Chapter 921: Young People Are Still A Little Inexperienced

Upon hearing these words, a few people standing next to Yu Shangrong laughed.

“Brother, you probably don’t know the difference between nine leaves and ten leaves. How can ten leaves lose to nine leaves? If that person really has ten leaves and loses, I’ll walk backward...”

“Nonsense! There’s no meaning to that. Let’s make things clear. If the red lotus cultivator has ten leaves then all the bets are off!”

“That won’t do. No one knows the exact strength of both opponents beforehand. What if the expert from the Evil Sky Pavilion has ten leaves as well? This bet is really exciting!”

Everyone nodded.

Yu Shangrong did not reply to them. He only silently watched the battle. In his opinion, Zhang Wanxiang definitely had hidden strength. However, since he had just sprouted his tenth leaf, it was likely that he was still unfamiliar and unskilled with his newfound strength. Yu Zhenghai had sparred with an old-timer like Nie Qingyun for such a long time now; how could he lose so easily? However, sparring was sparring, and a fight was a fight. On the battlefield, it was as difficult as ascending to heaven for a Nine-leaf cultivator to defeat a Ten-leaf cultivator.


Zhang Wanxiang’s expression remained solemn as his energy sabers in the surroundings grew sharper.

Naturally, Yu Zhenghai had noticed this.

The two opponents continued to clash with their energy sabers, causing the buildings within a radius of 100 kilometers to collapse with a bang. The energy sabers had been slashing around in the air for so long now so it was not surprising that the buildings finally collapsed. With this, their fields of vision grew wider as well.

Zhang Wanxiang thought about how to neutralize Yu Zhenghai’s energy sabers for a moment before he said, “The next move of mine is called Drawing the Blade and Splitting the Water. I hope it’ll satisfy Mister First.”

Subsequently, Zhang Wanxiang clenched his hands before unclenching them again.

The Primal Qi in the surroundings were turned into energy before countless energy sabers formed a ring in the sky above Zhang Wanxiang. From a distance, it looked like a vortex.


Yu Zhenghai placed one hand on his back and shook his head before he stepped forward. “It’s not good enough.”

Yu Zhenghai arrived in front of Zhang Wanxiang and formed an energy saber in his hand before he brought it down, not giving Zhang Wanxiang the chance to complete the gathering of energy sabers.


Zhang Wanxiang manipulated the energy sabers and a few energy sabers shot up to meet Yu Zhenghai.

Ten energy sabers deflected Yu Zhenghai’s energy sabers while the remaining energy sabers shot toward him.

“Hmm?” Yu Zhenghai flew back. He thought the saber technique was somewhat interesting.

The energy sabers did not relent and continued to pursue Yu Zhenghai. At the same time, more and more energy sabers began to appear.

At this moment, Yu Zhenghai suddenly dove. He raised his hand, using the Great Dark Heaven Palm as a shield against the energy sabers.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Surprisingly, Zhang Wanxiang seemed to possess endless Primal Qi. His energy sabers continued to shoot out one after another.

At this moment, someone said, “The victor is about to be decided.”

“To have endless Primal Qi, the red lotus cultivator isn’t simple.”

Yu Shangrong glanced at the two cultivators who had spoken and shook his head before he said indifferently, “It’s too early to claim victory for him... That person from the Evil Sky Pavilion has yet to use the weapon at his waist.”

Everyone looked over. Indeed, the golden lotus cultivator had yet to use his weapon.

At this moment, when the Great Dark Heaven Palm shattered, the Jasper Saber flew into Yu Zhenghai’s hand.


In just a moment, an energy saber that was dozens of feet long spun and rose into the air, deflecting the endless energy sabers.


Zhang Wanxiang suddenly moved forward and manifested his avatar.

The buzzing sound from the energy resonance was thunderously loud.


The red lotus Ten-leaf avatar blocked Yu Zhenghai’s energy saber after arriving in front of Yu Zhenghai.

Zhang Wanxing joined his palms together, holding the biggest energy saber before bringing it down on Yu Zhenghai.

Yu Zhenghai blocked with his other hand.


