Asher woke up in his bedroom and saw that he was alive and unharmed. His bedroom was large and stylish, with every ornament coated in gold, silver, or diamonds. If someone saw it, they might think Asher was a king. The first thing he noticed was that he was young again - Asher had died at the age of 27, but was now back in his 13-year-old body.

"HAHHAHAhhahahahaaaHAHAHahahhAHHAHAHhahahahHAHHA" Asher laughed hysterically, causing his personal maid, Emmy, to come in to check on him.

"Young Master, are you alright?" Emmy asked.

"Don't worry, I'm fine. Just make sure nobody enters the vicinity of my room for three hours," Asher told her so he could sort out his thoughts.

"As you wish, Young Master," Emmy said before leaving and making sure nobody disturbed him.

As Asher watched his maid leave, he began to recall the events that had led to his current situation. Suddenly, a voice announced directly in his mind:[Welcome, Host, to the Fate Devouring System]

Surprised, but maintaining his composure, Asher asked, "What are you and why am I back in time?"


[The Host was selected by the Goddess of Time, who used her power to help you turn back time. I am simply a blessing from the Goddess, meant to guide you moving forward], the voice replied.

"But why did the goddess help me? Is there a reason or motive behind all this?" Asher asked, keeping his demeanor cold.

[I'm sorry, but I cannot share that information with the Host yet. When you reach certain milestones, you will be rewarded with knowledge and understanding], the voice said.

"What is this 'fate thing' you mentioned about the system?" Asher asked.

[The Host's destiny was altered, and your fate was consumed as a result. Even the goddess cannot intervene with the thread of fate. You were supposed to die in that forest, and your destiny would have continued on. But by returning to the time when you were young, your fate was lowered significantly. As a result, you will surely die in the coming years], the voice explained.

"So I'm back in time, but I'm going to die in a few years? Is this a joke?" Asher asked with a frown.


[Don't worry, the system will help you recover your fate points. Because your fate is low, you must plunder the fortune of others and take their fate points in order to recover yours], the voice said.

"So I just need to take other people's opportunities and what was supposed to be their future?" Asher asked.

[Yes and no. You can also gain fate points by doing good deeds and helping others, or by defeating your enemies - either by killing them or taking their opportunities. I recommend the Host follow the path of doing good, as it will be more convenient to gain fate points that way], the voice said.

"First of all, what should I call you?" Asher asked.

[Just call me 'system', as I am not a living entity. I am a part of what you received as a blessing from the Goddess, since she cannot help you directly], the voice said.

Asher was still cautious of the Goddess of Time, as he knew nothing about her intentions. He was a man who trusted no one else but himself, and even in his dying moments, he did not regret not being trustful because it's better to be cautious than betrayed.

"You said I can get fate points easily by being a hero and a good person, right?" Asher asked.

[Yes, Host. By following this path, you will surely make fewer enemies.]

"Well, in that case, I'll be a villain. It's more fun that way," Asher said, shrugging.

[The Host has chosen their path, but it will be filled with blood and hatred.]

"I've lived my whole life hated by the entire world. Every path I've walked has been filled with blood," Asher said, staring at the ceiling and lost in thought.