An old man appeared in front of the Giant Gate. The gate was very big and Two dragon statues could be seen on both sides, This is the Entrance Gate of the Lin Clan. Seeing the old man, two guards hurriedly approached Him and looked towards the boy who was in his hand.

"Welcome back Elder" Both guards bowed towards the old man, the old man nodded his head and entered Inside The Lin clan without giving any look to those guards.

Seeing the Old man No longer existed in that place both guards took a deep sigh.

"Sigh, That good for nothing young master, what Kind of Vicious things he did this time, Who can say that he is Trash of the Mighty Lin clan seeing his innocent face" One of the guards looked towards another one while saying those words to him.

"Bastard do you have a death wish, if anyone hears you saying that you will die along with your family, keep your mouth shut, so what he is trash but he is still the blood of Lin Clan" Another guard responded to him with a cold voice.

" are right, I should control my words, I don't want to be in trouble" He mumbled.



The old man was holding Yohan in his hand and taking him towards his room. The Lin clan was very big and spacious around The Size of Ten football ground, various classy buildings could be seen which were giving the profound aura.

After walking a few meters, That old man took Yohan to a very beautiful mansion. This mansion was surrounded by greenery and various guards were guarding this place, seeing the old man everyone bowed towards him, while they ignored Yohan.

The old man ignored the guards and entered that mansion while holding his grandson in his arms.

"Father, what happened to my child?" A beautiful lady around the age of 35 hurriedly approached her son. She had a beautiful face, black hair, and deep blue eyes. She was looking like a goddess. but seeing her son like that her heart nearly skipped the beat.

"Father, what happened to Yohan, Why he is in this state" tears started rolling from her eyes while she took her son in her arms, and embraced him.

"Sigh, he was slacking and bunking the Sect And was hiding in the downtown, When Su lin Found out about him he became mad at him" Old man took a deep sighed and told her everything.


"Su Lin did this" She gave a serious look to the old man, seeing her gaze, the old man shook his head.

"Alena, you have to understand, he is already 17 years old and the only son you have, He is very weak in comparison to others, and yet he slacking and shaming our mighty clan in front of everyone, Sometimes I think what will be going to happen in future if he behaves like this, I am worried about the Legacy of Lin clan" He looked towards the women beside him and said to her.

"um...Father" She wanted to say something but alas she doesn't have any words to defend her son. The old man narrowed his eyes and looked towards Yohan.

"He is chasing girls and fooling around downtown. He didn't get a breakthrough in His First cultivation realm, it's already been more than six months since he joined the " Divine Blossom Sect" and he has no talent in cultivation. He becomes the laughing stock inside The sect. Because of him, we are losing our face"Old man closed his eyes while saying those words, sadness could be seen on his face.

"I thought he will Do fine as a dual cultivator, but I was wrong father, he is the only son I have, I cant be cruel towards him, maybe someday he will realize his mistake and lead this mighty Lin clan" She responded to the old man with a bitter smile on her face.

"I wonder When that day Will come, '' the old man mumbled. and took a glance towards Yohan who was sleeping calmly.

"Look after him I have some work to do in the elder's hall, I will come later" Old man looked at Alena and said to her. and the next moment He disappears from her sight.

"Sigh, My son, why don't you understand that you have various responsibilities towards the clan, why are you making your father and grandfather sad with your actions" She mumbled with a low voice while she gave a kiss to Yohan on his forehead.

"Mother" Yohan mumbled in sleep, Seeing Alena chuckled and smiled towards her son.

"My heart is saying someday you will make us proud" She mumbled as she touched his son's cheek and looked towards him with Affection.


"Su lin" a man could be seen standing In the window and looking towards the outside as he heard a voice which resounded in his head from behind.

Su Lin Tilted his head hearing that voice and took a deep breath seeing an Old man, who was standing behind him,

"Father," He said with Sad expression on his face. hearing those words the old man nodded and touched his long white beard.

"He is your only son, why are you so rough on him, I understand what you are thinking right now but he is naive, one day he will understand his mistakes" Old man responded to his son.

"But father we are cultivators, one mistake and our whole family will crumble, the world out there is very chaotic and cruel" He looked towards the old man and replied to him.

"I understand, well leave this matter at least for now, we have an urgent issue so let's go to the meeting place" old man Looked towards his son and disappeared from his sight, Su Lin took a deep breath and clenched his fist and the next moment su lin also disappeared from that place.


"Don't kill me you bastard, I am your one and only son" Yohan shouted at the top of his lungs and opened his deep blue eyes. He got up from the bed and checked his whole body.

"Sigh, thank god I am alive, That was the scariest dream I have ever seen in my sleep" He mumbled to himself while his gaze went on towards the corner of that room, a lady could be seen standing at the corner She was looking towards him with a wide-open mouth.

"Sigh, what the hell" Yohan smiled bitterly, seeing that beautiful Lady.