This is a quick notice for you all. I'm not dead and neither is the story, and I'm sorry if I caused worry. After focusing on Borne of Caution for months, I was getting a bit burned out and it began to cause my writing to get sluggish. To combat this, I decided to work on a few other things for a while.

In addition, my subscribers on patreon have been incredibly supportive, and I felt kinda bad that I wasn't giving them more for everything they give me. After talking it out with them, I decided to take the route everyone else seems to use and begin offering them advance chapters + a few other goodies. I didn't want it to be something crazy like 10 chapters, so we settled on just 2 ahead. Part of the delay has come from me generating that backlog for them. The next chapter of Borne of Caution is being worked on now, but I don't want to put a hard estimate on when it will be posted. To get status updates, my discord the best spot. If you're not really the interactive type, there is a pingable role you can opt into so you can mute the rest of the server and still get relevant updates. You can find a link in my account page.The narrative has been taken without authorization; if you see it on Amazon, report the incident.

I know this news might be poorly received by some, but I owe my supporters for getting me out of a job that was slowly killing me. I'm also sorry for the chapter that isn't actually a chapter, but I felt like I should inform you that the worst hasn't come to pass.

Once the chapter is ready, it will replace this notice.

Thankee much,Fuggmann.