An incomparable battle had come to a close. However, it had left behind a seriously damaged Central Plains. The original prosperity had vanished. Additionally, the entire Central Plains had been split into two. A hundreds of thousand feet large deep abyss had split the it into two sections. This hundreds of thousands of feet huge deep abyss would be named the Two Di Abyss in the future. No one was able to forget the earthshaking battle that day...

The Central Plains had thus declined in prosperity. Fortunately, the disaster had also come to a halt.

The decisive battle had naturally ended with the alliance army being victorious following Hun Tiandi being sealed. Although many in the Hun clan had become much stronger after Hun Tiandi advance into the Dou Di, most of them had been used by Hun Tiandi as sacrifices to the blood blade before they could display this strength. The remaining people were a little desolates. Faced with being chased by the alliance army. They did not put up much resistance before surrendering.

Soon after the big battle came to end, the alliance army invaded the Hun Realm for the first time. However, the expected flourishing scene did not appear. After entering the Hun Realm, all they could see was bright redness. The entire space was filled with death. There was hardly any trace of people.

The alliance army discovered a hundred thousand feet large blood pool at the middle of the Hun Realm. The blood inside was incomparably viscous. Densely packed corpses and bones were present in the blood pool. Only after seeing this did the alliance army understood why the Hun Realm was so empty.

This was because the people here seemed to have been thrown into this blood pool. Hun Tiandi had indeed sacrificed everything to achieve his aim...

This type of person caused one’s heart to be chilled and terrified. Everyone felt that it was lucky that someone was finally able to subdue such a lunatic.


Some of the remaining people inside the Hub Realm were also brought away. After which, Gu Yuan and the rest joined hands to completely destroy this old hideout of the Hub clan. From that moment forth, theso called Hun clan would cease to exist on the Central Plains...

Amongst the eight ancient clans, only the Gu clan, Yan clan and Lei clan still existed. Oh, of course one must not forget the Xiao clan, who Dou Di bloodline had been once again activated because of Xiao Yan progressing into the Dou Di class!

The so called Dou Di bloodline benefited those whose blood was most closely related to Xiao Yan the most. The most obvious effect was naturally that felt by Xiao Yan’s daughter Xiao Xiao. She had directly soared violently towards the eight star Dou Sheng class the moment Xiao Yan reached the Dou Di class. That speed caused one to be giddy simply from looking at it. Although Xiao Xiao had excellent talent, this talent had yet to be completely revealed when she had directly leaped into becoming a top expert on the Dou Qi continent. This situation caused people like Lei Ying and Yan Jin, who had trained for thousands of years, to have an impulse to throw up blood. Was this the benefit that the first generation of the Dou Di bloodline enjoyed?

The Dou Di bloodline was such an abnormal and perverse thing. Otherwise, how would it be possible to rely on one’s strength to revitalize the entire clan.

One could imagine that the entire Xiao clan would completely enjoy the benefit brought about by the Dou Di bloodline. Their strength would end up soaring greatly in the future. At that time, it was only a matter of time before they return to the powerful era back then.

The alliance army was naturally disbanded after the big war ended. Unless there was some unique situation, it would be extremely difficult for such a terrifyingly big war to occur on the Dou Qi continent in the future. This was because the current continent had an ultimate expert maintaining the balance.


Flame Di, Xiao Yan!

A name which had resounded throughout every corner of the Dou Qi continent and worshipped by countless number of people. In the hearts of many , it was a divine god like existence. He guarded the Dou Qi continent!

The alliance army was disbanded. However, the Sky Mansion Alliance still existed. Moreover, the current alliance was no longer separated into various factions and sects. At this moment, they clearly understood that being able to exist in this alliance was an incomparably glorious matter.

That glory originated from the person who stood at the peak of the Dou Qi continent!

Two years had passed since that earthshaking big battle. The Central Plains once again became prosperous. Many sects and factions appeared like shoots after a rain. This caused the Central Plains to once again flourish.

Of course, the Sky Mansion Alliance did not intervene in this. They retained their supreme position and quietly observed the development and changes on the Central Plains. There was naturally no faction that dared to provoke this unquestionable overlord of the Central Plains.

With the help of the strength of the Heavenly Flame, Xiao Yan had merely used two months to once again refine a body after suffering the injury from the battle with Hun Tiandi. Fortunately, no sequela remained.

During these two years, Xiao Yan, Xun Er and Cai Lin organised an unusually grand wedding. That wedding was witnessed by the world and countless individuals... this was also the promise that Xiao Yan had once given the two women.

