm sure there is something more hidden in this whole matter, 4 Gods put in effort building this place, the type of participants being handed over in a battle.

All of this happening at the same time as the God of War made his own tournament.

"Let's see what I can do." (I)