Chapter 1839: Shy

When Lu Qi heard Qiao Nian’s words, she touched her nose in embarrassment. Previously, she had studied Western medicine. During this period of time, she had studied Chinese medicine with Qin Chuan, and recently, she had also learned to take pulses. Hence, she began to take the pulses of people whenever she saw them. This time, she also wanted to take Sister Song Yu’s pulse. “I’m learning to take pulses now, so I tried to take Sister Song Yu t s pulse.”

Qiao Nian recalled that her brother had said yesterday that Song Yu wasn’t in good health. At that time, her brother had looked very worried about Song Yu, so she asked, “Howe s her pulse?”

Qiao Nian asked this because she wanted to understand Lu Qi’s talent in medicine.

Hearing Qiao Nian’s question, Lu Qi frowned slightly and lowered her head dejectedly. “Previously, when I took the pulses of my classmates in school, I could basically tell their condition. After they saw a doctor if there were any problems and returned to school, they would say my pulse taking ability was strong. I could tell all their small health problems.”

Lu Qi heaved a sigh of relief and frowned. “But Sister Song Yu’s pulse looks very normal. I can’t find out the reason at all. Sigh…”

She really wanted to help Sister Song Yu. Sister Song Yu was a celebrity and often filmed outside. It was said that she could stay up all night during filming.

A thought flashed across Lu Qi’s mind. She looked at Qiao Nian hopefully and said with a smile, “Sister, your medical skills are so good. Take a look at Sister Song Yu. If you treat her, you’ll definitely know what her illness is immediately.”

When Qiao Nian heard Lu Qi’s words, she smiled and nodded.

Although there seemed to be a conflict between Second Brother and Song Yu, Song Yu seemed to not be bad, especially when Song Yu had reminded her in a daze to be careful of her children being kidnapped. No matter what, she owed Song Yu a favor.

Qiao Nian thought that if she could treat Song Yu’s illness this time, she would be returning the favor.

Although Song Yu was also her family, she had always been estranged from her.

“Then let’s go.” Qiao Nian smiled.

The two of them walked towards Song Yu e s room. Song Yu lived in another

district of the villa. After turning a corner, they arrived at the door of Song Yu’s room.

Lu Qi knocked on the door and called out, “Sister Song Yu, open the door!” However, there was no movement from behind the door.


Lu Qi subconsciously turned the handle and pushed the door open to take a look. The room was empty. Only then did she look at Qiao Nian and say, “Sister Song Yu seems to have gone out. She did say just now that she wanted to film or something.”

Qiao Nian looked at Lu Qi’s confused expression and reached out to scratch her little nose. She led Lu Qi towards the three children’s room. “You seem to be confused.’

“Yes.” Lu Qi smiled in embarrassment.

Qiao Nian looked at the dark circles under Lu Qi’s eyes and teased, “She’s not the only one in our family who can’t sleep well. Could it be that you can’t sleep well too?”

“I didn’t…” Lu Qi still wanted to refute, but when she met Qiao Nian’s gaze, she immediately cowered. Her sisters gaze seemed to be able to see through her thoughts, making her a little at a loss.historical

It seemed that there was no way to hide some things from her sister.

Lu Qi’s face turned slightly red. She stammered, “Actually, L.. I couldn’t stop thinking of something yesterday. I was thinking about it, so I didn’t sleep well.

Seeing Lu Qi’s shy expression, a trace of a smile flashed in Qiao Nian’s eyes.

She asked softly, “Are you thinking about Old Qin?”

Her words instantly made Lu Qi turn red like a cooked prawn.

Lu Qi glanced around. Seeing that there was no one around, she pulled Qiao Nian to the balcony and said softly, “Sister, I don’t understand something.” “Don’t understand what?” Qiao Nian asked.

“What Senior Brother is thinking?” Lu Qi said with a frown and a vexed expression. “I can’t figure out his thoughts, and he doesn’t seem to play by the rules at all.’

“Why don’t you be more specific? I’ll help you analyze it.” Qiao Nian smiled at Lu Qi and crossed her arms..