The Power of Ten, Book Five: Versatile Wizardry Details

The Power of Ten, Book Five: Versatile Wizardry



The last of the soul-shards of Aelryinth is cut free,and is drawn through astral space to a new with no exposure to the gods,powers,and system of the Power of Ten at all. It is a world of Magery,where Elements of Magic is the science,the power is in people,and humanity dwells alongside countless magical creatures who actively contest the world with them...yet is still remarkably similar to our own in many ways. Shard Zeben will have to hit the ground running and make some major adjustments in a gamer's outlook as she introduces the mages of this world to what it means to be a truly versatile wizard...and to bring the Light of Heaven to a world that has no such thing!
Latest Chapter: Chapter 10-407 – Final Wrap-up and Stats
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