Chapter 3752: God of the Universe (Finale I)  

Suppressing the excitement in his heart, Huang Xiaolong summoned the nameless devil mirror. The moment his nameless devil mirror flew out and came near to the Devil Mirror Palace’s devil mirror, it emitted the same light as if it was a resonance, a signal, a reunion of a family.

As expected!

This sight further proved Huang Xiaolong’s conjecture.

Huang Xiaolong no longer hesitated and circulated the Universe Transformation Art to control the nameless devil mirror to assimilate with the Devil Mirror Palace’s devil mirror. Time was crucial at the moment. The Black Nether King, Yuan Fang, and the others would reach the inner hall in a few days. Therefore, this was the best and fastest method Huang Xiaolong could think of to take away the Devil Mirror Palace’s devil mirror. As long as he could take it away, he could take his time to comprehend the esoterics and laws within.

Supported by Huang Xiaolong’s Universe Transformation Art, the nameless devil mirror emitted dazzling rays of light, and these rays fell on the Devil Mirror Palace’s devil mirror-like sea waves, entering the big devil mirror. The Devil Mirror Palace’s devil mirror did not reject the nameless devil mirror’s rays of light, absorbing all of them.

Seeing things go smoothly, Huang Xiaolong breathed in relief.


As long as the Devil Mirror Palace’s devil mirror did not reject his nameless devil mirror’s energy, then it significantly increased the chances of assimilating the two mirrors.

Even so, Huang Xiaolong didn’t dare to relax even for a moment, and he was fully focused on the assimilation speed and progress between the mirrors.

A day passed.

There didn’t seem to be any changes to the Devil Mirror Palace’s devil mirror, just like a bottomless abyss that continued to devour his nameless devil mirror’s energy and light. Huang Xiaolong could feel the Devil Mirror Palace attempting to swallow his nameless devil mirror into itself!

Two days went by.

There still weren't any visible changes in the Devil Mirror Palace’s devil mirror.


Soon, the third day passed.

Finally, the Devil Mirror Palace’s devil mirror emitted a different light that tried to stop the nameless devil mirror’s light and energy from penetrating into it further. Huang Xiaolong frowned when he noticed this. If this continued, he wouldn’t be able to take away the Devil Mirror Palace’s devil mirror even if another three days passed. By that time, the Black Nether King and the others would have reached the inner hall.

Huang Xiaolong took out the devil mirror fragment to test a new idea.

Despite spending almost a hundred thousand years comprehending the devil mirror fragment, Huang Xiaolong couldn’t say he had thoroughly comprehended its contents. Hence, he didn’t plan to take it out originally.

The devil mirror fragment immediately floated towards the Devil Mirror Palace’s devil mirror. The Devil Mirror Palace’s devil mirror hummed in protest, and emitted a burst of blinding light, startling Huang Xiaolong.

All of a sudden, a powerful suction force came from the Devil Mirror Palace’s devil mirror and it devoured Huang Xiaolong’s devil mirror fragment in the blink of an eye!

Watching the devil mirror fragment being swallowed by the Devil Mirror Palace’s devil mirror palace, Huang Xiaolong froze on the spot. He was utterly blindsided. As Huang Xiaolong tried to sense the situation, the devil mirror fragment was indeed swallowed by the Devil Mirror Palace’s devil mirror!

The shock receded quickly, and Huang Xiaolong calmed down. Although he had not thoroughly comprehended the devil mirror fragment, there was his soul mark on that piece of devil mirror fragment. In that case, he would attack both internally and externally. While the nameless devil mirror assimilated with the Devil Mirror Palace from outside, he could use his soul mark on the devil mirror fragment to attack the Devil Mirror Palace’s devil mirror on the inside!

Having figured out his action plan, Huang Xiaolong executed his plan. As he estimated, the result was better than he had expected. In a short half an hour, the Devil Mirror Palace’s devil mirror’s resistance was largely reduced.

Half a day later, the Devil Mirror Palace’s devil mirror had almost lost all power to resist!

Huang Xiaolong was delighted and accelerated the process.

Another day passed, and the light coming off the Devil Mirror Palace’s devil mirror had become gentle.

At this rate, in a few hours, Huang Xiaolong would be able to fully assimilate the Devil Mirror Palace’s devil mirror.

Even so, Huang Xiaolong didn’t dare to relax.

Another half a day went by.

Huang Xiaolong paid close attention to the changes in the Devil Mirror Palace’s devil mirror, and it had reached the most crucial stage of assimilation, but he already detected that the Black Nether King and Yuan Fang were rapidly closing in on him.

He detected the Black Nether King’s darkness energy and frigid yin energy.

However, Huang Xiaolong had added some roadblocks along the path to the inner hall when he entered, these formations probably could delay Black Nether King and Yuan Fang for half an hour.

Half an hour!

Therefore, Huang Xiaolong only had half an hour to make a safe exit.

If he couldn’t finish the assimilation process within half an hour before Black Nether King and Yuan Fang arrived, his progress would be interrupted, and the second attempt would be more difficult.

