Blood lightning covered the sky. Hun Tiandi looked at Xiao Yan, who did not show any signs of being at a disadvantage when facing his attacks. A gloomy expression flash across his eyes. This kind of stalemate fight was not something that he wished to see.

“Xiao Yan, do not think that just because you have advance into the Dou Di class, you will be able to fight against me!”

Hun Tiandi inhaled a breath of air. His eyes had suddenly become extremely grave. The blood lightning that filled the sky had weakened. Hun Tiandi suddenly widened his mouth in front of the many terrified eyes. A suction force erupted. The blood cloud that permeated the sky had actually turned into a blood light that charged into his mouth at this moment.

The thick blood cloud was gathered from the essence cloud of many people. However, it was devoured by Hun Tiandi at this moment!

After the blood cloud, which had covered the Central Plains for half a year, was being devoured, the warm sunlight once again came pouring down. Many people were a little excited as they looked at the somewhat glaring sunlight. Only after sensing the atmosphere of doomsday arriving did they realise just how precious those usually ordinary things were.

Of course, they also understood that now was not the time to be excited. The battle in the sky, which would determine the fate of the Dou Qi continent,had only just entered its intense stage!

“Crack crack!”


After the blood cloud, which spread over the sky, was swallowed by Hun Tiandi, the latter’s body swelled. Within a short instant, it had turned into a hundred thousand feet large blood coloured giant. Blood light rapidly gathered on his body. Finally, it turned into a layer of blood armour that surrounded the hundred thousand feet large body.

The blood giant stood in the sky and covered it. In the face of the terrifying visual assault, no one suspected that this punch of Hun Tiandi would be able to turn the area within tens of thousands of kilometres into a deep gully!

“Ha ha, this is my Blood Di Body. What can you do?”

Hun Tiandi’s huge blood eyes stared at Xiao Yan. Currently, wind lightning surged as he breathed. He exhaled and the energy of the entire Central Plains seemed to have fluctuated greatly.

“Dou Di’s body...”

The expressions of Gu Yuan and the others changed drastically as they looked at the hundred thousand feet large Hun Tiandi. Being from the ancient clans, they were naturally aware that an elite Dou Qi could incorporate the world in their bodies. At that time, they would be the world. Just the lift of a hand could destroy the universe. Its might was extremely great and terrifying!


This huge body was not formed from energy. Instead, it was a firm actual body. One could just imagine how terrifying the aura of a hundred thousand feet body was.

This kind of ability is referred to by the others as the Dou Di body. This was because one could only use it after reaching the Dou Di class.

Hence, the expressions of Gu Yuan and the others changed drastically after seeing this scene. Before they could panic, however, Xiao Yan in the sky looked at this huge figure fearlessly and laughed. His hands formed different seals. Subsequently, the land was split apart. Endless magma rose. Finally, they turned into a rich red flame and swarmed into Xiao Yan’s body.

After these rolling red flames surged into Xiao Yan’s body, he began to swell in front of the countless pairs of anxious eyes. Moreover, brilliant flame swiftly whistled out from the pores all over his body. They turned into many fire dragons that lingered around him.

“You do have some ability.”

A surprise flashed across Hun Tiandi’s eyes after he saw the brilliant fire dragons lingering around Xiao Yan’s body. He immediately laughed coldly, “I wish to see whether this Blood Di Body of mine or your Flame Di Body is stronger!”

Hun Tiandi took a stride forward as his cold laughter sounded. He was accompanied by wind and lightning as a seemingly ordinary punch was thrown. It quickly collapsed in the sky. Endless blood Qi surged towards Xiao Yan from all directions. The wind was incomparably terrifying.


Xiao Yan snorted coldly as he saw Hun Tiandi attacked head on. He did not dodge. A punch was thrown forward. The brilliant fire dragon that surrounded him was smashed forward ruthlessly.


Blood Qi and the fire dragon collided in an earthshaking fashion. The terrifying wind shattered the many mountains below into dust. Countless groups of people hurriedly found some hiding places. The destructive force from the battle between the two unmatchable people in the sky was far too shocking.

“Be careful!”

Gu Yuan and the others hurriedly formed the defensive barrier. This, along with the fire barrier that Xiao Yan had placed initially, barely managed to block that terrifying wind.

