Chapter 5564  , Returning to Profound Nether Territory

The Spear Dao was one thing, but the Dao of Time and Dao of Space had always been the most abstruse and esoteric of Grand Daos. Since ancient times, very few cultivators had been able to cultivate them. Only the Dragon and Phoenix Clans could dabble in these two Grand Daos relying on their Bloodline Talents.

Yang Kai’s strength was obvious to all. Although he was also an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, others in the Eighth-Order would find it difficult to fight against a single Innate Territory Lord. On the other hand, the number of Innate Territory Lords who had died at Yang Kai’s hands needed more than two hands to count. He even managed to escape from the pursuit of Royal Lords. It was all thanks to his mastery over these two Grand Daos.

Now, he had created three Sealed Worlds using his Grand Daos as the basis. It was a given that people would flock to them.


Putting everything else aside, so long as they could inherit some of Yang Kai’s legacy, they could enjoy endless benefits.

In a flash, countless cultivators flocked towards the vicinity of the Star Boundary to explore the three Sealed Worlds. Unfortunately, only a few of them had any real gains. The Dao of Time and Dao of Space were indeed too obscure and difficult to understand. Even if many people believed themselves to be quite talented, they still found it extremely hard to comprehend the mysteries of these two Grand Daos.

On the other hand, the Spear Dao Sealed World benefited many people. Compared to Dao of Time or the Dao of Space, the Spear Dao was undoubtedly more common and easier to comprehend.

Everyone believed that Yang Kai had left these Sealed Worlds for the betterment of the Human Race, but only a few knew that he had actually created them for the disciples who had come out of the Void Dao Temple. If others could gain anything from these Sealed Worlds, it was naturally better, but it was also fine for them to obtain nothing.

There were quite a lot of disciples who had come out from the Void Dao Temple. As they were born and raised in Yang Kai’s Small Universe, many of them had inherited his talent in one or two of his primary Grand Daos. For instance, Wan Le Shan, whom Yang Kai encountered in Acacia Territory was proficient in the Dao of Space.

There should be many disciples like Wan Le Shan, many of whom Yang Kai did not even know the names of.


Although these disciples had inherited some talent in Yang Kai’s three Grand Daos, their attainments were generally not that high. Without anyone guiding them, their future cultivation would be thorny and they would have to take many detours.

There were many disciples like this, and there might be even more in the future; how could Yang Kai have the time to guide them one by one? After thinking about it for a while, he decided to leave three Sealed Worlds for them to comprehend on their own.

The three Sealed Worlds were built using Yang Kai’s comprehension and life experience in the three Grand Daos. So long as one was not too dull, they would be able to gain some benefits from them.

Even Yang Xiao, Yang Xue, as well as Zhao Ye Bai, Zhao Ya, and the others were thrown into the three Sealed Worlds to cultivate.

The three Sealed Worlds caused quite a stir, but that was nothing compared to what came next, for the Human Race Supreme Headquarters soon after released a piece of sensational news.

years from now, a second Universe World with a World Tree clone would open. At that time, anyone who wanted to send their descendants or disciples to this new Universe World to cultivate could purchase a spot with Military Merits.

This news not only created a buzz among the Human’s refugees, but even made the soldiers on the frontline feverish.

Currently, the Star Boundary was the most important base of the Human Race. It was also the only Open Heaven Realm Cradle in existence. The Star Boundary had given birth to countless elites and geniuses over the last 1,000 years, producing geniuses who advanced straight to the Sixth Order and even Seventh Order in massive quantities, but why was this? magic It was all thanks to the World Tree clone’s feedback!

The Star Boundary itself was nothing out of the ordinary; in fact, there were many Universe Worlds like or even better than the Star Boundary in the past. All of its glory and prosperity was thanks to the World Tree clone.

It could be said that the Star Boundary had become an Open Heaven Realm Cradle in the current age because of the World Tree clone.

Who would not want to reside in the Star Boundary? Who would not want to send their disciples and descendants to cultivate in this miraculous Universe World?

A disciple, who only had the aptitude to advance to the Fourth-Order, might be able to break through directly to the Fifth-Order or Sixth-Order after cultivating in the Star Boundary. It was just a gap of one Order, but it would set one’s future achievements worlds apart.

Be that as it may, the Star Boundary was overcrowded already and it was very difficult for ordinary people to enter and settle down there. Even the Cave Heavens and Paradies had few quotas every year, so it was even more impossible for other forces to set foot there.

But now, the Supreme Headquarters had announced that a second Universe World with a World Tree Clone would be open for settlement 50 years from now!

What did this mean? It meant that a second Star Boundary would be born, meaning that more Humans could benefit from the World Tree’s feedback. It meant that those who had been yearning to enter the Star Boundary but were unable to do so would have a chance to fulfil this dream!

This news immediately created a huge sensation throughout the Human Race. Many people tried to check how reliable this news was, but with the announcement coming straight from the Supreme Headquarters, how could it be false?

As for why 50 years later, the Supreme Headquarters also answered this question.

The World Tree clone was provided by Yang Kai and had just been planted in a certain Universe World. The feedback would only begin to take noticeable effect in 50 years. As for which Universe World it was, the Supreme Headquarters did not disclose.

It was Yang Kai again!

Yang Kai’s name was almost present in all the major events that had happened in the Human Race over the past few years. All the Human cultivators, whether they were weak or strong, had heard his name at least once. At present, Yang Kai was the most famous person in the entire Human Race.