However, Huang Xiaolong knew very well that it was in these kinds of pressing crucial moments that one couldn’t lose their calm, thus his mind became clearer and calmer instead.

Half an hour later.

Two overwhelming auras arrived with world-shaking momentums.

Naturally, these two were Black Nether King and Yuan Fang. When they arrived and saw Huang Xiaolong’s nameless devil mirror, it immediately rang an alarm in their heads.action

“Huang Xiaolong, you want to take away the devil mirror… Don’t dream of it!” Black Nether King snorted coldly as his palm struck at Huang Xiaolong. Sky-high waves of darkness energy and frigid yin energy slammed towards Huang Xiaolong.

Yuan Fang took out something that resembled a squarish item that looked like a cube and began attacking Huang Xiaolong. This magic cube was the Origin Universe’s universe treasure, comparable to the Universe Boat.

The magic cube emitted colorful dazzling lights that shone on Huang Xiaolong in an instant.

Facing the double attacks from Black Nether King and Yuan Fang, the Universe Boat flew out from Huang Xiaolong’s body and fended off Yuan Fang’s magic cube attack. At the same time, the Star Dragon Divine Tree appeared above Huang Xiaolong’s head. Its branches lowered, spewing robust star dragon qi, which created a protective barrier around Huang Xiaolong. The Four Origin Divine Fires also protected Huang Xiaolong’s four directions.

The Golden Sun Circlets, Blade of Death, Three Gods Halberd, Yin Yang Flame Wheel, Crow Devil Spear, Ghost Staff, and other universe treasures all flew out while Huang Xiaolong continued with the process of taking away the Devil Mirror Palace’s devil mirror.

Black Nether King’s palm force knocked the Golden Sun Circlets, Blade of Death, Three Gods Halberd, Yin Yang Flame Wheel, Crow Devil Spear, Ghost Staff, and other universe treasures out of the way one after another.

Even so, Black Nether King’s palm force bulldozed forward, until it collided with the Four Origin Divine Fires’ sea of fires. Shockingly, the Four Origin Divine Fires’ sea of fires were actually frozen!

The Four Origin Divine Fires were the bane to darkness and frigid coldness, but now, they were actually frozen by the Black Nether King’s power of darkness and frigid cold energy!

Black Nether King’s palm force hit on the star dragon boundary created by Star Dragon Divine Tree. The star dragon power scattered and the star dragon boundary shattered!

Black Nether King watched with a grim face.

After Black Nether King’s palm force shattered the Star Dragon Divine Tree’s protective boundary, Yuan Fang’s magic cube collided with the Universe Boat. A thunderous explosion ensued. The Universe Boat was knocked out of the way, and the magic cube shot towards Huang Xiaolong. As Huang Xiaolong was trying to take away the Devil Mirror Palace’s devil mirror, he merely allotted one-tenth of his strength to the Universe Boat, which was why the Universe Boat failed to block the magic cube.

Seeing that Black Nether King’s attack and Yuan Fang’s magic cube were about to land a blow on Huang Xiaolong, Huang Xiaolong’s body suddenly emitted dazzling light as thirteen images appeared around him. Black Nether King and Yuan Fang’s attacks all fell on these thirteen images.


Heaven and earth shook.

The shock waves from Black Nether King and Yuan Fang’s attacks shattered numerous dimensions within the Devil Mirror Palace’s inner hall.

The thirteen images’ light also dimmed considerably, and the collision caused a certain degree of internal injury to Huang Xiaolong, and blood trickled down the corner of his mouth.

This was the first time Huang Xiaolong suffered injury since his battle against the Heaven Devouring King in the Unknown Space.

Black Nether King and Yuan Fang stared at the thirteen images of universes around Huang Xiaolong in astonishment.

Both of them had a good understanding of their own strengths, and their attacks just now could have shattered anything in the universe, yet both of their attacks were blocked by those thirteen images.

“These are?!” Black Nether King was genuinely shocked looking at the esoterics and laws within the thirteen universes’ images.

Right at this moment, the Taiji symbol altar shook, and the Devil Mirror Palace’s devil mirror fell straight into Huang Xiaolong’s palm.

Huang Xiaolong was overjoyed, as he had finally succeeded in obtaining the Devil Mirror Palace’s devil mirror!

Without wasting any time, Huang Xiaolong put away the namessles devil mirror and the Devil Mirror Palace’s devil mirror into his body.

Seeing this, Black Nether King and Yuan Fang tacitly made their moves, one from the front and one from the back, pinching Huang Xiaolong in the middle.

“Huang Xiaolong, hand over the devil mirror!” Yuan Fang demanded with an unsightly expression as he extended his palm, “Hand over the small devil mirror as well, you won’t be able to escape today!”

Never in his wildest imagination did it occur to him that Huang Xiaolong would be able to take away the Devil Mirror Palace’s devil mirror!

The Devil Mirror Palace had appeared many times before, and he had tried many methods to take away the devil mirror without any success.

