Chapter 2: Reborn with a Vengeance (2)

Accepting a white handkerchief that was handed to him from the side, Gu Yancheng calmly wiped the blood from his lips. He then repeated his command, and his cold voice rang in Ye Tianxin’s ears. “Someone come here and throw this woman out!”

“Yancheng, let me help her out. After all, she is my sister.”

Lu Qingxin walked over to Ye Tianxin and, stepping behind her, slowly pulled up the zipper of her dress.

Then, like a dutiful and caring little sister, she took hold of Ye Tianxin’s hand and said, “Sis, come with me....”

Ye Tianxin didn’t move an inch. Instead, she stared directly at Jin, who was lying in the bed of pristine white flowers, her clear eyes filled with reluctance to leave him.

She very much wanted another look at Jin, to take just one more look at her precious baby.

Standing on tiptoe, Lu Qingxin leaned into Ye Tianxin’s ear and muttered in a low voice, “Sis, don’t you want to know how Jin died? If you do want to know, be a good girl and come with me!”

Ye Tianxin turned around and looked at Lu Qingxin who, with a reassuring smile on her beautiful face, said, “There’s a good girl. Come with me!”

Lu Qingxin’s gentle and considerate posturing won her the silent praises and appreciation of everyone in attendance at the funeral.

“My dear sister, do you know why your Jin died? It was because I had told him that you were going to give him a surprise. That was why he snuck into your car and hid inside without you knowing about it.

“Of course, the woman in the photo also wasn’t you. She was just a model who I paid a good deal of money to have cosmetic surgery done to look like you. Regardless of how much I hate you for taking my Yancheng away from me, you’re still the daughter of the Lu family. How could I possibly cause embarrassment to the Lu family?

“I have here a video of your Jin suffocating to death. Do you want to see it?

“Sis, having heard all that I’ve told you, don’t you hate me to the core? But then, did you know that ever since I learned of your existence, I’ve always cursed and wished death upon you!? Did you know that I tried many times to have you killed, but fate decided to spare you each time? This time, however, you cannot hide. As of now, Ye Tianxin, you have lost everything.... Tsk, tsk, tsk, you pitiful thing! No one, absolutely no one, believes you!”

Ye Tianxin stared at her, her eyes wide open, as Lu Qingxin’s voice buzzed in her ears.

Although she heard every word Lu Qingxin said, Ye Tianxin still found it difficult to understand what she had told her.


Lu Qingxin glanced past her at a car driving toward them at a fast speed. Taking a quick glimpse at her wristwatch, she noted that the timing was perfect!

“Sis, don’t you want to look at the video of Jin?!”

Lu Qingxin took out her mobile phone and tapped open the video. In the display screen, Gu Yunjin could be seen banging hard at the car window, his face filled with despair.

He was screaming for help with all he had. His pitch-black hair was plastered to his forehead with perspiration, and beads of sweat continuously streamed down his face.

Slowly, Gu Yunjin grew weaker and weaker as his strength ebbed away.

Gradually, overcome by the sauna-like conditions in the car, he closed his eyes, but not before he had made a last-ditch effort to call out Mama, Mama....

Ye Tianxin’s eyes burned red with rage as she looked at Lu Qingxin with hatred. When Ye Tianxin first arrived at the Lu family, Lu Qingxin had welcomed and cared for her with kindness and warmth. This had led her into mistakenly believing that Lu Qingxin was sincere in accepting her as an elder sister.

That was then. But now, Ye Tianxin realized just how much Lu Qingxin hated her.

Lu Qingxin hated Ye Tianxin so much that she had suffocated Jin to death.

Lu Qingxin hated her so much that she had revealed that cruel streak in her by keeping a video of Jin’s last moments struggling for his life.

“Lu Qingxin, I’m going to kill you.”

At that moment, Ye Tianxin’s head was filled with nothing else but the thought of killing her. She wanted to kill Lu Qingxin.

She wanted to kill Lu Qingxin to avenge poor Jin....