Chapter 4928: In The Remaining Lifetime (108)

Pudding’s melodious voice spread from the top of the mountain.

“To fall in love with an angel’s weakness. To use a demon’s language.”

“God is in the clouds, blinking only once. Finally he frowned and nodded.”

“To fall in love with all seriousness, using the time it takes a flower to bloom.”

“You’re next to me, and we’ve only met.”


“On a bright day of May, the lightning flashed.”

“In the remaining lifetime, we met on a narrow path, yet could not escape…”

“Suddenly, our palms became entangled.”

“Before maturing, after falling in love, but it had only lasted for a day.”

“I couldn’t make it stay, I couldn’t predict things, as time drifted.”

During the second verse, almost everyone sang together. The song Pudding chose was old enough.


It was sung by the Queen of the Chinese music industry, Wang Fei, many years ago. Her song was called ‘Flowing Years’.

Of all the songs that Wang Fei sang, Pudding loved this one the most. Why?

This was because there was a sentence here: In the remaining lifetime, we met on a narrow path…

Therefore, she believed that her reunion with Wei Yunchu five years later was also fate. It was also in her remaining lifetime.

This song seemed to resonate with everyone…

Huo Mian fell into Qin Chu’s arms, drunk. Although she was off-tune, she still sang happily.

This was destined to be a grand celebration…

Many years later, everyone would remember that night.

At the top of South Hill Manor, a group of people was looking at the stars and talking about the future.

Enjoying the peace and gentleness of time.

Everyone was contented. This was the best ending…

That night, Pudding, who hadn’t dreamed in a long time, had a dream.

She dreamed that she had walked onto a mountain filled with blooming flowers…

There, she saw a scene.

Su Yu was wearing a white Versace short-sleeved shirt and casual pants.

He smiled brightly among the flowers.

Beside him were her mother, Huo Mian, and a little girl she didn’t know…

She only heard Su Yu calling her name softly – Momo, Momo.

Pudding had heard from Grandpa Wu that Handsome Su wasn’t dead.

He had only gone to a world that was very similar to this world.

Over there, Handsome Su had everything and spent his life with the woman he loved the most.

At first, she thought that Grandpa Wu was comforting her and making up a lie.

That night, she had this strange dream…

When she saw Su Yu, who she hadn’t seen in a long time, and the happy smile on his face, she realized that Handsome Su was indeed living a happy life.

Then he was right about that decision years ago.

Just as she was about to wake up, Pudding saw Su Yu turn around…

He smiled so gently at her…

At that moment, her heart almost melted…

“Handsome Su, you have to live happily ever after… Regardless of whether we get the chance to see each other again, you have to live happily ever after. As for us… we will never forget you, we will always remember you…”

When Pudding woke up, she touched her chest and burst into tears…