What’s with Huang Xiaolong’s small devil mirror? In the universe, is there a set of big and small devil mirrors?

Black Nether King did not speak, he was entirely enshrouded in darkness, but it did not diminish the coldness of his gaze on Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong let out a sarcastic sneer at Black Nether King and Yuan Fang, “Black Nether King, Yuan Fang, the Origin Universe’s devil mirror is in my hands now. It’s already a certainty that I will break through to Universe God Realm after comprehending the devil mirror. If you two submit to me now, I won’t treat you badly after my advancement, however, if you block my path, you two will absolutely die once I break through to Universe God!”

Yuan Fang was too stunned to react for a second, then erupted into hysterical laughter, “Huang Xiaolong, you sure can talk big. So what if you’ve got the Origin Universe’s devil mirror? Do you really think you can break through to Universe God Realm? The universe has existed for countless eras, but no one has ever crossed that step and successfully broken through to Universe God Realm. That is because it’s simply impossible!”

“Stop daydreaming!” Yuan Fang mocked.

Enshrouded in the darkness, Black Nether King stated in a flat tone, “Hand over the devil mirror, or die!”

Huang Xiaolong roared with laughter, “In that case, fight!”

Even if Black Nether King and Yuan Fang joined hands, what did he have to fear?


Huang Xiaolong recalled the Universe Boat and blocked off Yuan Fang’s attack, and Yuan Fang’s magic cube rammed forward instead of retreating.


The Universe Boat and magic cube once again collided, this time, Yuan Fang’s magic cube was knocked away and Yuan Fang himself staggered quite a distance from the impact.

Although Yuan Fang was hailed as the Origin Universe’s number one expert, his comprehension towards the thirteen universes’ esoterics and laws was a little lacking compared to Huang Xiaolong.

A wave of terrifying energy suddenly loomed behind Huang Xiaolong’s back but Huang Xiaolong didn’t even give it a look, and he merely sent a palm strike to the back.


Huang Xiaolong and Black Nether King’s palms met head-on in the air.

A wave of extreme frigid coldness drilled into Huang Xiaolong’s body through his palm, spreading to other parts rapidly.

Huang Xiaolong was taken aback, and quickly circulated his three worlds’ cosmos energy, yet he failed to expel the frigid coldness out of his body. He had never encountered such overbearing and frightening frigid coldness. No wonder the Four Origin Divine Fires were frozen.

Black Nether King’s true body had always been a mystery for no one had ever seen his true body.

Black Nether King’s second attack arrived while Huang Xiaolong was still in shock, in a ball of black light, resembling a falling black meteor that crashed straight on Huang Xiaolong.

Even before the second attack arrived, terrifying darkness energy, and frigid coldness had frozen Huang Xiaolong’s immediate space.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t dare to be careless, and he circulated the Universe Transformation Art. The thirteen universe images reappeared, and at the same time, he held the Crow Devil Spear in his left hand, and the Universe Boat in his right. He attacked the Black Nether King simultaneously with both the weapons.

Seizing this window, Yuan Fang’s magic cube made a sneak attack on Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong, Black Nether King, and Yuan Fang’s intense battle caused a great deal of damage to the surrounding space, even the Taiji symbol altar hummed incessantly due to the three people’s destructive force.Other than the altar, everything else within the inner hall was reduced to chaotic space, shattering into nothingness.

As the battle between the three intensified, a monstrous cosmic storm of darkness energy and light of nothingness rampaged. At any other time, any one of these elements could easily reap the life of an expert of twenty billion mark.

Old Man Fortune, Lord of Ghost Desert, Buddha Sage Human Emperor, and other experts above twenty-billion mark battle strength still had not made it into the inner hall, yet they could feel the violent energy fluctuations from billions of miles away.

The Lord of Ghost Desert, Buddha Sage Human Emperor, and others’ faces turned white as ghosts at the magnitude of the destructive power.

Even Old Man Fortune’s expression had never been so solemn.

The weakest one amongst these people, Heaven Sage Human Emperor looked deathly pale as he asked feebly, “Are we heading there?” He had barely asked out the question, when he saw Old Man Fortune float silently in the direction where Huang Xiaolong, Black Nether King, and Yuan Fang were.

Seeing this, Buddha Sage Human Emperor took a deep breath and said, “With all of us joining hands, what’s there to be afraid of, go!”

He acted first and floated towards Huang Xiaolong’s direction, and the other seven Human Emperors followed, including the Heaven Sage Human Emperor, albeit reluctantly.

When Buddha Sage Human Emperor and others got close, all of them sucked in a breath of cold air watching Huang Xiaolong, Black Nether King, and Yuan Fang’s battle. There was no longer sky or land in their battlefield, only nothingness. Nothing remained under Huang Xiaolong, Black Nether King, and Yuan Fang’s overwhelming destructive powers.

“Where’s the devil mirror?!” someone suddenly asked out loud.

