Sword Shield Soldier Class Change Certificate!

“So the place under my feet is called the Blazing Sun Desert.”

“And… Is this my Legendary-Tier Lord Talent?! I can actually see the drop rate of all the items!” Zhou Zhou looked at the loot drop rate at the bottom with an excited expression.

“Destroy this monster! We have a protective barrier around our territory which this monster can’t enter! We can just attack it through the protective barrier without any concerns!” He said immediately

When Bai Yi and the others heard this, their eyes lit up. Especially Bai Yi. She drew her bow and aimed slightly. Then, she shot an arrow directly into the right eye of the Desert Fog Lizard.

The Desert Fog Lizard roared in extreme pain. Then, it hit the protective barrier even more crazily, wishing it could eat Zhou Zhou and the others inside immediately.

Bai Yi began to shoot more arrows after seeing this. The other four also picked up sand and rocks on the ground and threw them at the monster lizard.


The Desert Fog Lizard was pierced through the neck by Bai Yi’s arrow and died with a scream while trying to escape about three to four minutes later.

A kill notification appeared in front of Zhou Zhou.

[Your subject Bai Yi has killed a Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade Desert Fog Lizard. Promotion Energy +1! Loots are condensed!]

At the same time, a gentle energy suddenly appeared in Zhou Zhou’s heart and surged into his limbs and bones, strengthening his physical fitness.

He realized that he was a little more energetic than before.

[Novice Lord Notification: Your forces will obtain promotion energy when they kill enemies. 90% of this promotion energy will strengthen your forces while the remaining 10% will be returned to you, the Lord himself, strengthening you.]


“Doesn’t that mean that we Lords can become stronger just by lying down? This is urging us, Lords, to constantly conquer new grounds.” Zhou Zhou thought to himself.

“My Lord, do you want us to carry the corpse of the fog monster back?” Bai Yi asked respectfully.

Zhou Zhou nodded.

Bai Yi first observed the exterior of the protective barrier. After confirming that there was no danger nearby, she immediately called out to the other four people and walked out of the protective barrier. Together, they carried the Desert Fog Lizard’s corpse back and placed it in front of Zhou Zhou.

“My Lord, please retrieve the loot. Otherwise, the Desert Fog Lizard’s corpse will turn into fog again and dissipate in the world after two hours. Then, it will respawn after an unknown period of time.” Bai Yi reminded him.

Zhou Zhou was stunned.

Can this happen?

“Can you also retrieve the loot?” Zhou Zhou suddenly asked.

“Yes, but my luck has always been average. My best retrieval was obtaining five units of flesh and blood in addition to the Black Iron-Tier Mist Cores that would definitely drop. I heard that it can even drop sources of drinking water when I was in the army but I have never seen it.” Bai Yi became less confident as she spoke.

Zhou Zhou understood what she meant immediately.

The drop rate of a 1 kg water bag was only 3%, which was indeed relatively low.

However, this was different for him!

Zhou Zhou did not waste any more time and placed his hand on the Desert Fog Lizard’s corpse.

He would be using this Legendary-Tier talent every day in the future, so there was no point concealing it. He had nothing to hide.

A golden notification appeared.

[Do you want to retrieve the loot?]


A text notification appeared the next moment.

[Lord Talent Hint: Loots obtained— two units of Mist Core (Black Iron-Tier), 20 units of Desert Fog Lizard flesh (Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade), 1 kg water bag, one copy of Sword Shield Soldier Class Change Certificate (Gradeless)!]


The corpse of the Desert Fog Lizard instantly turned into countless items scattered on the ground under the dumbfounded gazes of Bai Yi and the others.

“There’s water and even loot that I’ve never even heard of! My Lord, what sort of luck do you have…” Bai Yi said in shock.

Zhou Zhou was also extremely surprised.

This explosive scene was too spectacular!

“Move them all to the entrance of my Lord’s cabin.” Zhou Zhou stood up and suppressed his excitement.

“Yes!” The five of them came back to their senses and replied hurriedly before they began moving things.

Zhou Zhou picked up one of the books with Sword Shield Soldiers drawn on the cover and started reading.

A text notification appeared.

Item Name: Sword Shield Soldier Class Change Certificate

[Item Level: Gradeless]

[Item Effect: Basic Soldier Class Change Tool! After using it, you can become a soldier of Basic Soldier Class — the Sword Shield Soldier! You will also have a set of Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade equipment, one year of Sword Shield Soldier combat experience, and start with the strength of Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade.]

[Item Description: Basic Military Profession Change Certificate! One certificate is enough to allow ordinary people without any strength to step onto the path of extraordinary professionals!]

Zhou Zhou’s eyes lit up.

Good stuff from a rare loot that could only be dropped with a 0.01% probability!

He pondered for a while and decided not to use it on himself.

Firstly, he looked down on such basic soldiers.

With his Legendary-Tier talent, he would definitely have the chance to change to better occupation classes in the future!

Secondly, he did not need to take risks to fight monsters to increase his strength as a Lord, which meant that it would be a waste if used on him.

“I’ll give it to the subjects then.” Zhou Zhou decided.

He called the remaining subjects without profession over and asked if any of them was willing to become a Sword Shield Soldier.

To his surprise, two of them were actually very willing in the face of such a dangerous profession. Zhou Zhou handed it to Zhang Cang, who had the potential of White Silver-Tier Elementary Grade.

The other person’s potential was only Green Bronze-Tier Intermediate Grade. He could use it the next time the Class Change Certificate dropped.

Zhou Zhou realized that he had underestimated the desire of the natives of this world to become professionals as he gazed at their excited expressions. Being a professional meant mastering extraordinary power after all!

Zhang Cang used the Class Change Certificate in front of him.

A white light exploded from his body.

A moment later, Zhang Cang, who was wearing the standard Sword Shield Soldier equipment, appeared in front of Zhou Zhou.

His gaze was steady and sharp. Obviously, he had benefited a lot from the Sword Shield Soldier Class Change Certificate.

“My Lord, thank you for allowing me to become a professional soldier! I’m willing to do anything for my Lord!” He knelt on the ground and said fanatically.

[Your subject Zhang Cang’s loyalty has increased to 92!]

Zhou Zhou nodded in satisfaction.

It was almost impossible for anyone to betray him with more than 90 loyalty points.

Then, he opened his information.

[Subject: Zhang Cang]

[Territory: Unnamed]

[Soldier Type: Sword Shield Soldier]

[Strength Level: Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade]

[Ability Overview: Used the “Sword Shield Soldier Class Change Certificate” to become a professional. He possesses the basic combat literacy of a Sword Shield Soldier!]

[Skills: Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade Blade and Shield Combination Skill]

[Loyalty: 92]

[Potential: White Silver-Tier Elementary Grade]