Chapter 2: Striking Back at the Cheating Couple

And thus began the fall of a supermodel...

But, from the looks of it, Tangning’s story did not end there.


In all honesty, Tangning had never realized she was so brave - she had actually married a stranger! But, what was done was done, she would never regret her decision.

Tangning returned to her car. Just as she was about to start the engine and head home, she received a phone call from Han Yufan.

"Tangning...where are you right now?"

"In front of the Civil Affairs Office, about to go home," Tangning replied casually, hiding her emotions.

"Yurou has a very important show...I need you to substitute her immediately. I’ll tell the makeup artist to provide you with a mask - no one will be able to tell it is you," Han Yufan ordered with the tone of a superior. "Since Yurou is injured, you will have to suffer a little..."

"Didn’t you say Miss Mo got hurt on stage? In that case, the media should already know she is at the hospital..."

"But, I have already asked someone to let it slip that she will still be attending even with her injuries. I told you to go, so go!"

He was so shameless. In the past, Tangning had already done stupid things like this for Mo Yurou.

As it seems, she was being used. However, she wasn’t going to continue this way!

Tangning stayed calm and nodded, "OK, let me know the time and address, I’ll head over there now."

"Tangning, we are about to get married. Help give Yurou a bit of a boost, her career is currently on the rise."


"I’ll give her a boost for sure..." Tangning responded with a hidden meaning.

"I’ll hang up then. Let’s have dinner later."

Han Yufan had no idea the tables had turned, presumably now, he would be sitting by Mo Yurou’s bedside, watching over his lover tenderly...Tangning hung up the phone before giving her manager a call. Her manager immediately responded in anger:

"President Han wants you to step in for that B-Grade model? Is he joking? If you didn’t decide to retreat from the spotlight, she would not even survive in the industry."

"Long Jie, I’ve already agreed..." Tangning replied calmly.

"Do you really have to go?" Her manager was about to spew blood in disbelief. Tangning and Mo Yurou were both models signed under Tianyi Entertainment, but because of Tangning’s decision to retreat, her manager was dragged down with her and ridiculed.

Tangning knew her manager wanted to stick up for her injustice. Reassuringly she responded, "I won’t be that stupid anymore, I will not let them use me!"

After hearing those words from Tangning, her manager’s face lit up, "So, are you saying you have a plan?"

"Long Jie, from now on I can only trust in you, can you help me do something?"

"Speak." Her manager was loyal to her. After all, they shared the same objective.

"Mo Yurou is so desperate to convince the media that she is attending the show even with her injuries because she doesn’t want it to impact her eligibility for the ’Top Ten Model Awards’. Help me pay a visit to Tian He Hospital."

"I see what you’re getting at. Obtain evidence that she was still at the hospital during the show and reveal it to the public!" the manager smiled excitedly.

"No, I have bigger news. She’s pregnant! and the child is Han Yufan’s. Also, help me prepare a statement stating that Han Yufan has used me multiple times to substitute Mo Yurou during her shows. As for which shows? I will need you to help me find evidence for that."

The manager was surprised at first, but quickly understood why Tangning’s attitude had changed. Such a shameless cheating couple! Not only did they cheat, but they also used Tangning - ordering her around like a puppet.

"Don’t worry Tangning, I will help you do all these things."


Tangning did not respond. She felt unusually calm. She was going to treat them like they had treated her!

After clearing her thoughts, Tangning quickly gathered her belongings and drove herself over to the venue for the show to meet up with Mo Yurou’s assistant.

He was a married man with a strong bulky physique and a cunning personality.

He was reasonably polite to Tangning. Even though she was no longer famous, the Tang family was still not one to be looked down upon.

"What took you so long? Quick...come and get your makeup done..."

"What type of show is it today?" Tangning asked as she was hurried down the hallway.

"Nothing special!" the assistant replied. In fact, it was actually a jewelry show for the famous French brand: hf...

After this show, Mo Yurou would have the opportunity to sign on as hf’s spokesperson. Originally, Mo Yurou would have lost her opportunity due to her injuries, but with Han Yufan’s suggestion of using Tangning, Mo Yurou certainly had no objections.

Actually, on her way to the show, Tangning had already done her research on today’s show: The Crown’s Star Jewelry Show.

Mo Yurou’s assistant had intentionally lied to her. Had she always been this easy to trick?

"Thanks to Yurou’s current status, you have your own makeup room. You will appear in the grand finale and this is the piece of jewelry you will be presenting today. Here is the schedule..." the assistant explained as he pointed to the jewelry on the stage. He then ordered the makeup artist to start applying Tangning’s makeup.

Did Han Yufan really think that by giving her a mask, people would not be able to tell it’s her?

Although what she had in mind was quite extreme, she was going to give the cheating couple a surprise of a lifetime.

Meanwhile, Mo Ting’s assistant had been following Tangning’s every move and overheard that she would be substituting Mo Yurou in the show. Immediately he reported everything to Mo Ting. As soon as Mo Ting found out, he ordered his assistant, "I am going to hf’s jewelry show. Make arrangements immediately!"

"Yes, president!"


This wasn’t a particularly special show, but he wanted to see Tangning in action.


11am, classical music resounded off the walls of the Hai Yi Centre, the show had begun.

Inside the makeup room, Tangning’s makeup was complete and she was now standing in front of the mirror in anticipation. Wearing a white tight-fitting long dress, simple but classy, adorning a beautiful golden mask giving off a mysterious aura, hair tied back away from her face with a single white rose - she was absolutely stunning...

The assistant was speechless. Inside he was thinking: Even if Tangning was to stand still, she would surely attract the attention of everyone around her. Mo Yurou will get the contract for certain!

"You will descend onto the stage via a chair that will be lowered from above. This bracelet here is the Crown’s Star, let me put it on for you." The assistant unclasped the bracelet and carefully put it on Tangning. However...Tangning was slimmer than Mo Yurou, resulting in the bracelet being too big. With a lift of her arm, the bracelet would slide around...

This bracelet was designed by the founder of hf for his beloved daughter. In the middle of the golden bracelet was a crown encrusted with white diamond. On the two sides of the crown were two stars made from a pure and immaculate white gemstone - just like two parents protecting their precious child.

"There’s no way for you to wear it...what should I do?"

"Do you trust me?" Tangning suddenly asked Mo Yurou’s assistant.

"At this moment, I can only trust you," the assistant nodded. Without a solution, he could only trust the model. This was Yurou’s opportunity at being a spokesperson, if he messed it up, President Han would definitely fire him.

"In that case, leave it with me..." Tangning reassured.

"Hurry, get will be going on stage soon!"

Amongst all the commotion, the assistant did not take notice of the look in Tangning’s eyes.