The one who spoke was an expert called Lucid Emperor, the old ancestor of the Illuminate Race of Origin Universe. He was one of the Origin Universe’s top ten experts, with battle strength at twenty-nine billion mark.

Being reminded by the Lucid Emperor’s question, the others immediately noticed that the Devil Mirror Palace’s devil mirror was gone.

“Huang Xiaolong has taken away the devil mirror. Everyone, come, kill Huang Xiaolong!”

While everyone was looking around suspiciously, Yuan Fang in the far distance suddenly yelled towards them.

Yuan Fang’s words raised a tsunami of furor, shocking all the experts who finally reached the inner hall. In an instant, all eyes were fixed on Huang Xiaolong.

Old Man Fortune blurred into a flicker, and started attacking Huang Xiaolong without a word.

Seeing this, other experts exchanged a glance, and all of them swarmed into the fray, bombarding attacks on Huang Xiaolong.

Even though Huang Xiaolong had three worlds, 29.9 billion mark battle strength, and comprehended the thirteen universes’ esoterics and laws, being besieging by a group of powerful experts consisting of Black Nether King, Yuan Fang, Old Man Fortune, and others, made him fall into a disadvantage.

In the end, Huang Xiaolong had to retreat as he battled, deeper into the Devil Mirror Palace’s inner hall.

This battle went on for several months.

In these several months, Black Nether King, Yuan Fang, Old Man Fortune, and a dozen other experts persistently dogged Huang Xiaolong. If it wasn’t for the thirteen universes’ images to protect him, his physical body would have been destroyed by now. Even so, Huang Xiaolong suffered heavy injuries. Then again, Huang Xiaolong also burst the bodies of twenty-plus experts who had been chasing after him, and one of them was the Heaven Sage Human Emperor.

Currently, only experts with twenty-nine billion mark battle strength remained standing.

This battle could only be described as tragic.

“Huang Xiaolong, you won’t be able to escape in front is the Devil Mirror Palace’s Devil Light Region! Even I won’t be able to last one hour inside the Devil Light Region!” Yuan Fang said as he pointed at Huang Xiaolong’s back and mocked coldly.

Behind Huang Xiaolong were beams of devil lights booming down from the void. They were thick as an adult’s arm and looked like a single-colored rainbow hanging from above.

Although Huang Xiaolong had not crossed over to the Devil Light Region, his gut was already screaming danger. Clearly, what Yuan Fang had said was the truth.

“Huang Xiaolong, there’s no place for you to retreat anymore, hand out the big and small devil mirrors. As long as you hand them out, I can guarantee that you’ll leave safely!” Black Nether King's cold, gloomy voice sounded.

Huang Xiaolong merely snorted, then he turned around and leaped into the Devil Light Region.

His figure soon disappeared from sight in the depths of the Devil Light Region.

It was already too late for Yuan Fang to stop Huang Xiaolong when he realized Huang Xiaolong was leaping into the Devil Light Region. In a hurry, he also entered the Devil Light Region but it wasn’t long before he exited in a sorry state.

Black Nether King also entered and came out a short while later.

Old Man Fortune didn’t fare any better than the two.

“D*mn it!” Yuan Fang cursed angrily under his breath.

The devil mirror was on Huang Xiaolong’s body, and now that Huang Xiaolong had entered the Devil Light Region, it meant that the devil mirror would be left inside the Devil Light Region, and no one would be able to get the devil mirror anymore!

Old Man Fortune’s expression was just as ugly. He had traversed countless spatial dimensions and triumphed over various obstacles to arrive at the Origin Universe, all for finding a chance to break through to Universe God Realm but, now, the path of advancement was broken off by Huang Xiaolong.

“Huang Xiaolong, you d*mn b*stard!” Old Man Fortune couldn’t help bellowing to vent his frustration and anger.

Black Nether King did not utter a sound, except for staring at the spot where Huang Xiaolong disappeared with an icy gaze.

On the other hand, Buddha Sage Human Emperor was inwardly relieved seeing Huang Xiaolong disappear into the Devil Light Region.

Even so, no one left immediately, but they stayed and waited outside. A day later, the Buddha Sage Human Emperor said to the other Human Emperors, “A day has passed, so Huang Xiaolong’s definitely died inside. Let’s go.”

There were many other treasures inside the Devil Mirror Palace after all, they couldn’t be guarding there the whole time. Every time the Devil Mirror Palace appeared, it was only for several years. After several years, it would return to the bottom of the gorge, therefore, they needed to seize the time to look for as many treasures as possible.

As the group of eight Human Emperors left, the Lucid Emperor and others also left soon after.

In the end, only Black Nether King, Yuan Fang, Old Man Fortune, and Lord of Ghost Desert stayed behind.

When another day passed, Old Man Fortune and Lord of Ghost Desert also gave up.

Until four days later, Yuan Fang said to Black Nether King, “Huang Xiaolong must be dead inside. Waiting here anymore is useless, Huang Xiaolong won’t show up anymore.” With that said, he left rapidly.

