The Game at Carousel: A Horror Movie LitRPG Details

The Game at Carousel: A Horror Movie LitRPG



Could you survive a horror movie? That's the question Riley must answer after he and his friends get lured to Carousel,a malevolent town where horror movies come to life. Riley thinks he is in big trouble when he is assigned the Film Buff archetype,a minor support class that has a penchant for dying early in movies.At first resigned to his fate to die over and over,he believes he has found a way to survive.Upon obtaining the Oblivious Bystander trope,monsters and killers will not harm him as long as he can convincingly pretend he has not noticed them.At first,this ability appears to be a joke,but Riley thinks that with some clever exploitation,it might just be his greatest strength.
Latest Chapter: Arc II, Chapter 14: Exploring in the Dark
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