Soon after the wedding, Xiao Yan had once again returned the position of the chief of the Sky Mansion Alliance to Yao Lao. His reason was that the current Sky Mansion Alliance no longer needed to be supported by him...

Yao Lao was helpless in the face of this action of Xiao Yan. He was aware that this little fellow was planning on being a hands off boss. However, he involuntarily felt some heartache the moment he thought of the burden Xiao Yan had to carry all these years. Therefore, he could only once again take over as the chief of the alliance and help Xiao Yan carry this burden.

Xiao Yan only left in a leisure and carefree manner after being relieved of

this burden. He could truly be carefree in this world.

Time flowed by. Spring passed and autumn came. Over a year quietly passed.

Three figures sat within a pavilion around five kilometres from Beili City in the eastern part of the Central Plains. They lifted their eyes and appeared slightly excited.

“Liu Qing, will he come?” A gray clothed man with a somewhat sharp expression sat in the pavilion. He licked his mouth and asked.

“Lin Yan, it has been so many years but you are still so impatient.” A green clothed man by the side smiled faintly and spoke in a warm and refined fashion.

“Lin Xiu Ya, I heard that you have established a Ya Gang in the Clear Sky City?” The tall burly Liu Qing laughed. He was currently the person in charge of the Liu clan. There was quite a great mighty aura on his brow.

“I am merely playing around.” Lin Xiu Ya laughed. “It isn’t anything remarkable. Compared to that fellow, it isn’t even worth a thread of hair...”

“Ha ha, Lin Xiu Ya, this doesn’t appear like something you will say...” A familiar laughter sounded within the Pavilion just after Lin Xiu Ya spoke. Soon after, a figure appeared within the pavilion without warning. The figure was in black clothes. It was Xiao Yan,

“Ha ha, you have finally arrived.” A joy surged onto the faces of the trio after they saw Xiao Yan appeared. They quickly stepped forward. Each of them threw a punch on the chest of the figure.

“Hee hee, I have actually punched the Flame Di. This is damn grand.” Lin Yan laughed out loud.

Xiao Yan laughed in a relaxed manner after seeing these good friends whom he had been separated from for years. He grabbed with his hand. A couple of wine pots appeared in his hand, “Stop uttering any unnecessary words. We will not return until we are drunk.”

“Good, I will accompany you today!”

The three of them laughed out loud. They unceremoniously received the wine pot, lifted their heads and poured the wine into their mouths.

The four drunk happily within the pavilion. Their laughter appeared extremely free and unrestrained as it spread within the pavilion.

The moon climbed across the sky. Lin Yan and Liu Qing were completely drunk. They lay on the ground without concern for their image. None of them had used Dou Qi to block the alcohol. They wanted to greatly enjoy being drunk.

“Where do you plan to go to next?” Lin Xiu Ya’s face was somewhat red as he looked at Xiao Yan and laughed.

“I have held out for so long and have become a little tired...” Xiao Yan laughed. He lifted his head and looked at the bright light. “I wish to return to the Jia Ma Empire...”

“You can head to the Sky Mansion Alliance if you have any problems in the future. I have already talked to them...”

“Ha ha, this background is really a little shocking. It seems that I have really made the right choice in heading to the Jia Ma Empire with you back then...”

“Ha ha...”

The Flower Sect.

Due to the alliance having been completely assimilated, the current Flower sect had also completely merged into the alliance. However, some of the Elders of the Flower Sect still liked to remain in this quiet place.

An elegant figure was standing on a back mountain in the Flower Sect. Her moon white robed outlined her enchanting curves, causing her to appear extremely alluring.

“Teacher...” A pale-blue clothed lady standing behind the figure softly cried out.

“Yanran, is there something?” The white dressed woman turned her head and revealed a pretty face containing an elegant appearance. She was Yun Yun.

Nalna Yanran sighed in her heart upon seeing this pretty face that was filled with charm. There were many renown experts on the Dou Qi continent and the leaders of various factions expressing their love for Yun Yun. Unfortunately, none of them managed to make any progress. Her heart was clearly aware that it was extremely difficult for the figure within Yun Yun’s heart to disappear. This was even though that figure is already married...

“Xiao Yan has delivered a message...” Nalan Yanran softly said.

Yun Yun, who had been as calm as water, suddenly turned around after Nalan Yanran’s words sounded. This reaction caused the latter to once again smile bitterly.

“What?” Yun Yun’s voice had involuntarily trembled slightly.

“He asked... if you are willing to return to the Jia Ma Empire...” Nalan Yanran smiled slightly. Her smile was a little sour.

Yun Yun was startled. The back of her teeth bit her lips tightly. Those pretty eyes of hers suddenly became a little moist. There was a place there that she had greatly missed.