But Black Nether King waited another two days before he finally gave up and left.

On the other side, Huang Xiaolong who was forced to enter the Devil Light Region, was subjected to pressure akin to great mountains coming at him from all around. Huang Xiaolong quickly circulated the Universe Transformation Art, and the thirteen universes images appeared. In the beginning, the thirteen universes' images did reduce the devil light beams’ pressure, but as time passed, the thirteen universes’ images began to float unsteadily.

These devil light beams’ destructive power had far exceeded Huang Xiaolong’s estimation. Every beam of devil light’s destructive power was comparable to a combined attack from Black Nether King and Yuan Fang.

Just imagine, what would happen to Huang Xiaolong under endless barrage from Black Nether King and Yuan Fang’s combined attacks?

But just as Huang Xiaolong considered leaving the place, suddenly, an alarming and powerful devouring force swallowed Huang Xiaolong into its depths.

By the time Huang Xiaolong reacted, he realized he had arrived in a world of light.

Everywhere he looked was light, there was nothing else.

All around was hazy light, and this scene reminded him when he passed through the Light Waterfall to reach Origin Universe. The difference was that the light in this place was a gentle kind of light. Huang Xiaolong found the light here contained unbelievable vitality and power of life.

It gave him the feeling as if the Origin Universe was born from here…!

Huang Xiaolong tried to fly out of the place, but no matter which direction he flew, he was unable to reach the edge.

In the end, Huang Xiaolong stopped. Since he couldn’t leave this place, he decided to comprehend the Devil Mirror Palace’s devil mirror. As long as he successfully comprehended the Origin Universe’s esoterics and laws within the Devil Mirror Palace’s devil mirror, he would be able to break through to Universe God Realm, and then he could figure out how to get out of this place.

Thus, Huang Xiaolong found a comfortable spot and sat cross-legged and took out both the Devil Mirror Palace’s devil mirror and his own nameless devil mirror, and began to focus on comprehending them.


Several years went by in the blink of an eye.

Experts that entered the Devil Mirror Palace all rushed out when the time was up, and the Devil Mirror Palace once again returned to the bottom of the Golden Gorge.

Black Nether King, Yuan Fang, Old Man Fortune, Lord of Ghost Desert, Buddha Sage Human Emperor, and the others watched the Devil Mirror Palace descend into the Golden Gorge and disappear from their sights.

“Even if Huang Xiaolong survived inside the Devil Light Region, he’s bound to lose his life at the bottom of the Golden Gorge, no one could come out alive from the bottom of the Golden Gorge!” Yuan Fang said with absolute certainty before he turned and left.

Other experts also left, either alone or with their companions.

The last people to leave were the Black Nether King and Old Man Fortune.

Before long, the news about Huang Xiaolong being besieged by Black Nether King, Yuan Fang, and other experts, and finally dying inside the Devil Mirror Palace’s Devil Light Region spread.

“The Devil Light Region! Even Lord Yuan Fang couldn’t survive an hour inside. Huang Xiaolong did not come out after several days, so probably even his dao soul had turned into dust!”

“What a pity. I’ve heard that the devil mirror was in Huang Xiaolong’s hands, and he brought it into the Devil Light Region. Who can get the devil mirror now? The only chance to break through to Universe God is lost!”

Huang Xiaolong’s death caused a storm in the Origin Universe. After all, the shocking sight of Huang Xiaolong repelling the eight Human Emperors was still fresh in the minds of the Gods of Creation gathered at the Golden Gorge.

But as time passed, Huang Xiaolong was gradually forgotten by the Origin Universe.

And the news of Huang Xiaolong’s death also reached the Thirteen Universes’ Unknown Space.

“What, Huang, Huang Xiaolong’s dead?!” When the Ferocious Devil heard the news, he highly doubted it.

“Yes, Old Man Fortune said it himself. It is said that Huang Xiaolong was besieged by Black Nether King, and Origin Universe’s strongest expert, Yuan Fang, and several others, and he ran into a place called the Devil Light Region. Even the Black Nether King couldn’t last for an hour in there, whereas, Huang Xiaolong didn’t come out even after several days.”

Green Ghost sighed with a complicated expression. “Pity!”

Ferocious Devil looked extremely gloomy.

Huang Xiaolong was his hope, as well as the hope of the Unknown Space and the Thirteen Universes. If Huang Xiaolong was dead, then who was going to hold off the Universe First Race?

“There is another bad news,” Green Ghost hesitated for a second before speaking. “It’s said that Black Nether King found the Universe Source Stone inside the Devil Mirror Palace! In fact, he found two!”

“What?!” Ferocious Devil exclaimed in utter loss.

Black Nether King actually found two Universe Source Stones!

“But I’ve heard there’s a problem with the Universe First Race’s Extermination Grand Formation, so Black Nether King ordered them to refine the Boundary Breaking Grand Formation anew, and increased the formation’s power at the same time. Therefore, there are still several million years before Black Nehter King can use the Boundary Breaking Formation,” Green Ghost elaborated.