A golden Nine-leaf avatar appeared in the air.

The two opponents were stuck in a stalemate.

The 200-foot avatar collided with the 150-foot avatar.

Zhang Wanxiang’s countless energy sabers limited the Jasper Saber’s range of movement while he tried to restrain Yu Zhenghai with the energy saber in his hand.

With this, Zhang Wanxiang gained the upper hand. He asked with a smile, “Mister First, are you surprised?”

“Do I look surprised?” Yu Zhenghai calmly replied with an equally calm expression on his face. Indeed, he did not look surprised at all.

Zhang Wanxiang’s smile disappeared, and he increased the power of the energy blade in his hand. The energy blade shone with a dazzlingly red light that looked like blood under the sun.

Yu Zhenghai was pushed back; his feet drawing two shallow trenches on the ground.

Upon seeing this, everyone cried out in surprise.

The energy sabers showed no sign of stopping and continued to fall.

Everyone wondered how Zhang Wanxiang could keep this up.

Drawing the Blade and Splitting the Water used endless energy sabers to limit the opponent’s movements, leaving the opponent with very little chance to attack and interrupting the rhythm of the opponent’s attack.

Lu Zhou nodded, slightly impressed. “To be able to force Yu Zhenghai back, Zhang Wanxiang is indeed slightly capable. If his energy sabers are purer, perhaps, his strength might be comparable to Yu Zhenghai.”

After uttering those words, Lu Zhou realized there was something wrong with them. He should be more worried about his disciple.

Meanwhile, Yu Zhenghai retreated nearly 100 meters away. The rubble behind him was all knocked away by his protective energy.

The two opponents seemed to have a tacit understanding and did not leave the ruins to limit the damage from the battle.

Back then, the battle of Yu Zhenghai and Yu Shangrong who were still Eight-leaf cultivators was enough to destroy the forest within 15 kilometers on Cloud Shine Peak. It was not out of the ordinary for a battle between a Nine-leaf cultivator and a Ten-leaf cultivator to destroy a city.

For this reason, the two opponents were attacking each other in a frenzy only in the ruins.

Meanwhile, when Zhang Wanxiang’s strength was exhausted, Yu Zhenghai stomped on the ground and stabilized his body. Following that, the Great Dark Heaven Palm shot out fiercely.


Zhang Wanxiang was sent flying back with an expression of disbelief on his face.

A Ten-leaf cultivator was sent flying by a Nine-leaf cultivator? Who would believe this?

The onlookers exclaimed in unison upon seeing this.

Meanwhile, Zhang Wanxiang flipped once in the air and regained his footing. He pushed his hand out, once again releasing energy sabers. Following that, he leaped up and slashed out with the energy saber in his hand.

Yu Zhenghai smiled faintly. “Water Dragon Song.”

When Yu Zhenghai withdrew the Jasper Saber, his energy sabers converged into a water dragon. The golden water dragon shot toward the energy sabers in the sky.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Yu Zhenghai sent Zhang Wanxiang flying back again with the Water Dragon Song.

At the same time, the desolate-grade Jasper Saber shot out as well, pushing Zhang Wanxiang further back.

When Zhang Wanxiang’s energy sabers broke, he manifested his avatar immediately. This move was similar to when Zhu Tianyun fought the seven alliances; he used the Ten-leaf avatar to block Yu Zhenghai’s Water Dragon Song.

Everyone shook their heads when they saw this scene.

“This... How’s this possible? A Ten-leaf cultivator is beaten by a Nine-leaf cultivator? Fortunately, he has one more leaf. If they have the same number of leaves, wouldn’t the red lotus cultivator lose without a doubt?”

“It’s a desolate-grade saber...”

Everyone looked up.

Yu Zhenghai unleashed his grand technique and flashed up into the air. He wielded the Jasper Saber with both hands and brought them down.

How could Zhang Wanxiang dare to use his avatar to block an attack from a desolate-grade saber? After he deflected the Water Song Dragon, he hurriedly withdrew his avatar.


Yu Zhenghai’s saber seemed capable of destroying mountains and rivers. An energy saber that was thousands of meters long left a long and narrow mark on the ground that almost spanned the entire length of the ruins. It was an amazing and terrifying sight!