That place was not the Misty Cloud Mountain. Instead, it was the Magical Beast Mountain Range...

Jia Ma Empire, Qingshan Town.

The current Qingshan Town was undoubtedly a lot more bustling compared to back then. With the help of the Magical Beast Mountain Range terrain, an increasing number of mercenaries began to set up camp here. The reason for doing this was not only because it was easier to enter the Magical Beast Mountain Range but it was also because there was a clinic in Qingshan Town.

The clinic was not large. However, as long as one still had a breath remaining, it was possible for it to allow one to exit in a lively manner. This place was also the most respected place of everyone in the Qingshan Town.

The area in front of the clinic was always filled with a squeezing crowd. Some of them were injured mercenaries while others were the wounded being hurriedly transported over from other places. However, there was an ironclad rule in this place. One could only take a number and queue in this place regardless of how great one’s status was.

Of course, this somewhat arrogant rule had initially been met with many cold laughter and disdain. However, after an expert Dou Huang, who broke the rule, began to melt in front of everyone’s eyes in an inexplicable manner, everyone finally understood just what kind of terrifying techniques the white dressed lady, who appeared extremely kind and innocent, had...

Since that day onward, there was no one who dared to disregard the rules of this place.

There was a simple, clean and orderly wooden table within the clinic. Behind the wooden table seated quiet a white dressed lady. Sunlight scattered in from the roof and shone onto her face, which had a gentle smile. This beautiful scene caused the injured person seated in front of her to be stunned.

“Boil the medicine into liquid after you return and place in on your wound.” The white clothed lady smiled gently. She placed the bag of medicine gently on the table. Her black hair poured down like a waterfall, causing her to appear extremely pure and alluring. That demeanor caused those people with bloody aura over them caused them to feel a little ashamed.

The injured person took the bag of medicine and left in a distracted fashion. His mind continued to reveal that warm smile. Such a lady was so gentle. Just looking at her caused all the irritation in his heart to diminish.

The person queuing at the back immediately rejoiced after the injured person in front had left. However, he was just about to step forward when a figure suddenly walked past him from the side and sat down on the chair before him.

“You are seeking death!”

Everyone were stunned for a moment after seeing that there was actually someone cutting queue. After which, all of them became furious. They looked at that figure with a murderous aura. Was this fellow trying to commit suicide by finding trouble here?

“Please queue up.”

The white clothed lady shifted her body. She did not even lift her head as she arranged the medicine at the side. Her voice was soft and gentle, appearing like the spring breeze.

Many people behind quietly laughed coldly after seeing this reaction of hers. This fellow was going to be out of luck if he did not leave...

However, that person, who was sitting on the chair like a rogue, suddenly laughed while they were all mocking coldly. “Given our good relationship, I think there is no need to queue, right?”

“This bastard, he actually dares to tease her?”

Everyone were stunned after hearing these words which seemed to be taking advantage of her. Was this fellow really an idiot? Did he really think that this seemingly weak lady was an ordinary woman?

Many pairs of eyes began to contain some pity as they stared at the figure. Some people even sighed softly and shook their heads. Of course, there were naturally many people whose eyes were filled with anger because this person had offended the untouchable fairy in their hearts.

While these people were prepared to see a tragedy happen, however, the hands of that white clothed lady, who had shifted her head to arrange her medicine, suddenly trembled. She was startled for a moment before her pretty face was hurriedly turned. Immediately, a smiling familiar face appeared in her eyes. The back of her teeth gently bit on her red lips.

“Aren’t you afraid of being lonely by leaving alone?” The black clothed man laughed softly.

His words caused the furious people behind to be suddenly startled. By the time they recovered, however, this white clothed lady’s voice had sounded in a saucy fashion. It caused everyone to become stunned, appearing as though they had been struck by thunder.

“You are unwilling to accompany me, so I can only leave by myself.”

The black clothed man rubbed his head. He looked at those somewhat dim intelligent eyes of the white clothed lady. After smiling bitterly for a moment, he finally asked, “What about coming with me to live in Wu Tang City?”

The white clothed lady covered her mouth and laughed softly. There was a red moisture appearing in her pretty eyes. Her lips contained a warm and gentle arc.

Everyone who were queuing felt their hearts shatter after seeing this reaction of hers. They immediately felt a despair...

Jia Ma Empire Capital, Jia Ma Sacred City.

Today was considered an important day for the Jia Nan Empire and even the entire north-western region. This was because the Yan Alliance biennial auction would be held in the Jia Ma Sacred City.