Problems occurring with the formation were naturally due to Huang Xiaolong’s little trick on the formation’s rune in the past.

“Several million years.” Ferocious Devil sighed, “That means we only have that long to live? Everything within the Thirteen Universes would be reduced to nothingness after that?!”

Green Ghost nodded. “I’ve heard Old Man Fortune has already led the entire Fortune Space’s experts to submit to Black Nether King.”

Several million years went by in the blink of an eye.

Black Nether King had refined the Extermination Formation anew, doubling the formation’s power.

On this day, all the experts in the Unknown Space saw a burst of light in the horizon. Space suddenly cracked and shattered as a destructive force swept towards every corner of the Unknown Space.

Ferocious Devil stood in the air above the capital city, staring into space as he spoke, “Black Nether King, do you think you would be able to break through to Universe God Realm by extracting and absorbing all Thirteen Universes’ vitality through the Extermination Formation? Stop dreaming because you’ll never step across that line for eternity!”

In the void, Black Nether King emerged from the darkness that usually shrouded around him, and let out a snicker of disdain, “I’ve got two Universe Source Stones, doubling the power of Extermination Formation. I definitely can break through to Universe God Realm, but unfortunately, Ferocious Devil, you won’t be able to see that day!”

With that said, he increased the Extermination Formation’s power, and immediately, the Devil Capital’s space shattered. Everything was on the verge of being reduced to dust. Ferocious Devil, Green Ghost, Dragon Overlord, Death God, Zhu Chen, and others were enveloped by the Extermination Formation’s power. Their bodies shattered and turned into speckles of vitality, including their dao souls, and accumulated in the center of the Extermination Formation.

Then, Jian Wushuang, Tao Haner, and others, including other emperors in the Unknown Space, were broken into vitality and sucked into the formation.“Your Majesty Black Nether King, the Unknown Space is completely exterminated. Is our next target the First Universe?” One of the Universe First Race’s experts asked Black Nether King.

Black Nether King paused for a second before stating, “I heard that Huang Xiaolong’s master and family, and his women are all in the Blazing Dragon Universe. Is that right?”

“Yes, according to our investigation, Huang Xiaolong’s master, family, and women are all in the Blazing Dragon Universe.” The Universe First Race’s experts promptly replied in a respectful manner.

Black Nether King snorted coldly, “To show my respect to Huang Xiaolong, we’ll exterminate the Blazing Dragon Universe, I want to go there personally, and pinch Huang Xiaolong’s women to death one by one!”

If it wasn’t for Huang Xiaolong, he would have gotten the Devil Mirror Palace’s devil mirror.

“Yes, Your Majesty Black Nether King!”

Black Nether King personally led the Universe First Race’s experts to the Blazing Dragon Universe, and activated the Extermination Formation. The Blazing Dragon Universe’s layer shattered and crumbled, and the entire universe fell into panic and despair, as cries of fear and horror reverberated.

Black Nether King and First Universe Race’s experts had kept the World of Departed Souls for last.

Inside the World of Departed Souls, Pangu, Huang Long, Blazing Dragon, Huang Peng, Su Yan, Huang Jiyuan, Wang Meilan, as well as Shi Xiaofei, Li Lu, Yaochi, and others were looking apprehensively at the First Universe Race’s expert gathered at the world’s boundary.

Black Nether King’s indifferent voice rang, “Do you think that I won’t be able to do anything to you all if you hide inside this innate world?”

With that said, he raised his fist and punched in front of him. Merely one punch was all he needed to break the World of Departed Souls’ defenses into pieces, and the whole world shook violently.

Black Nether King took one stride forward and entered the World of Departed Souls.

All of Universe First Race experts swarmed inside.

Pangu and the others paled at this sight.

Black Nether King stood high in the air with his hands clasped behind him, and his condescending gaze swept over Pangu, Blazing Dragon, Huang Long, and the others. “You guys are Huang Xiaolong’s master, father, and mother?”

Lastly, his gaze fell on Shi Xiaofei, Li Lu, Yaochi, and other women. “And Huang Xiaolong’s women?”

“Huang Xiaolong’s taste is so bad, he’s interested in rubbish below God of Creation Realm.” Black Nether King’s mocking contempt rang loud and clear.

Though Shi Xiaofei, Li Lu, Yaochi, and the others were beautiful in their own rights, their cultivation was below the God of Creation Realm, thus in Black Nether King’s eyes, they were rubbish.

These kinds of women weren’t even qualified to be rewarded as the lowest grade of maid to his disciple’s subordinate’s subordinate’s subordinate’s subordinate.

Pangu’s sonorous voice sounded, “You’re the Universe First Race’s Black Nether King? Even if you extracted the thirteen universes’ vitality, you will never break through to Universe God Realm. The winner in that spot will definitely be my disciple, Huang Xiaolong!”

Black Nether King snickered harshly upon hearing that, “Your disciple Huang Xiaolong? Let me tell you that Huang Xiaolong died several million years ago.”