At this moment, the two opponents faced each other from a distance.

Zhang Wanxiang no longer dared to look down on his opponent. He said, “Mister First truly lives up to his reputation. I admit that I underestimated my opponent.”

As Yu Zhenghai tightened his grip on the Jasper Saber, he said nonchalantly, “It’s just the beginning.”


A clap of thunder rang in the air at this moment before the rain began pouring down, adding a touch of mystery to the ruins.

Needless to say, the rain could not touch the cultivators at all. The raindrops were quickly evaporated by their protective energies. Since they were not in a battle, maintaining the protective energies to keep the rain at bay consumed very little energy.

However, for Yu Zhenghai and Zhang Wanxiang who were engaged in a battle, it was slightly more taxing. Perhaps, if they were ordinary cultivators, this tiny pressure could have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. Fortunately, the battle was far from being over, and they still had the energy to spare. Hence, it was easy for them to keep the rain at bay.

At this moment, Zhang Wanxiang replied, “Then let’s continue...”

Zhang Wanxiang manifested his red lotus 200-foot avatar. As the avatar flew horizontally in the air, he shot to the head of the avatar and rushed to attack Yu Zhenghai.

‘Using the difference between the cultivation base to suppress the opponent?’

Yu Zhenghai and Nie Qingyun had sparred with each other many times, and Nie Qingyun would often use this technique to turn the table. He knew his Nine-leaf avatar would not be a match for Zhang Wanxiang’s avatar in a direct battle. Therefore, he could only rely on his desolate-grade Jasper Saber. He would use his saber, skills, and experience to level the playing field between him and the Ten-leaf avatar.

Everyone applauded. “Amazing! They should’ve done this earlier!”

The red lotus avatar continued to fly as Yu Zhenghai held the Jasper Saber with both hands. Primal Qi surged out his Dantian’s sea of Qi into the surroundings.

A loud roar rang in the air.

The golden water dragon had appeared again! Unlike before, it was several times stronger.



Zhang Wanxiang’s avatar collided with the water dragon.

When Lu Zhou used this move back then, he had used the water of the pond near the cloud platform to demonstrate the might of Water Dragon Song. He did not expect the rain would give Yu Zhenghai an advantage.

The water droplets in the surroundings gathered on the water dragon roar that kept trying to devour Zhang Wanxiang’s avatar.

At this moment, Zhang Wanxiangs’ eyes widened as he cried out, “It’s coming!”

Zhang Wanxiang hastily withdrew his avatar and dove forward relying on inertia. After he brushed past the underside of the water dragon, he manifested his avatar again.

The water dragon pressed down.


The water dragon landed on the back of the red avatar.

In the next moment, Zhang Wanxiang grunted as blood trickled out from the corners of his lips. However, he did not stop and directly brought the energy saber in his hand down.

Someone exclaimed, “He injured himself to injure the enemy!”

As the energy saber pressed down heavily, Yu Zhenghai had no choice but to use the remaining Primal Qi to unleash the Great Dark Heaven Palm.


The instant the energy blades disappeared, one could see the buildings in the surroundings that had been flattened.

Yu Zhenghai staggered backward. He grunted and blood trickled out of the corners of his lips as well. He failed to gain the upper hand in this move.

Thunder rang from the sky as the rain continued to fall. The sound of the water hitting the ground was like the sound of thousands of soldiers and horses galloping on the battlefield.

Zhang Wanxiang smiled and said, “Mister First, you’re injured.”

“You don’t have any intention of joining the Evil Sky Pavilion, am I right?” Yu Zhenghai said.

“Mister First, you’re overthinking things. I just want to prove my strength.”

Zhang Wanxiang stepped into the air, evaporating the rain that fell on him.


Zhang Wanxiang manifested his avatar again.

Yu Zhenghai’s expression turned solemn. He stabbed the Jasper Saber into the ground before he joined his palms together.

Seeing this scene, Lu Zhou shook his head and looked at Zhang Wanxiang who was flying away. He said indifferently, “Young people are still too inexperienced.”