The auction was extremely grand. The items being auctioned were also at the peak level. Each time the auction was held, it would not only attract various factions and experts from the north-western region but even those from the other regions would come after hearing about it.

The location of the auction was the middle of the Jia Man Sacred City. That place was where the headquarters of the Mite-er clan was located.

Densely packed human figures filled the area under the tall thousand feet large crystal ceiling. The fiery hot atmosphere had kept the auction in a high atmosphere. Of course, the reason for this heated atmosphere was not completely because of the auctioned items. It was also very much related to a person.

That was a bewitching lady who in a red cheongsam.. The fitting dress exposed her voluminous matured curves in an extremely vivid fashion. Her every frown and smile revealed a matured aura.

Of course, although those seated had some desire towards the tempting woman on the stage, all of them understood that this lady was not some beautiful flower vase. A significant reason that the Yan Alliance was able to become so powerful in the north-western region was because of her management methods. The properties under her spread across the entire north-western continent. Moreover, her information network was also able to clearly investigate everything one did.

Although this woman did not have great talent when it came to training and had only reached the Dou Huang class by relying on medicinal pills, there were countless of elite Dou Zongs under her who would risk their lives to work for her. Who would dare describe her as a flower vase, given this ability of hers?

This woman had a special nickname in the north-western region. Golden Female Emperor. Additionally, her name was Mite-er Ya Fei.

Ya Fei wore a lazy expression as she stood on the auction stage and looked at the people who had paid a price many times the value of the object to purchase it. She involuntarily laughed softly and shook her head. Immediately, she took out a scroll containing an ancient aura from her Storage Ring. Her numbing voice was filled with an endless enchantment.

“Tian class low level Qi Method, Thunder Skill. Starting bid, three billion...”

Her words immediately stirred some commotion in the auction. The eyes of many became fiery hot. However, no one knew of this heat was because of the scroll or the person...

However, a Tian class low level Qi Method clearly had a great weight in this place. Hence, many sects and factions were eager to obtain it and showed signs of being about to fight for it.

“Three billion... can it be a little cheaper?”

However, the bidding was about to start when a laughter suddenly sounded from nowhere. Everyone were stunned. They involuntarily laughed out loud. Who was so stupid? Did he think that this was a marketplace? Trying to bargain?

Many pairs of eyes followed the voice and shifted. Finally, they paused at the front row. A black clothed young man had appeared on the originally empty chair at some unknown moment.

Ya Fei on the stage was also startled because of the voice that suddenly sounded. Her pretty eyes turned towards the chair. The extremely valuable Tian class low level Qi Method let out a ‘bam’ sound as it fell onto the ground after his eyes looked at the smiling familiar face.

“Three billion with one person added in. Will this do?”

The black clothed young man looked at this extreme temptation, who had become even more matured compared to back then, and laughed.

The expressions of many sunk after these words sounded. Some of the guards in the auction had already swiftly surrounded the person while wearing gloomy faces. After which, they moved closer to the black clothed young man. They were certain that this person was here to create trouble.

However, just as everyone were prepared to watch a fun show, Ya Fei on the stage looked at the clear black eyes comparable to back then. A moment later, she gently bit her red lips. A rare bewitching enchanting smile surfaced on her face.

“I can consider it...”

Her voice reverberated throughout the auction ground. After which, the originally boiling auction ground became completely silent. Those guards had also halted their footsteps. Their faces were dull...

Times flies. It would not stop for anyone. Without realising it, over a decade had passed since the Two Di Battle back then.

During these decade plus time, many new geniuses had appeared on the Dou Qi continent. There was a continuous stream of new experts showing their edge, adding some excitement to this continent.

Flame Di Xiao Yan had completely faded from everyone’s sight during this decade plus time. However, the various legends about him continued to spread. They had become increasingly exaggerated as they passed on from one person to the next. This caused him to be greatly respected.

Jia Ma Empire, Wu Tang City.

Wu Tang City was a holy site in the eyes of many citizens within the Jia Ma Empire. This was because that place was the headquarters of the Xiao clan. The Xiao clan had produced countless of experts during these years. There were hardly any group that could match it even in the entire Dou Qi continent.

There was a little child laughter vaguely being emitted from a manor that stood at the middle of Wu Tang City.

If one’s sight leaped over the tall wall, one would see a few children rolling and playing around within the courtyard. Their laughter sounded continuously.

A young man placed his hands like a pillow behind his head as he sat on a stone chair in the courtyard. There was a grass in his mouth. His eyes were smiling as he enjoyed the warm sunlight.