“What?!” Blood drained off Pangu, Huang Long, Blazing Dragon, and the others’ faces.

Shi Xiaofei, Li Lu, Yaochi’s group of women looked even worse.

“No, no, impossible! Xiaolong won’t die!” Shi Xiaofei denied with her heart and soul despite the tears running down her face.

“Impossible?!” Black Nether King sneered, “Several million years ago, Huang Xiaolong, I, and Old Man Fortune entered the Origin Universe. Later on, inside the Origin Universe’s Devil Mirror Palace, he tried to snatch the devil mirror away, and ended up being besieged by more than a dozen experts of twenty-seven billion mark battle strength. In the end, he was forced to flee into the Devil Light Region!”

“The Devil Light Region, that kind of place even I won’t last an hour inside, but Huang Xiaolong entered such a place and didn’t come out after several days!”

Black Nether King’s voice reverberated above the World of Departed Souls.

Shi Xiaofei, Li Lu, Yaochi and the other women swayed unsteadily, looking as if the sky had fallen. Although Huang Xiaolong did not return all these years, he had always been their sky.

Now, their sky was gone!

“Bullsh*t!” Pangu roared at Black Nether King, “Xiaolong can’t be dead! He has three worlds, and he is the only person who accomplished that. He won’t die!”

A cold sneer escaped Black Nether King’s lips as he pointed a finger at Pangu and Pangu exploded, leaving golden blood mists scattered in the air. With a grip, Black Nether King was holding Pangu’s dao soul in his hand.

“Brother Pangu!” Huang Long and Blazing Dragon cried out.

There was no temperature in Black Nether King’s eyes as he looked at Pangu’s dao soul. “Anyone who opposes me must die, Huang Xiaolong is no exception. You are not an exception. However, killing an ant like you dirties my hand. If you’re not Huang Xiaolong’s master, I’m too lazy to spare a glance on an ant like you.”

With that said, he threw Pangu’s dao soul into the center of the Extermination Formation.

Huang Long and the others were outraged and fought desperately against Black Nether King, but their bodies exploded simultaneously with one strike from Black Nether King’s palm. Their dao souls subsequently were thrown into the Extermination Formation.

Black Nether King dealt with Huang Peng, Su Yan, Huang Jiyuan, Wang Meilan, and the rest in the same manner, bursting their bodies and throwing their souls into the formation until the last group of Huang Xiaolong’s women remained.

Looking at Shi Xiaofei, Li Lu, and the others, Black Nether King suddenly changed his mind, “Well, their looks are not bad. It seems a bit wasteful to kill them just like that.” The corner of his lips curved into a sinister smile as he said to the experts behind him, “Take them all back to the Firmament of the Universe. They should be rewarded to the disciples below according to merits as chambermaids.”


Shi Xiaofei, Li Lu, Yaochi, and the others’ paled visibly and immediately thought of exploding themselves, but to their horror, they were unable to move, and their bodies were completely out of their control.


At the bottom of Golden Gorge, inside the Devil Mirror Palace’s light space, Huang Xiaolong sat cross-legged in the air. There was bright light everywhere as thirteen universes’ images circulated around him, and suspended above his head were brightly shining small and big devil mirrors. At this moment, a startling transformation was happening inside Huang Xiaolong’s body.

The cosmos energy within Huang Xiaolong’s three worlds roared and then… an abrupt explosion happened. His golden-colored cosmos energy evolved into a color of nothingness!

At the same time, his three dao souls grew increasingly bigger, until at one point, they floated out of Huang Xiaolong’s body and integrated with the Devil Mirror Palace. No, in essence, the three souls integrated with the entire universe as one entity!

Strands of universe esoterics and laws condensed in front of Huang Xialong and solidified, and finally, they formed an image of light that was bigger than the thirteen universes’ images!

The Origin Universe’s image!

Now, there were fourteen universe light images!

When the fourteen universes’ image gathered, indescribable energy spread through heaven and earth, and the whole Devil Mirror Palace’s space quaked, as the tremors spread throughout the entire Golden Gorge!

Then, the dessert where the Golden Gorge was located shook!

The quaking continued to spread further to the surrounding lands.

“What’s going on?!” Inside the hall, the Lord of Ghost Desert was alarmed and flew out to investigate.

“Master, it seems to be coming from the Golden Gorge! Something happened in the Golden Gorge!” His disciple pointed out uncertainty as he observed the horizon.

Golden Gorge? The Lord of Ghost Desert blanked momentarily.

The quaking extended further outwards, and soon, all the experts of Origin Universe felt the frightening quakes.

The quaking even extended out from the Origin Universe, passing through the three thousand innate barriers, reaching the thirteen universes.

One after another of the thirteen universes’ experts felt the quakes that were happening throughout the whole universe. Lastly, the quaking reached the Blazing Dragon Universe, reaching the World of Departed Souls.

Black Nether King was stunned when he sensed the abnormality. He raised his head and looked up with a stunned expression.

