Chapter 5949: Little Fishy’s Grandfather  

Chapter 5949: Little Fishy’s Grandfather  

“Such a timely arrival, but this works fine. I shall let the Immortal Sea Fish Clan know our Netherworld Sect’s prowess.”

The Netherworld Marshall looked at the sky with an excited gleam in his eyes.

All of a sudden, he turned to the white-robed man and asked, “Master, are you leaving?”

It turned out the white-robed man was already standing before the incomparably large spirit formation gate that was linked to somewhere in space. He was planning to flee.

“Should I wait here for my death instead?” the white-robed man asked.


“Heh...” The Netherworld Marshall burst into laughter. “I shan’t hide it from you anymore. You might be a Heavenly Dragon World Spiritist, but I am a Heavenly God level cultivator too.”

He released a whiff of aura that swiftly enveloped the entire mountain. Even late True God level cultivators felt the threat of death.

“Our Netherworld Marshall has reached Heavenly God level!”

The Netherworld Sectmembers were overjoyed when they sensed the terrifying pressure. Heavenly God was a cultivation level that some galaxy overlords devoted their entire lives to pursuing, only to fail to reach.

However, the white-robed man calmly replied, “I know. I sensed it.”



“If you know that, why are you fleeing?” The Netherworld Marshall was confused.

“I connected my senses to the sealing formation. The other party has hidden his strength. He isn’t just a rank one Heavenly God level cultivator,” the white-robed man replied before slipping into the spirit formation gate.

“Is the Immortal Sea Fish Clan that strong? They sure hid it well! How despicable!” The Netherworld Marshall immediately understood that the situation wasn’t in his favor.

“Lord Netherworld Marshall!”

“What about us?”

Everyone looked at the Netherworld Marshall, awaiting his decision.

The Netherworld Marshall looked at the sky with indignant eyes, but he eventually waved his hand and ordered, “All sectmembers, leave with me right now.”

The Netherworld Marshall led all of the sectmembers toward the spirit formation gate. Meanwhile, Chu Feng and Little Fishy saw tens of millions of people descending from the sky to surround the two of them. This abrupt encirclement didn’t make the two of them panic; instead, it filled them with ease.

Chu Feng breathed a sigh of relief, but as soon as the tension left his body, he felt terribly weakened from head to toe. He wanted to stand his ground and greet the Immortal Sea Fish Clansmen in a dignified posture, but he had depleted his energy and was barely standing with his sheer willpower.

He collapsed to the ground and fainted.

“Big brother!” Little Fishy rushed forward to support him.

However, another figure beat her to it. It was a white-haired old man with a brawny body covered in armor.

“Grandfather?” Little Fishy was surprised.

The old man standing before her was the previous Immortal Sea Fish Clan’s Clan Chief, as well as her grandfather.

“I never thought such an outstanding junior would emerge from our Immortal Sea Fish Clan while I was in closed-door training.” Little Fishy’s grandfather looked at Chu Feng with eyes filled with pride and admiration.

“Grandfather, he isn’t from our Immortal Sea Fish Clans,” Little Fishy replied.

“Oh?” Little Fishy’s grandfather was surprised, but he quickly turned his attention to the main matter at hand. “Root out the Netherworld Sectmembers. Find them even if you have to turn this realm upside down!”


The tens of millions of Immortal Sea Fish Clansmen quickly scattered into the surroundings, leaving just Little Fishy’s grandfather, Little Fishy, and Chu Feng on the spot. However, there was not a single person who worried about the trio’s safety, as they knew that Little Fishy’s grandfather was a thousand times more reliable than the entire army.

Little Fishy’s grandfather took out a pill and popped it into Chu Feng’s mouth.

Seeing the pill, Little Fishy’s heart was put at ease. She knew how valuable the pill was.

“Yu’er, which power is this young friend from?” Little Fishy’s grandfather asked.

“He’s from the Ancestral Martial Galaxy’s Hidden Dragon Martial Sect,” Little Fishy replied.

“Ancestral Martial Galaxy? When did you learn to start joking like that?” Little Fishy’s grandfather was skeptical.