Beside the young man was a lady in pale green clothes. Her long delicate hand was skillfully cutting a fruit. After which, she gently placed it into the young man’s mouth. The lady was about to stand up after doing this when an arm hugged her delicate narrow waist. She was pulled into his embrace while emitting a lovely cry. After which, the man ruthlessly killed on the lady’s face, causing it to turned bright red.

“Lin-er and the rest are still present...” The green clothed lady chided in a lovely and embarrassed manner.

“It is fine if they watch. We are already an old couple...” Xiao Yan curled his mouth and laughed.

“Father, you are bullying mum again! I will tell Cai Lin mum!” A dignified and somewhat cute boy suddenly appeared after Xiao Yan’s voice sounded. Both of his hands were placed on his waist as he cried out loud.

“Little brat, you actually dare threaten your father. Go to one corner and play.”

Xiao Yan rolled his eyes. He randomly waved his hand and a gentle breeze blew. Seeing this, the boy’s body immediately emitted an extremely powerful Dou Qi light pillar. Unfortunately, he was still being blown away when the breeze blew over. Finally, he landed gently onto the ground.


Xun Er involuntarily knocked Xiao Yan and reprimanded upon seeing this.

Xiao Yan smiled. He lifted both of his eyes and looked at the sky. The smile on his face slowly disappeared as he softly said, “I have some strange feeling during this period of time...”

“What is it?” Xun Er asked in a startled voice.

“Xun Er, do you know why the elite Dou Di on the Dou Qi continent all eventually disappeared?’ Xiao Yan asked.

“Why?” Xiao Yan returned the question in a slightly surprised manner after hearing this.

“Perhaps... they had left this Dou Qi continent.” A faint light flickered within Xiao Yan’s eyes as he softly said.

“It can’t be right?” Xun Er muttered in a startled manner.

“That feeling is becoming increasingly intense. In at the very most half a year, I will perhaps have an answer...” Xiao Yan hugged Xun Er and said.

Xun Er nodded slightly after hearing this. Her arms, which were entwined around Xiao Yan’s waist had unknowingly increased its strength.

Half a year passed by in the blink of an eye.

There was a towering stone tower at the headquarters of the Sky Mansion Alliance in the Central Plains/

There were countless number of experts suspended in the air around the stone tower. Their eyes contained a fiery heat as they looked at the top of the stone tower. A black clothed young man was sitting quietly at that spot/ This was the first time that they had seen this legendary person in a decade.

Flame Di, Xiao Yan!

“Do you think that Xiao Yan is speaking the truth?” Zhu Kun looked at Xiao Yan before turning his head and asked Gu Yuan at the side.

“This... I don’t know either. However, it seems that this is the only way to explain why the elite Dou Di on this Dou Qi continent has completely disappeared. It is not easy to kill a person at that level...” Gu Yuan hesitated for a moment before replying.


Zhu Kun sighed. He had an extremely complicated feeling in his heart. If that was really the truth, they would really be considered the fog in the well.

The calmness in the sky continued for half a day. Finally, it suddenly formed waves of mysterious fluctuation when the sun was about to set.

Countless number of people held their breath. Their eyes were shocked as they watched this scene.

The ripple became increasingly intense with the flow of time. At the end, Xiao Yan suddenly opened his eyes. A Qi pillar that seemed to have penetrated through the world rose from the top of his head. Finally, it shot into the distant sky in front of all the eyes within the Central Plains.

“Hum hum!”

The ripple in the sky became extremely intense as this Qi pillar shot out. A moment later, a tunnel that contained a faint light seemed to have broken through the restrain of the space in this plane and appeared in front of countless pairs of eyes.

Xiao Yan abruptly stood up when the tunnel appeared. His expression was grave as he looked at this scene. He could sense a familiar feeling from within the tunnel.

Origin Qi!

It was the Origin Qi, which had already vanished from the Dou Qi continent. It was also the crucial thing to allow someone to advance into an elite Dou Di!

The entire world had become quiet had this moment. Zhu Kun and Gu Yuan widened their mouths. A great storm rose within their hearts. When the tunnel had appeared, they could clearly sense that their strength, which had not progressed for a thousand years, actually began to show signs of growing!


Their eyes were incomparably excited as they looked at the light tunnel. An extremely intense throbbing appeared from deep within their souls. This feeling told them that if they were to enter the tunnel, they would definitely experience a breakthrough in their strength!


Xiao Yan let out a deep breath. Those dark black eyes, which had been calm for many years, once again revealed a fiery heat. His originally cooled blood seemed to have begun to boil at this moment.

“The end was indeed also a beginning...”

A smile was lifted on the corner of his mouth. Perhaps this would also be a different beginning.