“What’s going on?” The Universe First Race’s experts exchanged baffled glances amongst themselves.

A moment later, the quakes abruptly disappeared.

In the Origin Universe’s Golden Gorge, Huang Xiaolong’s eyes opened, and in the next second, he disappeared from the Golden Gorge. When he reappeared, he was already in the Blazing Dragon Universe!

Almost in a matter of a split second, he had reached the Blazing Dragon Universe from Origin Universe!

If Yuan Fang saw this sight, he would be astounded.

As Huang Xiaolong appeared in the Blazing Dragon Universe, his dao souls spread and coldness filled his eyes. In a single stride, he reached the world of Departed Souls.

At this time, Black Nether King was about to leave the World of Departed Souls with the Universe First Race’s experts with Shi Xiaofei, Li Lu, and others in tow. He turned around only to discover there was actually someone standing behind him without him realizing it.

“Huang Xiaolong?!” When Black Nether King saw who it was, the shock was written all over his face, thinking his eyes were playing a trick on him.

Didn’t Huang Xiaolong die inside the Devil Mirror Palace? How did he appear here suddenly?

Shi Xiaofei, Li Lu, Yaochi, and the others were in despair when they heard an unexpected yell from Black Nether King. A shiver ran down their backs as they raised their heads and saw Huang Xiaolong’s familiar face.

“Xiaolong!” Shi Xiaofei, Li Lu, Yao Chi, and others cried out with tears of joy.

Black Nether King suddenly laughed as he looked at Huang Xiaolong, “Huang Xiaolong, I didn’t expect you to have survived inside the Devil Mirror Palace’s Devil Light Region. What now? Do you want to save your women? I originally planned to take your women back and reward them to my Universe First Race disciples!”

He was surprised but unconcerned by Huang Xiaolong’s sudden appearance. Huang Xiaolong might be slightly stronger than him, but only slightly.

Huang Xiaolong raised his arm, and caught Black Nether King enshrouded in darkness energy by the neck. His fingers clutched tightly as he dragged Black Nether King towards him.

Black Nether King’s eyes protruded from the pressure, and there was an unknown fear in his eyes, as well as bewilderment.

How did I end up in Huang Xiaolong’s hands?!

He didn’t understand how Huang Xiaolong laid his hands on his neck. More importantly, he couldn’t muster any strength to resist. It was just like how he used to strangle the necks of the ‘insignificant ants’ while they were powerless against him.

“You’ve already…?!” Black Nether King’s voice trailed off.

The Universe First Race’s experts were scared stupid on the spot.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Black Nether King’s pale face with an indifferent gaze. “You’ve guessed right. I’ve already broken through to Universe God.”

“No, no, impossible!” Black Nether King denied dazedly, “No, no, this can’t be happening!”

In order to break through to Universe God Realm, he had been diligently making effort for countless years. He had imagined many times the moment he advanced to Universe God. Even if there was only one person who could rise to that place, it could only be him!

Huang Xiaolong couldn’t be bothered to waste time with Black Nether King anymore, so he exerted force in his fingers and burst Black Nether King’s body. When Black Nether King’s dao soul ran out to escape, it exploded into smithereens with one tap from Huang Xiaolong’s finger.

In the next second, a burst of light shot out from Huang Xiaolong’s pupils and all Universe First Race’s experts were reduced to nothingness in an instant, and they disappeared from the world.

The breaths that Shi Xiaofei and the others held onto left their bodies and their bodies relaxed. They rushed towards Huang Xiaolong, crying out of joy.

“Xiaolong, father, mother, and the others were killed by Black Nether King!” Shi Xiaofei cried woefully.

“It’s fine,” Huang Xiaolong comforted, and he then reached out and retrieved Huang Long, Pangu, Blazing Dragon, Huang Peng, Su Yan, Huang Jiyuan, Wang Meilan, and others’ dao souls from the Extermination Formation. He blew a breath over their dao souls, and everyone’s physical bodies completely recovered as they were before.

Shi Xiaofei, and the others watched the whole process with agape expressions.

“Xiaolong, you’re back!” Huang Long, Pangu, Blazing Dragon, and those who died earlier had recovered good as new. Upon seeing Huang Xiaolong, all of them were ecstatic. In truth, they had clearly seen Huang Xiaolong kill Black Nether King from the Extermination Formation.

“Father, Mother, Master!” Huang Xiaolong smiled. “I’m back.”

“That’s good, that’s good ah!” Huang Peng grinned happily.

Wang Meilan glared at Huang Xiaolong and chided jokingly, “Smelly brat, you won’t go out anymore after this, right?”

Su Yan chimed in, “That’s right, this time you cannot leave anymore. At least, you, Xiaofei, Li Lu, Yaochi, and the others must give me a few grandchildren first.”

Everyone laughed happily.

The women’s faces blushed deeply hearing the meaning of those words.

“Don’t worry, I won’t go out anymore,” Huang Xiaolong said as he looked at Shi Xiaofei and the others with a wicked smile. “We’ll work hard tonight!”