Chapter 1140   Unexpected Relaxation


Alan Smith’s combat star level was only at the initial stage of 15 stars, while the giant green lion’s combat star level had already reached the initial stage of 17 stars.

There was a notable discrepancy of two combat star levels between them.

Regarding weapons, although Alan Smith’s two S-grade weapons were decent, they were originally given to him by Liu Yan and were considered powerful at that time.

At this level, although S-grade weapons were still formidable, they were somewhat ordinary.

However, despite this double gap in strength, Alan Smith did not even deploy any trump card skills. He solely relied on his basic combat strength to steadily force the giant green lion into retreat.


This differed from Ye Yifan’s previous battle. While he could also dominate the giant lion opposite him, he failed to achieve effective attack results and instead experienced significant energy depletion.

At this moment, Alan Smith seemed to exert minimal effort. He simply used his fundamental combat strength to gradually overwhelm the giant green lion, compelling it to retreat.

To counter Alan Smith’s onslaught, the giant green lion on the opposing side continued to employ various skills and trump cards.

The giant green lion never anticipated that the seemingly clueless human would unleash such a storm-like offensive once he initiated action.

Such an intense assault left it gasping for air, feeling virtually invincible.

Faced with no other choice, the giant green lion resorted to a series of powerful skills, exhausting its entire repertoire of trump cards in a desperate bid to fend off Alan Smith’s relentless attacks!


Alan Smith exerted minimal force and didn’t resort to any trump cards, yet he pushed the giant green lion into a retreat, forcing it to reveal all its trump cards!

Such an attack undoubtedly constituted the best and most effective offensive strategy!

Alan Smith’s attacks were not only ferocious like a storm but also relentless and enduring.

As time passed, Alan Smith’s assault showed no signs of weakening. On the contrary, it grew stronger with each passing moment.

This relentless attack rhythm undoubtedly overwhelmed the giant green lion on the opposing side, leaving it breathless.

In a matter of moments, the giant green lion could no longer withstand the pressure and hastily chose to concede defeat. Simultaneously, it unleashed its final trump card skill. A green cloud was summoned and enveloped the giant green lion. At the same time, it enveloped Alan Smith.

This was the giant green lion’s ultimate trump card skill, boasting both offensive and defensive capabilities. Not only could it conceal itself for defense, but it could also launch attacks.

Typically reserved for life-or-death battles, this formidable trump card skill was now employed in a bid to stall for time and delay Alan Smith, facilitating its concession and the subsequent teleportation by the Will of Tower to exit the battlefield.

Such a decision undoubtedly left the giant green lion in a rather awkward position.

However, the giant green lion couldn’t care less. Nothing was more important than its own life. It didn’t want to die on the battlefield like the first giant lion and stay here forever.

Alan Smith frowned when he saw this.

If he continued to pursue, even if he could keep the giant green lion on the other side, he might still be injured by the green fog. The condition of his injuries could not be determined.

After some simple thought, Alan Smith chose to put some distance between them.

Although he would let go of the giant green lion, he could avoid being injured and consuming too much energy. He could continue fighting in the future.

In any case, the Lion Clan had no grudges with the Origin Territory. There was no need to kill them all. Winning the battle and obtaining the reward was the most important thing.

Not long after, the teleportation array of the Will of Tower slowly appeared, sending the giant green lion off the battlefield.

At the same time, the Will of Tower was announced.

[Origin Territory has won this small battle. The reward is being randomly selected…]

[Random reward successful. Congratulations on obtaining a group reward. All members of the Origin Territory will receive a random B-grade skill!]

The announcement from the Will of Tower also meant that Alan Smith had won this small battle.

From the beginning to the end, the total time of this small battle was only a few minutes.

On the battlefield, the experts of Team Origin were all surprised to see this scene.

Originally, they thought that although Alan Smith was very strong, the giant green lion opposite him was terrifyingly powerful. Alan Smith would not be able to win this small battle at all. He could only rely on his powerful strength to continue fighting.

Only a very small number of people thought that Alan Smith had a chance to win this small match.

However, no one had expected Alan Smith to not only win this small match but also win so quickly and easily.

This result was far beyond everyone’s expectations.

“Really?” Lu Dajiang’s face was filled with disbelief.

“Brother Huang, didn’t you say that the giant green lion is a mutated species and is very strong?” Wei Feng looked at Huang Yuan in confusion. “Why does it look so weak?”

The rest of the people also felt the same way. At the same time, they looked at Huang Yuan suspiciously.

The battle between Alan Smith and the giant green lion had unfolded too swiftly and appeared excessively effortless. Contrary to Huang Yuan’s description, the giant green lion seemed notably weaker, to the point where it appeared incapable of enduring even a single blow.

“There’s nothing wrong with my information. That giant green lion is indeed a mutant. It’s very strong, okay?” Huang Yuan said in a speechless manner.

“Then how do you explain this?” Ning Shanshan asked. “Your so-called strong mutated giant green lion was easily taken down by Alan Smith in a few minutes?”

“Is this giant green lion just average?” Liu Qingrou asked suspiciously.

Huang Yuan shook his head repeatedly and said, “Impossible. Look at the individual rewards that were randomly selected at the end. The group reward is still a B-grade skill for each person. This is a very generous reward. Normally, you can only obtain the reward by defeating an opponent that is far stronger than you, okay? This means that the strength of the giant green lion far exceeds Alan Smith’s. It’s not even one star!”

Hearing Huang Yuan’s explanation, everyone reacted.

With the barrier isolating them, they were unable to sense the true strength of the giant green lion just now.

From Alan Smith’s easy victory over the giant green lion, everyone thought that the giant green lion’s strength was average.

However, the random reward given by the Will of Tower in the end would not lie. Such a generous reward meant that the strength of the giant green lion far exceeded Alan Smith’s, and it was not just one star.

Only then did everyone understand that it was not that the giant green lion was weak. On the contrary, it was very strong. It was just that Alan Smith was stronger!