In the month of December, Napoleon's health condition began to worsen. Lying on his bed, he was surrounded by his sons and daughters, and his wife, Ciela.

They were all looking at him, teary-eyed. Ciela grabbed his hands, squeezing it gently on hers.

"Napoleon…" Ciela sobbed.

"Cie…la," Napoleon said weakly before glancing at his children, Francis, Aveline, Tristan, and Daphne. They all have a somber look as it pained their heart to see their father struggling.

Not only was his relatives present, but his Marshals such as Lannes, Murat, Ney, Berthier, and Davout were also there, standing solemnly at the foot of the bed. Each of them wore expressions of deep respect and sadness, their eyes reflecting the years of battles fought and victories won under Napoleon's command.

The room was filled with a heavy silence, broken only by the occasional sob and the labored breathing of the once-great Emperor. The air was thick with the sense of an impending end, a moment that they all dreaded yet knew was unavoidable.

Napoleon, gathering what little strength he had, looked at each of his marshals. "My faithful companions," he began, his voice barely above a whisper. "You have served me and the Empire with unwavering loyalty. Our journeys together... they will forever be etched in the annals of history."


Lannes stepped forward, his eyes glistening with unshed tears. "Sire, it has been our greatest honor to serve under your command. Your legacy will live on through the ages," he said.

Murat, always flamboyant yet fiercely loyal, added, "Your vision, Sire, transformed not just France but the world. We are forever indebted to your leadership."

Ney, often called the bravest of the brave, remained silent, his stoic demeanor a stark contrast to the sadness in his eyes. His presence alone spoke volumes of his respect and devotion to Napoleon.magic

Davout, always the strategist, nodded in agreement with his fellow marshals, his usually stern face softened by the situation.

Napoleon turned his gaze back to his family. Francis, who was set to inherit the throne, looked particularly burdened by the weight of the future. Napoleon reached out a trembling hand to him. "Francis, the Empire... I entrust it to your care. Lead with wisdom... and courage."

Francis knelt beside the bed, taking his father's hand. "I will, Father. I promise to uphold your legacy and lead our Empire to greater heights," he said, his voice firm despite the clear emotion in his eyes.Aveline, Tristan, and Daphne each took turns holding their father's hand, exchanging silent promises and heartfelt words. Ciela, ever the devoted wife, remained close, her presence a source of comfort to Napoleon in his final hours.


He glanced once more at his marshals. "I'll leave Francis to you for guidance and support," Napoleon said, his voice growing fainter. "Help him as you have helped me."

The marshals nodded solemnly, understanding the gravity of his request. Berthier, always a man of few words, spoke up, "Your legacy and your family will always have our loyalty, Sire. We will stand by Francis in the days to come."

Napoleon gave a weak nod, his eyes closing slowly as he settled back into the pillows. His breathing was shallow, each breath seeming to take more effort than the last. Ciela continued to hold his hand, her other hand gently stroking his forehead.

The room remained quiet, save for the soft sound of a fire crackling in the fireplace and the distant tolling of a church bell. Outside, the snow continued to fall, blanketing the palace grounds in a serene whiteness.

"Can you leave us for a moment?" Ciela requested to the marshals and her children. They understood her desire for a private moment with Napoleon and quietly filed out of the room, leaving the couple alone.

Ciela leaned closer to Napoleon, tears streaming down her face. She whispered softly, "Napoleon, my love, you have been everything to me and to our children."

Napoleon opened his eyes slightly and gave a weak but affectionate smile. "Ciela, my queen, you have been my strength," he murmured. His voice was frail, but the warmth in his words was unmistakable.

They remained in silence for a few moments, Ciela holding his hand tightly, cherishing these last moments with her husband. Napoleon's breathing became more labored, and it was clear that these were his final moments.

"I will always love you," Ciela whispered, her voice breaking with emotion.lights

Napoleon tried to speak, but only managed a faint nod. His eyes conveyed his feelings more than words ever could. After a few more breaths, his hand went limp in hers.

Ciela sat there, holding onto him, her tears falling silently. She stayed by his side, lost in her grief and memories of their life together. After some time had passed, she finally called the family and marshals back into the room.

lightsΝοvel They entered quietly, instantly sensing the change. Francis, Aveline, Tristan, and Daphne gathered around the bed, their faces stricken with grief. The marshals stood respectfully at a distance, their heads bowed.

Ciela stood up, her composure remarkable despite her evident sorrow. "He has passed," she announced softly.

A collective sigh of grief filled the room. Francis stepped forward, taking a moment to look at his father before turning to the others. "We must prepare for the announcement to the Empire and the funeral arrangements. The whole empire should mourn the loss of a great leader," Francis stated.

His siblings, especially the girls, burst out in tears, hugging one another. Tristan on the other hand, simply stood there, still not coming to understand with reality that his father died.


Meanwhile, in the celestial realm. Napoleon found himself surrounded with the same scene during his first encounter with the Goddess of Fate, Ciel.

"So, how was it?" A familiar voice echoed, and Napoleon turned around to face Ciel, who was smiling warmly at him.

"I didn't expect to die so early," Napoleon commented. "I thought I would be able to outlive the original Napoleon, turns out I was only two years ahead of him."

Ciel nodded, her expression understanding. "Life is unpredictable, even for someone like you, Napoleon. But you've left a significant mark on the world, which is something."

Napoleon sighed, looking thoughtful. "I did what I could for France, for my family. Yet, there's always a feeling that there was more to be done."

"That's the nature of life and leadership," Ciel replied. "No matter how much one achieves, there's always the question of what more could have been done. But remember, the legacy you've left behind is not just in what you did, but also in the people you influenced and the family you raised."

Napoleon looked at her, a sense of realization dawning on him. "You're right. I suppose it's time for me to let go and trust them to carry on."

Ciel smiled. "Exactly. Now. I'll give you two choices. To die peacefully or to be reborn once again with your memories intact but your blessing lost?"

Napoleon took a deep breath, a sense of peace settling over him. "I think I'm done. I have lived a very fulfilling life."

"Very well, I shall respect that wish."

"But I do have one request," Napoleon said.

"What is it?"

"I want to see how the French Empire progresses with my son at the helm," Napoleon revealed.

"I see…in that case allow me to show you a glimpse of the future—"

With a flick of her hand, a globe materialized in front of Napoleon, glowing brightly. There he saw the French Empire with Francis leading it.