Chapter 279 A chance to enter the ethereal Ascendant state

The boar started with a sigh and told Bia that the divine essence was not simple. It was extracted from his master body who reached the divine rank many years ago.

The essence was a brilliant treasure gifted to the winged boar who could never go beyond his talent. However, even after the boar reached the end of his talent and consumed the essence he was not able to step in the path of immortality. He failed his master who bore so much pain to squeeze out the essence from his divine body.

Sadness flashed through the boar's eyes as he thought about the past. He shook his head and continued.

'I was not able to benefit from the essence and it only increased my lifespan that's why master placed the remaining essence in this realm for the younger generation. After all, the essence could give them a chance to enter the ethereal Ascendant state!'

The boar's eyes shone with respect for his master because even though every divine being could extract the essence it was a very painful process and there was a chance they would lose a part of their strength that's why not many dared to extract the essence from their bodies.

Bia heard the boar silently. There was a lot she did not understand but when she heard about the 'ethereal Ascendant state' her eyes widened with shock because Kyle had told her about this before. She looked through her memory and recalled that the Ascendant state could only appear when a mortal reached (SSS)+Rank! It was the stage in which they would gain enlightenment from the universe and if they passed the stage they would shed mortality and step in a new path! action

In an instant, the atmosphere around her turned heavy and the boar voice turned solemn. 'The essence is a treasure but one had to reach the end of their mortal talent before consuming it because mortal bodies are too weak to home such a tremendous amount of energy. However, if they had reached the end of their potential there would be a blockage in their bodies. The divine essence would tear into that blockage and directly send them into the ethereal Ascendant state for a few minutes. Afterward, everything would be up to the consumer. They could either clear the milestone and receive enlightenment from the universe or if they failed just like me they could increase their lifespan.'

He paused for a few seconds and gazed at Bia. She was very focused and subconsciously lowered her guard.

'There is a reason I said that his body would explode. If the ones who consumed the divine essence don't have a blockage in their body their bodies would be filled to brim with too much energy. The essence would tear their veins and skin before making its way out.'

Bia sucked in a deep breath and snapped her head toward the shield. The boar hummed.

'I am not sure what's the matter with this kid. His body should have exploded after he consumed the essence but for some reason, it did not...'

His next sentence was so low that Bia was not able to hear.

'Instead, I think there is something within his body that is trying to consume the essence...'

The boar's eyes narrowed. There was another use of the divine essence. The ones who had already cleared the Ascendant state could consume it to increase their strength or to construct a new body for themselves. However, it was clear the kid was not strong because if he was there was no way he would be able to step into this realm due to the restrictions.

'This kid's body has something stronger than the divine essence. How strange. He is still a mortal but his body can hold such a strong power.'


The boar and the phoenix waited for a long time as they watched the shield. The area around them was bright due to the shimmering floating castle. Moreover, due to the enclosed space, they could not tell how much time passed. Bia felt hungry but the one who was supposed to feed her was still inside a shield. She grumbled and after observing that the boar did not have any plan to attack she decreased her size.

Meanwhile, a wisp of white fog seeped out from Kyle's mouth as he opened his eyes with a blank expression. His green eyes shone brightly and in the next second, the brightness gathered together to form a thin darkish emerald color circle around his irises. If before his eyes were pure green now with the darkish circle they looked deeper and unfathomable.

Kyle massaged his aching temples, his bones creaked with the slightest movement.

"The fuck..."

A curse escaped from his lips. It was so painful and due to the pain, he did not even notice when he lost consciousness. Still, in the sitting position, he narrowed his eyes at the bright shield around his body.

He gingerly reached out and touched the shield. In an instant, the whole shield shattered into tiny particles. The particles swirled around his body before they entered his body smoothly. He felt a tingling cold sensation around his body for a split second that would freeze a normal person to death.

Kyle blinked and stood up but because of his aching body, he staggered and dropped to his knees again.

A familiar voice echoed in his mind and he moved his eyes to look at Bia. However, all colors drained from his face when he saw a huge winged boar standing beside the tiny Bia.

He stuttered out with a dry laugh.

"Don't..tell me it's the floating fur ball?"

Bia gave him a nod and Kyle almost had the urge to go inside the shield again. However, he did not show anything on his face and turned to look at the boar.

"So you are not going to attack us?"

To his surprise instead of the boar, Bia replied with a tinge of respect as she flew toward him.

-'Don't worry Haylee said he would not attack. He only followed us because he was bored after staying in a single place for a long time.'