“Bang bang bang!”

Xiao Yan’s and Hun Tiandi’s hundred thousand feet large bodies in the sky took a couples of steps backwards. Each of their step caused the space within ten thousand feet to be shattered into black emptiness.

However, they charged forward immediately after they pulled back. This kind of fight was not extremely spectacular but it was a collision of extremely strength. No one could imagine just how shocking it was when the two hundred thousand feet large beings clashed physically.

Clouds and wind surged as the collision occurred. Lightning flashed. It was as though the entire world was trembling because of this fight.

The clash of the two enormous beings had clearly caused an extremely great destruction to the Central Plains. The land continued to shake. Huge crack lines formed deep gullies that had split the Central Plains into two. All life were terrified under this tremor. Just a slight ripple would be able to kill even an elite Dou Sheng.

Gu Yuan and the others watched the distant sky with pale faces. The space there was repeatedly collapsing. This damage was subsequently repaired. This cycle continued, causing one’s pores to stand in fear.

Such a battle continued for a full half a day. Rumbling shocking sound had spread from the Central Plains and reverberated across the entire Dou Qi continent.

Some of the experts outside of the Central Plains had also detected this tremor. Immediately, they began to charge in the direction of the Central Plains. However, the terrifying wind that came blowing their way when they were about to step into the area of the Central Plains caused them to spit out blood and retreat. All of these experts, who appeared calm earlier, had ashen faces. None of them dared to venture in.

“Flame Mysterious Explosion!”

Another extremely striking earthshaking collision occurred in the distant sky. A low cry, which had been suppressed for a long time, suddenly sounded during that clash. Soon after, a terrifying firestorm swept apart. A figure landed violently and smashed the distant mountain range into a deep pit.

Gu Yuan’s group immediately rejoiced after seeing the huge figure falling onto the ground. This was because that person was actually Hun Tiandi. From the looks of it, Xiao Yan had occupied the upper head in this head on clash between the two.

“Relying on medicinal pill to advance into the Dou Di class is indeed not considered the best option. Xiao Yan has obtained the inheritance of the Ancient God. Moreover, he had trained with great effort within the Heavenly Tomb for nearly three years. On the other hand, Hun Tiandi had only spent half a year!” An excitement rose on Zhu Kun’s face as he said.

Everyone smiled with great joy upon hearing his words. The great pressure within their hearts had also completely disappeared.

Compared to Gu Yuan’s group, the expressions of those from the Hun clan suddenly paled. They also clearly understood what kind of ending would occur if Xiao Yan emerge victorious.


The huge body in the deep gully once again soared towards the sky while their hearts were panicking. The former looked at Xiao Yan in a somewhat miserable manner.

“Hun Tiandi, it seems that your Blood Di Body is no match for my Flame Di Body!” Xiao Yan slowly suppressed the churning blood within his body and laughed. “Moreover, it seems that your strength is beginning to be exhausted?”

Hun Tiandi’s expression was extremely gloomy. He was well aware of the condition within his body. After having exchanged blows, he discovered that even though his strength was also extremely frightening, the stamina of his aura was inferior to Xiao Yan, perhaps as a result of him using medicinal pill. Additionally, Xiao Yan’s Dou Di Body was built from many Heavenly Flames. It was naturally incomparably strong. Even his Blood Di Body was actually a little inferior. If this continued, it was likely that he would really be the defeated party!

This was something that he would definitely not allow to happen!

“Do not celebrate too early.”

Hun Tiandi’s eyes swept over the Central Plains below. A savage expression flashed across them, “Xiao Yan, originally, I did not intend to do this. However, you are asking for it. Today, I shall use this entire Central Plains to bury you!”

Hun Tiandi waved his large hand after his dense voice sounded. A bright blood light shot downwards and finally entered the land. Subsequently, everyone were stunned to see countless blood light spreading with lightning like speed after landing on the ground. The many blood lines appeared just like the blood vessels of the Central Plains!

Xiao Yan was a little startled as he watched this scene. Looking down from above, he could see that the blood light was enveloping the entire Central Plains with an extremely terrifying speed..

“Bang bang bang!”

