Chapter 2  : Becoming Stronger with Zero Effort, A Terrifying Level One Beast

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Liu Yan carefully read through the description and effects of the Divine Extraction.

According to the description, he could extract anything with this talent. By extracting a corresponding material, he would obtain the corresponding attributes.

As for the exact number of attributes that would be obtained and whether or not he could obtain other things, Liu Yan still needed to explore it on his own.

However, just looking at it what was shown in the description, the talent was already incomparably powerful.

Being able to extract anything meant that Liu Yan could continuously improve himself in all aspects, allowing him to become a powerful all-rounded warrior!


His growth potential was incomparably terrifying.

At this moment, the surrounding students were also discussing the strength of their respective talents.

“Damn, it’s one thing for me to awaken the worst F-grade talent, but why is it the [Increased Appetite] talent? This is just useless!]

“Haha, I’ve got a D-grade talent, [Endless Strength] at that. It can’t be considered top tier, but I can definitely become a key strength!”

“I’ve only got an E-grade talent, [Improved Vision]. I do feel that my field of vision has improved by several times, so I’ll be your support in the future!”

“I’ve got [Behemoth Strength]. I feel that my entire body is filled with strength, it’s too powerful!” As he spoke, this student walked to the side of a tree and punched out.


The towering tree that was so thick that three people were needed to hug it trembled incessantly under his punch.

A deep fist imprint was left on the spot where the fist had landed.

“Damn, big brother Yan, aren’t you too strong?!”

“Fierce, man, you are awesome!”

“Big brother Yan, what grade is your talent at? I’ve also gotten a strength-type talent, but I feel that I am not as powerful as you.”

“Big brother Yan, can I hang out with you in the future? I’ll be your support.”

Listening to the praises and envious voices of the surrounding students, Yan Yuanzhi instantly felt extremely satisfied and his face was filled with enjoyment.

Liu Yan looked over at this moment. He was a little surprised. To think that that guy’s strength was actually so powerful after he had awakened his talent. Was this still human?

Instantly, Liu Yan was also a little curious. What grade would such a powerful talent be at?

“Grade? My [Behemoth Strength] is a C-grade talent!” Yan Yuanzhi said with a face full of pride.

When the surrounding students heard this, they were instantly filled with envy.

With a C-grade talent, it meant that he would absolutely be among the main force, which then meant that he would be the Federation’s focus in nurturing, and would be extremely important!

However, at this moment, Liu Yan was secretly laughing in his heart. A C-grade talent was only as such. There was a total of five grades between it and his SSS-grade talent. It was simply a world of difference.

Since even a C-grade talent was so strong, then his SSS-grade talent would probably be much more terrifying than he had imagined!

At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded from everyone’s wristbands:

[Please rise to level two of the Tower within seven days, or you will be expelled from the Tower!]

Hearing the notification, the students were all eager to move. They had just awakened their talent and wanted to properly use it to see how much stronger they had become.

At this moment, everyone was using and adapting to their talents, making preparations before setting off.

Seeing this, Liu Yan also tried using his talent.

First, he looked at his equipment.

Before they had entered the Tower, apart from obtaining a smart wristband, they had also obtained a whole set of equipment, albeit at the lowest grade.

[Federation Defense Equipment]

[Grade: F]

[Effect: Defense +10]

Liu Yan suddenly had a feeling that he could extract the impurities within.

Following the feeling, Liu Yan tried to use his talent.

A pale white light flashed in his hand. The equipment was still the same, but it was a little brighter, giving off a completely different feeling.

[Divine Extraction has succeeded in extracting the impurities. Congratulations on upgrading the defense equipment to E-grade!]

To think that extracting the impurities from his equipment could upgrade the equipment? Liu Yan was secretly surprised.

One had to know that within the Federation, only experts with talents above C-grade C were qualified to have rare E-grade equipment.

Liu Yan had not expended any effort. He had only used his talent to extract the impurities and had directly obtained this powerful equipment for nothing.

Liu Yan tried to use his talent again, but there was no effect.

It seemed that there was a limit to how much he could upgrade something. As for how he could break the limit, he still had to slowly explore.

Liu Yan looked at the stats of his equipment on his smart wristband again.

[Federation Defense Equipment]

[Grade: E]

[Effect: Defense +50]

Previously, when the equipment had still been at the F-grade, the defense had only been 10 points. Now, its attributes had increased by five times!

Liu Yan’s initial vitality, which was also his defense, was only at 11.

With the addition of this E-grade equipment, his defense had increased by six times.

To have his defense full before setting off, he felt safe!

At this time, the students had already gotten used to their talents and were ready to set off to explore level one of the Tower. They would kill the beasts on level one and obtain resources to become stronger.

“I heard that the beasts in this world are extremely powerful, so we must be extremely careful.”

“The white light on our bodies is already slowly fading. The beginner’s protection time is about to end.”

“Let’s hope that we can all return alive.”

Listening to the discussions of the people around him, Yan Yuanzhi laughed. He came to the side of a big tree and struck out with his palm.

“Creak... Boom!”

The thick tree which would take two people to hug fell to the ground under the palm strike!

When the surrounding students saw this, they were all extremely shocked.

Yan Yuanzhi smiled and said, “See, after I have adapted to my strength, I have become even stronger. Everyone, don’t worry. With me around, those beasts won’t be a problem!”

“As expected of a C-grade talent, it’s really powerful!”

“This feeling of security is too strong!”

“So this is this the power of a C-grade talent?”

“Big brother Yan, it’s great to have you!”


Instantly, the nervousness of the students gradually dissipated.

Seeing how powerful Yan Yuanzhi was, they felt much more at ease.

Following that, under Yan Yuanzhi’s lead, the group set off to explore.

At this moment, Yan Yuanzhi had become the leader of the group of students.

Not long after they had started the exploration, a saber-toothed tiger appeared in front of everyone.

Its appearance was similar to the tigers on Blue Planet, but its body size was much larger, and it was as tall as a person.

Its two sharp teeth that were revealed were shining with a cold light, causing fear to grow in people’s hearts.

“This is a saber-toothed tiger, a level one saber-toothed tiger. It’s the most basic monster on level one of the Tower!” A student reminded.

Yan Yuanzhi, who was originally a little nervous, instantly calmed down.

“It’s only level 1. How powerful can it be? You guys just wait here and watch me go up and take care of this saber-toothed tiger!” As he said that, Yan Yuanzhi rushed up alone.

“Yeah, it’s only level 1. Our big brother Yan is so strong. Why should we be afraid of it?”

“Brother Yan, f*ck it!”

“You’re just a level 1 beast, how dare you show your face?!”

The students clamored.

Liu Yan frowned slightly. Although the saber-toothed tiger was only at level 1, it did not look weak at all...

At this moment, Yan Yuanzhi had already rushed to the front of the saber-toothed tiger. He gathered all the strength in his body and threw a punch at it.

However, the saber-toothed tiger dodged easily.

Then, it opened its huge mouth and its sharp teeth pierced through Yan Yuanzhi’s chest. Yan Yuanzhi fell to the ground on the spot and was dead...