In any event, the Supreme Headquarters’ answer reassured the Humans who still had doubts. The World Tree clone’s feedback indeed needed time to take effect, something that had been confirmed in the Star Boundary many years ago.

years was more than half a lifetime to ordinary mortals who had never cultivated, but to Human Masters who had achieved higher cultivation, it was like a snap of a finger.

They could afford to wait!

As for the condition of exchanging settlement quotas with Military Merits, it also caused the Human Race to cheer.

Currently, the Star Boundary’s territory was carved up by the Cave Heavens and Paradises, and the local forces. It had already been years since this balance was established, so it was almost impossible for the other forces to interfere.

However, the second Star Boundary that would open 50 years from now was different. It was a Universe World untouched by Human hands, which would give many people a chance.

Buying a spot using Military Merits was undoubtedly a fair and reasonable proposal.

Some people inquired about how many Military Merits would be required to buy a spot, but the Supreme Headquarters only said that it had not been decided yet and that they would set a number when the Universe World opened.

Although this answer was unsatisfactory to many, no one pestered the Supreme Headquarters again. Was it difficult to obtain Military Merits? For those who were too afraid to enter the battlefield, it was indeed difficult. As for the soldiers who were fighting the Black Ink Clan on the frontlines, every Black Ink Clan member was a living, breathing Military Merit to be reaped.

All one needed to do to gather sufficient Military Merits to buy a spot was make a few trips to the battlefield.

Not everyone dared to enter the battlefield and fight the Black Ink Clan. There were always some who gave all kinds of excuses to stay behind.

Currently, the Human Race Army was composed of the surviving soldiers of the Black Ink Battlefield’s various Great Passes as the framework, with the disciples of Cave Heavens and Paradises as the main body and with conscripts from various Second Class Great Forces making up the rest of the numbers. Depending on the size and strength of a Sect, different numbers of people were conscripted from them. Naturally, some people at the Supreme Headquarters had planned this.

Every time there were some serious casualties on the battlefield, they would conscript further reinforcements.

This kind of recruitment was a bit forceful, but since the enemy had already invaded, if they were defeated on the frontlines, the Human Race would likely be wiped from existence. So, it made no difference whether it was forceful or not, stabilizing the frontlines was the priority.

In addition, the casualty rate on the frontline was quite high. This caused many people to try to avoid joining the war. Although some were quite strong in their own right, they would rather hide in the rear where it was safe.

Some were afraid and avoided the battle, while some were eager to join the fight.

The Supreme Headquarters had set up a Recruitment Hall in the Star Boundary’s Star City, and anyone who wished to join the war effort could register there before being deployed to various battlefronts to fight the enemy.

Nonetheless, few had come knocking on the door of the Recruitment Hall in the last few decades; after all, there were not many people who were willing to enter the battlefield. Even those who did wish to fight normally preferred to work as Hunters as they were not used to the strict military discipline.

Now, however, the Recruitment Hall was bustling with activity as countless Open Heaven Realm cultivators, who had received the news, rushed over to enlist in the Army.

This sudden turn of events made the head of the staff of the Recruitment Hall grin from ear to ear. They had put in a great deal of effort to enlist more cultivators over the years, making appeals to various minor and major Sects of the Human Race. If it were not for the higher-ups not sanctioning it, they would have likely used even more forceful or even coercive means to gather recruits.

Unfortunately, it was to no avail; after all, only a small number of cultivators were willing to fight while most were more than happy to let others stand on the frontline and risk their lives.

Who would have thought that news of the second Star Boundary opening in 50 years would bring such a change?

This was especially so for some of the older Open Heaven Realm cultivators, who felt that their days were numbered and wanted to create a better cultivation environment for their disciples and descendants before their death. All of them came forward to enlist, causing the people working at the Recruitment Hall to dance with joy.

In less than a month, more than 100,000 Open Heaven Realm cultivators had come to enlist. Although most of them did not have high cultivation, their numbers made up for that. On the battlefield, higher cultivation was naturally better, but that did not mean having a low cultivation made one useless.

The survival of the entire race was hanging on this war, so every little contribution would bring some subtle change to the course of the war.

Yang Kai was completely oblivious to the buzz in the Human Race’s rear for the time being. After returning from the Demon Realm and creating the three Sealed Worlds, he led Dawn and Yu Ru Meng’s Squad on a journey back to Profound Nether Territory, arriving half a month later.

When Wei Jun Yang received the news, he hurriedly rushed over to investigate.

Wei Jun Yang and the others had been on edge for the last half a year, unable to eat or sleep in peace. Yang Kai led two Squads to Acacia Territory to rescue some refugees trapped there. The Black Ink Clan obviously would not leave them alone. They had no way of obtaining any news from Acacia Territory, but some Hunters had relayed a message to the Supreme Headquarters that they had noticed signs of the Black Ink Clan mobilizing a massive amount of troops. A rough estimate put some three to four million additional Black Ink Clan soldiers and several Territory Lords heading to Acacia Territory.

Millions of Black Ink Clansmen and several Territory Lords was anything but a weak force.

Although Yang Kai brought two Squads with him, he and Feng Ying were the only Eighth-Order Masters, so things were really not in their favour. It was hard to predict what the outcome of this conflict would be.

If the Black Ink Clan sealed the entire territory with millions of soldiers, and the Territory Lords attacked Yang Kai and his team together, the latter would surely be in grave danger.

If something happened to Yang Kai, it would be a great loss to the Human Race. Before, it would not have shaken the roots of the Human Race; however, it was different now. As Army Commander of the Profound Nether Army, if anything happened to Yang Kai, the entire Profound Nether Territory would fall into chaos and the damage might be irreversible.