The Central Plains suddenly began to shake violently while Xiao Yan was feeling startled. Many hundred thousand feet large blood light shot from various spots on the Central Plains towards the sky!

“The direction that these blood light has risen from... it seems to be the places where the Hun clan had placed the Devouring Spirit Eliminating Life formation!” Gu Yuan suddenly exclaimed as he looked at the spots where the blood light rose.

“If the positions where these formations were placed are added up...” Zhu Kun seemed to have recalled something at this moment. His expression suddenly changed as he cried out in shock, “These positions actually also form a formation if they were added up!”

“Such large array...” Yan Jin’s group were shocked. A formation that surrounded the entire Central Plains? Was there really someone who could achieve this?

“Xiao Yan, my Hun clan had prepared for a thousand years. We are ready for even the worst scenario. You will definitely die today!”

Blood light covered the Central Plains. Those spread over the vast sky. It turned into an incredibly large and strange formation!

“This formation is passed down from the first elite Dou Di of my Hun clan. It’s name is the Slaughtering Di Array!” Hun Tiandi’s eyes looked at Xiao Yan in a strange manner. He laughed in a dark and cold manner, They had really been elite Dou Di dying in this array during the ancient era.

Xiao Yan’s eyes sunk slightly. He lifted his head to look at the strange formation in the sky with blood light lingering over it. He could indeed detect a trace of danger from it.

“You are indeed worthy of being Hun Tiandi. It is possible for you to even predict the situation today...” Xiao Yan spoke in a low and deep voice. This great formation required an extremely complicated preparation. Unfortunately, Xiao Yan’s eyesight was not sufficiently good. He was actually unable to see the true use of the Devouring Spirit Eliminating Life formation.

“Preparing for the worst case scenario. in everything we do. This is the reason that the Hun clan can survive until today.”

“Xiao Yan, I have activated this formation by using the bloods of tens of millions of descendant citizens. You have already lived up to your ability by dying in this formation...”

After the monstrous sea of blood surged into the formation, a strange light suddenly flickered within it. The blood light gathered rapidly. Finally, it gathered and turned into a huge transparent blood blade that contained an endless bloody stench in front of the countless pairs of eyes!

The blood blade was extremely strange. It did not have a hilt the blood light lingering over it seemed to be able to even split this world!

The bright sun in the sky had dimmed as this strange blood blade appeared. The whole world gradually darkened. It appeared as though even the sun, moon and clouds were terrified of that strange blood blade!”

“Everyone from the Hun clan, listen up. Offer yourselves as a sacrifice for the blade!”

Hun Tiandi suddenly cried out sternly the moment the blood blade appeared. The Hun clan army in the distance quickly broke out in a commotion. After which, thousands of experts clenched their teeth and shot forward.


Hun Tiandi had an indifferent expression. His hand seal changed and the blood blade flashed. Soon after, the experts from the Hun clan tens of thousands of feet away, who had rushed forward, ended up with their heads leaving their bodies. Blood spluttered and their bodies quickly withered. Finally, they turned into dust that scattered over this world.

After absorbing the blood of these experts from the Hin clan, the strange blood blade also appeared increasingly real.

“Xiao Yan, it’s over!”

Hun Tiandi’s eyes were crazy as they loomed at the strange blade. A mouthful of essence blood was spat out. A humming blade cry was immediately emitted as this essence blood landed on the blood blade. The feeling of danger in Xiao Yan’s heart was increasingly dense as this blade sound appeared.

The entire place was quiet as everyone watched this scene in the sky. They could feel a kind of extremely terrifying aura from the strange blood blade. It was very likely that this attack could seriously injure Xiao Yan!

“Slaughtering Di Ghost Blood Blade... that legend is actually real...” Gu Yuan’s expression had become extremely pale at this moment. Others might perhaps not recognise this so called blood blade but he remembered that he had once read about a lot of records about this Slaughtering Di Ghost Blood Blade from the ancient books!

This thing had really once killed an elite Dou Di and shock the continent!

It was unexpected that after tens of thousands of years, they would actually be able to personally witness the legendary fierce weapon!

“This is bad...” Gu Tuan clenched his fist tightly. His expression was as white as sheet as he muttered.