“He is from the Ancestral Martial Galaxy. Grandfather, you’re being too narrow-minded to look down on the Ancestral Martial Galaxy. You were the one who told me that there’s more to the Ancestral Martial Galaxy than what we see on the surface.”

“The Ancestral Martial Galaxy is formidable, but... how could they have such an outstanding junior? Regardless, the important thing is that you have an excellent man courting you. I am very satisfied with him.”

“What do you mean by that? He’s my big brother, my close friend. He’s not courting me,” Little Fishy replied.

Little Fishy’s grandfather revealed a mischievous grin. “Yu’er, you aren’t young anymore. There’s no need for you to beat around the bush with me. If your parents don’t agree, I can talk to them on your behalf.”

“Grandfather, big brother isn’t trying to court me,” Little Fishy earnestly emphasized.

Little Fishy’s grandfather was baffled. “If he isn’t courting you, why did he put his life on the line to save you?” “Big brother treats me very well, but he isn’t courting me.”

Little Fishy’s grandfather looked at Chu Feng and scoffed, “That can only mean that this brat is a coward. He doesn’t dare to make the first move. Useless.”

“Grandfather, why are you scolding my big brother?” Little Fishy frowned in displeasure.

“This brat obviously likes you, but he refuses to voice it aloud. What is he if not a coward and useless?” Little Fishy’s grandfather snorted.

“Coward? Grandfather, you must be mistaken. The last thing my big brother can be is a coward. I have never seen anyone as brave as him before! I wouldn’t be alive right now if not for him!

“I can’t deny that. I guess he’s just more slow-witted in terms of his feelings.”

“Grandfather, you’re stubborn. I shan’t talk to you about this. Hurry up and catch the Netherworld Sectmembers. I want to personally teach them a lesson!” Little Fishy angrily rolled up her sleeves, revealing her fair arms.

Neither she nor the Immortal Sea Fish Clan had any prior grudge, so she felt indignant to suddenly be treated in such a manner.

“They have gotten away. When I breached the barrier, I sensed many powerful auras gathered at one spot. The Netherworld Sect has dispatched many experts to capture you. But by the time I determined the location of those auras, they had already disappeared without a trace. They must have prepared an escape means in advance,” Little Fishy’s grandfather replied.

“Grandfather, haven’t you reached Heavenly God level? How did they get away under your nose?” Little Fishy asked.

“I might have reached Heavenly God level, but they also have a Heavenly God level cultivator too, not to mention they have made ample preparations.”

“What? The Netherworld Sect has a Heavenly God level cultivator too? How are they so powerful?”

Little Fishy was surprised. Even her parents hadn’t reached Heavenly God level yet.

Her grandfather was the only one who had overcome the hurdle, but it was such a huge matter that only her parents, her brother, and herself knew about it. This matter concerned the safety of the Immortal Sea Fish Clan, so she kept this matter hidden even from Chu Feng.

“It’s not just a Heavenly God level cultivator. They have a Heavenly Dragon World Spiritist too. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to escape from me,” Little Fishy’s grandfather snorted.

“Heavenly Dragon World Spiritist? Are you serious?” Little Fishy was even more shocked.

“Yes, I am certain. The other party tried to hide it, but they can’t deceive me, your grandfather.”

“So the person my big brother was fighting against wasn’t a True Dragon World Spiritist but a Heavenly Dragon World Spiritist?” Little Fishy was baffled.

“Yes, that should be the case.’ Little Fishy’s grandfather nodded.

“My big brother is incredible!” Little Fishy looked at Chu Feng with admiring eyes.

“This lad is truly incredible. If only he was from our Immortal Sea Fish Clan!” Little Fishy’s grandfather looked at Chu Feng and sighed.

“Of course my big brother is formidable! Do you know his identity?”

“Didn’t you already say that he’s from the Ancestral Martial Galaxy? What other identities does he have?”

“That’s not all to it. I’m just scared that your lower jaw might pop out.” Little Fishy put her hands on her waists and propped her chin up gleefully.