Chapter 572 Monsters, Inc.  

Nova having returned to her previous calm deminer remained standing behind Aron observing what he was typing. Currently Aron was writing the instruction set of the runic CPU’s he was soon to create.

The silence in the room continued for a few hours before he was done evidenced by him reclining back and stretching himself just like during his first time.

“Okay let’s look for a programming language befitting of the CPU” he said as he opened the system shop and without wasting too much time he filtered through all of the programming languages leaving behind rune specific language before he bought the best doing the same as when he had bought Prometheus++ without even wasting a moment as it only costed a few millions and not the billions price tag he was spending when he was buying civilization defining technologies as he wanted to always use the best and most optimised programming language to remove the need for later updates when a better language is required which was going to be costly and time consuming on the empires side.

Due to the size of the knowledge and the advance of his brain he didn’t have to event enter coma as he assimilated with the language for a short moment before it was done with him feeling nothing but a mild headache that came and went for a short moment.

“Now let’s create the CPU shall we” he said as he brushed his hands with each other before they moved to one of the machines in the lab, it was the atomic printers.

He took control of the machine as he started the creation process, he started by creating a three-atom thick but large circular wafer using the most mana conductive material available in the solar system.


The moment the creation of the wafer was done it was immediately bombarded with concentrated amount of mana with the material being created with a structure made with the specific mission of trapping mana from the inside with the structure of atoms acting as one way gate to make sure it gains the mana prefix in a short period of time and not lose it.

It only took half an hour before the material gained the prefix which Aron immediately restarted the printing process this time for it to close the so-called atomic lead sealing the mana at the centre of the material.

“Okay start the etching process.” The moment he said that Nova took over and started the printers runic imprinting function to start the rune etching process.

Twenty minutes is all it took for the etching process to take place in etching billions upon billions of runic words that acts as the runic switches, something that usually took hundreds of runic scribes to accomplish in months, yet it was impossible for them to create them in such size and at such high quality.

Nova immediately started the process of cutting the wafer into different parts for different purposes before she immediately created the complete chips together with ram and memory all from part of the same wafer but with each of them being uploaded the different instruction sets for their expected tasks that Aron had spent hours creating.

With the creation of them now completed she just materialised the rest of the needed components and there it was, humanity’s fast magical or either runic computer siting on the table silently waiting for Aron to test it.


Aron with excitement still on his face moved at alight speed to the seat as he couldn’t wait any longer to test the computer if it has reached the standard that was in the knowledge he bought.

He immediately powered it on allowing the computer to take in the electricity that was coming from the wall going through the computers power brick that immediately converted it to mana before it was sent to all the components of the computer and immediately completing the powering up process.

The operating system that was embedded together with the instruction set came to life and the screen came to life showing the logo of GAIA technologies something that Aron had never forgotten to put.

“Let’s see how it function” he said as he selected one of the many apps that Nova had already converted to runic language making them capable of running on this computer to test the speed .

After fiddling with the app paired together with him having already gotten used to the speed of the quantum computer he wasn’t really impressed by speed since it was about the same albeit a bit faster on single threaded operations. “But can it run doom……”


A week later.

Aron could be seen sitting on the same table this time there was another computer on the other side with the exterior looking like wood indicating that it was either a wood cover or it was the biological computer with those who guessed the second being right.

He had spent more than a week in his private simulation time creating and testing the different iterations of the two technologies he had bought and currently he was quite satisfied with what he had accomplished.

“When it comes to RAM QRAM is the fastest as for CPU for single threaded operations the runic computer is the fastest and multithreaded operation nothing beats quantum computing and when it comes to high density storage biological computer is unbeaten” he said having came to the conclusion after spending the entire week testing all of the new computers to the limit.

“Instruct the lab city to start the integration of all the technologies into creating a single computing system that encompasses all of the benefit of these tech without the weaknesses, they will be the flagship computers for imperial operations since it is difficult to hack three different systems than one plus it in the possibility that we are met with a tier2 civilization that are advance in one of these computing technologies we will be able to at least put a fight against them with the other two” Aron ordered deciding the direction of research the empire was going to be taking regarding this technological aspect.

Something that might save the empire in the future. fr(e)ewebn(o)vel

“As for me I should start creating the other two pieces of my puzzle.” He said as he returned to his main computer and started coding this time too using the runic language since he had already finished the quantum side of creation he was planning on finishing the creatin of the runic and biological side of his puzzle in the remaining time as he waited for the advancements of the nanomachines side of things for all of the three technologies he bought.

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