Chapter 2  : Applying for a Grade D rating!

In the living room, Chu Feng sat down cross-legged without the slightest hesitation.

He exercised his cultivation techniques and started to cultivate his spiritual energy.

In his previous life, humans had relied on killing the demonic creatures which had escaped from the Abyss to obtain a weak amount of spiritual energy and slowly embark on the path of cultivation.

However, currently, Chu Feng did not have to do this.

He had the cultivation techniques from his previous life.

After the Golden Ranking Lists had appeared, the spiritual energy in the world was also recovering.


Once the concentration of spiritual energy reached the Grade D standard, he would become the first human to ascend to the [Spiritual Energy Golden List].

At the thought of being able to take revenge on Lin Yi, Chu Feng became extremely happy.

In his previous life, this “good Big Brother” had schemed and lured Chu Feng and Liu Xian’er into a dead end in the Abyss so that he could monopolize an opportunity.

In the end, Liu Xian’er had to sacrifice her life; she blew herself up to win a chance for Chu Feng to live.

Chu Feng escaped narrowly from the clutches of death. His sorrow was so deep that it was as if his heart had died. He began a frenzied revenge against Lin Yi.

Chu Feng was not able to accept this at all!


With the tightly-knitted sibling relationship between the three of them, forged from having gone through countless life-and-death experiences together, if Big Brother had asked, he and Third Sister certainly would not even covet the least bit of that opportunity!

Why?! Why does he have to resort to such an extreme measure? And, after learning that Chu Feng was still alive, Lin Yi became worried that the secret about the opportunity would be exposed, and began to frantically hunt Chu Feng down.

With his Grade S expert strength, which had been divinely transformed, Chu Feng was not his match at all.

He could not escape.

In the end, he died at Lin Yi’s hands.

It would be a reincarnation of cause and effect.

He would never have thought that his greatest opportunity was about to be snatched away by him.

Chu Feng calmed himself down and entered into a state of emptiness.

A vortex of spiritual energy slowly formed around him.

Like a moth flocking to a flame, it surged into Chu Feng’s body.


He cultivated till the next morning without any breaks in between.

A vortex of spiritual energy spat out from Chu Feng’s mouth.

Feeling the surging spiritual energy within his body, he nodded with satisfaction.

In his previous life, it had taken him half a month to reach Grade D, and he had to kill many demonic creatures before he succeeded.

Now, it only took him less than a day.

Chu Feng looked toward the [Spiritual Energy Golden List] outside the window. His expression was calm. He was not worried at all that someone would beat him to it.

In his previous life, after the Golden Ranking Lists had appeared, even a genius like Lin Yi, backed by the support of a powerful force, had taken almost a week to cultivate to Grade D.

On the television, there was a live broadcast of the ongoing battle as the special forces of Country A hunted down the demonic creatures.

Several hundred soldiers carrying assault rifles had surrounded three strange-looking demonic creatures.

Rounds of bullets had been fired, but when they hit the hard carapaces of the demonic creatures, they caused merely some dents.

A reporter’s shouts of surprise could be heard on television.

“A torrent of bullets have hit them, but they cannot even break the carapaces of the monsters!

“Their sharp fangs can easily bite through the bulletproof vests of the special forces.

“These strange monsters are too powerful! They are probably the most powerful creatures from the underground world.”

Hearing the commentary from the reporter, Chu Feng shook his head.

In the early stage, the demonic creatures which had run out were the lowest-grade of existence in the Abyss.

They did not have intelligence, only basic instinct, and there were an endless number of them.

In the Abyss, their existence was like mere cannon fodder.

It was because of the presence of the Seal in the Abyssal Passage that only the weak kinds of demonic creatures managed to escape and not too many of them.

A month later, the Seal would become weakened for the first time, and hundreds of millions of low-grade demonic creatures would charge out.

That would be the first Abyssal Demonic Tide.

In his previous life, the entire human race had united to fight against it.

All kinds of heavy firearms had blasted indiscriminately.

Emerging martial artists had willingly sacrificed their lives.

Only then did they manage to repel the first wave of abyssal demonic creatures.

It was during this battle that humanity had officially entered into the era of universal cultivation.

At the end of the live broadcast, “In the end, after more than ten soldiers have died, Country A has finally deployed a rocket launcher and blasted the three demonic creatures into pieces.

“Only three charcoal-like bones have been left behind.

“They have been carefully kept away by the government of Country A as if they were treasures.

Seeing this, Chu Feng felt like laughing.

It had been proven in his previous life that the bones left behind after the death of these low-grade demonic creatures were completely useless.

On the television, the reporter was carrying out his usual routine of interviewing the soldiers who had killed the demonic creatures.

“How do you feel after killing the monsters?”

Originally, everyone had prepared to leave.

Unexpectedly, that soldier, with a confused expression, solemnly said, “I think I heard a voice just now. it told me that with the collaborative kill of low-grade demonic creature * 1, I’ll get 0.3 points.

“Also, there seems to be a virtual screen in front of me with all kinds of information about me. Can’t all of you see it?”

These words instantly shocked everyone who were present, including the people in front of their television sets all over the world.

The moment the soldier finished speaking,

immediately, other soldiers hurriedly shouted,

“I thought I heard it wrong just now. I have heard the voice too, but I only have a reward of 0.1 points.”

“Me too! A virtual screen has also appeared in front of me.”

“I too have it.”

At the scene, the soldiers, who had just participated in the killing, all expressed that they had heard the voice.

The scene instantly became chaotic.

The reporter passed the microphone to the first soldier shakily.

“Can you elaborate?”

“Just after killing the monster, I felt a warm sensation in my abdomen. It was very comfortable. Then, I heard that voice and then a virtual screen appeared.”

“What’s on the screen? Read it out loud.”

A senior officer stepped forward and said in a deep voice.

The soldier nodded and shouted.

{Name: Bob David}

{Grade: Not rated yet, 0.5%}

{Pet Beasts: None}

{Skills: None}

{Items: None}

{Points: 0.3}

{Trading area (temporarily not open)}

The scene quickly caused a huge uproar around the world.

Chu Feng did not pay too much attention to it.

He had experienced all of this in his previous life.

His gaze was focused on the [Spiritual Energy Golden List] of the ten Golden Ranking Lists.

A few words gently spat out of his mouth.

“Apply for a Grade D rating!”